Leather Sheath for Pulaski Axe Reviews

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4.7 out of 5 stars based on 15 customer reviews

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Leather Sheath for Pulaski Axe

Customer Reviews

A sheath that hides a surprizing face. ~ reviewed by Monty Collins

A biting dog needs a muzzle and so does this dude. If you fall, you cannot hide both ends at th same time.
We made muzzles for these beasts out of bicycle tires and inner tubes to keep them secured. An excellent devise to subdue a vicious little beast.

Pretty good. ~ reviewed by ReyAce

Has lasted quite a long time in the Las Vegas sun. About a year so far, outdoors 24/7, and is still in good shape.

UPDATE: Over two years in the Las Vegas sun and still holding up!

Good design but ~ reviewed by William L. Finch

It was too small and the listing did not give the measurements. The leather was heavy duty and would have served well on a smaller Pulaski. I returned it.

Well constructed ~ reviewed by Bob Reed

It arrived when they said it would and fit my tool well. I’m happy with this purchase and would make it again.

Awesome tool protection ~ reviewed by Bill Aylward

Just bought this as a trial initially to see the quality and find it to be an excellent sheath for my Pulaski. And since I own a few I will be buying a couple more for my other ones.
The item comes raw and needs to be treated to help soften it and protect the leather. I use Obenauf’s Heavy Duty LP an excellent leather conditioner.
I highly recommend this sheath for anyone who uses a Pulaski and wants to protect the tool itself and as a safety against injury from a sharp tool.

Have five all have worked great just oil them up and get out in the … ~ reviewed by Lucas S.

Have five all have worked great just oil them up and get out in the field. Help keep a sharp edge and with out that you just as well carry a rock.

Four Stars ~ reviewed by Brett T. Wolfe

Nicely made, unsealed, but i took care of that…
Fit the Council Pulaski-Forseter axe.

Four Stars ~ reviewed by Allen R. Marshall

Kind of hard to find fault with this. You need it if you have one of these Pulaski tools.

sheath review ~ reviewed by Gary W. Crane

I love this sheath. It fits like a glove. And the color is fine. Plus it is adjustable.

Five Stars ~ reviewed by g

Perfect fit, great value. A+ Perfect fit, great value. A+Buy it at Amazon

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