Kyoto Gallon Composter, 50-Gallon Reviews

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3.8 out of 5 stars based on 14 customer reviews

Product Description

This unique Composter combines the contemporary aesthetic elegance of authentic stone with the enduring longevity of plastic. The composter is manufactured by rotational molding plastic process and is able to withstand extreme temperatures.

Customer Reviews

Great choice for composting ~ reviewed by A’s full

The product arrived as described and was simple to put together. I actually like the way it looks in the back of my garden. I am an avid gardener and find it so easy to collect flower clippings and just toss them in the bin…. After only a month my clippings have composted down by 50% so plenty of room for more…. Very sturdy and easy to just tip over and roll when I want to agitate the contents. Love it and well worth the investment.

we bought two of this ~ reviewed by Benny Zee

Like it, stable, big capacity. Smell is contained and rats cannot get to it. It looks attractive, not like it a satellite parts that just fell of the sky!

Works Great! ~ reviewed by BVH

First – aesthetically, it is very nice and can remain out in full view on the patio. Does need to be covered however during rains as water will drain off the lid and oversaturate your compost. Easy on/off lid allows for access to turn your product. Ventilation holes are great. I have not accessed my compost from the lower sliding door, but take it off the top after removing the lid. Overall – very satisfied.

A Happy Purchase ~ reviewed by gmartin

Don’t mind seeing this in my yard, but even with constant So. Cal. summer sun it doesn’t get very hot. So it’s a little slow. Add a bit of fertilizer to speed up. Need to cover when raining or will waterlog. Access is good for large shovel. Mount on bricks for tea collecting.

Good, but … ~ reviewed by snarkfestreview

I thought this a very attractive option, and was very happy with the purchase. Unfortunately, after approx three months, the base cracked, and it was only a very mild California winter (60ish). Now when I add water, the liquid all seeps out of the crack, as does the “tea.” I am wondering what will happen to the crack when we hit the normal 90-110 desert summer temperature – I don’t have high hopes of the bin being able to survive such weathering. I had been considering the rain barrel of the same style by the same brand, but now I won’t risk it.

Lid is difficult ~ reviewed by Steam

The lid locks on and is difficult to remove. This is also because the handle of the lid is hard to hold onto. the composter is the size of a garbage can. I’m keeping it because I really wanted something that had a bottom . . . don’t know how the compost will do.

Cover difficult to get off. ~ reviewed by Jennifer H.

Looks nice. However, the cover does not come off easily. I have resorted to using a tool to pry it off each time I to open it.

So good I’m getting another. ~ reviewed by Jd.22

I bought this about two years ago and it has been working so well that I may purchase another. The first one is by no means worn out — it’s just working so well I want to do MORE…. The one I have has been steadily composting the kitchen scraps of a household of two. Secure from rodents (which are everywhere in my city), and no smell whatsoever, right by the back door, too. Every so often I pull a hefty batch of the most rich, beautiful new soil you can imagine. My roses love it! And, I know I’m keeping waste out of the landfill, too. Plus, I’m giving a good home to a BIG family of earthworms….!

Attractive composter ~ reviewed by JoAnn S

This composter is so attractive and unobtrusive that it can be placed anywhere and will hardly be noticed. This was important to us as our area is small, and the standard big, black composters would stand out and look obvious. It’s actually quite large and holds much more than you may first realize.

… to our son and daughter-in-law for Xmas and they loved the way it looked ~ reviewed by Beverly Smith

We gave this to our son and daughter-in-law for Xmas and they loved the way it looked. It is bigger than I had pictured which is great. Up off the ground, and looks conveniet to put items in as well as taking the finished product out!Buy it at Amazon

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