Jungle Master JM-021 Full Tang Machete, Black Blade, Black Cord-Wrapped Handle, 21-Inch Overall Reviews

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3.8 out of 5 stars based on 85 customer reviews

Product Description

JM-021 Jungle ESAK8qo Master Machete With Cord Wrapped Handle 21″ fjfjdiiowpwie bnvnvmcjkdkdjeuiwwoq nvnvdhey djdueie787rtttyuvbcnas Jungle Master Machete LEFKt5Yg With Cord Xo3ENqxFx Wrapped Handle. Includes nylon sheath.21″ Overall

From the Manufacturer

Jungle Master JM-021 Full Tang Machete, Black Blade, Black Cord-Wrapped Handle, 21-Inch Overall

Customer Reviews

You get what you pay for… ~ reviewed by Charlie

If you need a cheap machete, this is what you want. If you want a good machete that will last, this is not what you want. The cord handle isn’t all that great (replace it with 550 paracord – you’ll be glad you did). I’m not sure what steel it is made out of but its not a high quality knife and tool steel; it doesn’t hold an edge all that great. However it is thick so not flimsy.

Good blade, bad grip ~ reviewed by Patrick

Overall the product works great. I use it almost every day in my garden for harvest and weed control. The only down side is the cord grip slips easily and starts to unravel.

My review ~ reviewed by Lane king

Handle sucks. It fell apart in my first day of use. Change handle from string. Other then that the blade was nice.

It’s just OK… ~ reviewed by R.L.

- inexpensive
- acceptable reach
- full tang
- clip point (not too common on a machete)

- cheap flimsy sheath (torn/damaged out of the package)
- loose cord wrapped handle
- dull out of the package
- not carbon steel – just blacken stainless

Only acceptable for a cheap machete ~ reviewed by Rough Customer

Most machetes I have owned are cheap and don’t last long. This one is different. Let’s do the Pros and Cons route:
1. Made in China
2. Nylon cord wrapped handle as it says in the Amazon description…not very good, the nylon cord will snag on stickers, sticks etc
3. blade is stainless steel and therefore can not be sharpened very well, carbon steel sharpens much better….I prefer carbon steel
4. Some sharp, rough edges on the handle/grip. The butt part has a very rough sharp edge, as does the part of the blade just forward of the nylon cord wrap handle…both of these should have been ground down at the factory, rounded off.
5. machete is dull when it arrives from seller, very difficult to sharpen with a stone, may need to be ground with a wheel

1. cheap
2. thick blade, not flimsy like most machetes

In review, the one big thing I would change about this blade is to put a better handle on it other than the nylon cord wrap which is supposed to be the handle. A plastic or wood handle would have been much better. Wood would have been great. Basically you are buying a big long chunk of thin stainless steel painted black sharpened on one edge, with nylon cord wrapped around one end.

good stuff ~ reviewed by David M. Arrington

full tang- no breaking!
a total of 2 materials were used to make this machete. the more basic a survival tool can be, while still maintaining quality, the better. The nylon handle is gonna be replaced with real chute cord.

Great for my needs ~ reviewed by Amazonaholik

I was looking for the cheapest machete I could find to clear out some overgrown rose bushes and some other random weeds and (small) tree branches. I was nervous to use such a large/sharp blade but it was quite easy. I just made sure I swung it away from my legs/feet. I’d stand sideways to whatever I wanted to cut and swiped from front to back along my right side. At first it wasn’t doing much but I quickly got the hang of it and just how hard to swing. I am “not” a “yard-work” type of person at all and have no skills really and I found this very easy. I am a small-built female and this was sharp enough to slice through the rose bushes, tall weeds and some over-grown branches from a tree. I did not have to slice through anything major or too thick (probably the thickest was like 1-2 inches around I’m guessing and those took a few whacks but, like I said, I am not skilled at this stuff and I don’t have much muscle behind me). I would highly recommend for clearing out minor-medium overgrowth.

For the price, you can’t beat it. ~ reviewed by J B

I was looking for a “cheaper” Machete because I will only use this when I am 4-wheeling. I needed a good lower price Machete to take with me for when i am on a trail and I need to chop down branches that are in my way.
It arrived very quick. The box was like 4 times bigger than it needed to be.
After removing this from the box I first noticed the weight. This to me anyway is NOT flimsy. I really liked the weight of this Machete.
I went out side and chopped on an old log. And sure enough it worked great. This is more than what i was looking for and this will more than suit my needs.
There are two issues that I have a little problem with though.

1 – The sheath. When this arrived the tip of the blade was poking through the sheath. I’ll figure out something to fix this issue.

2 – The roping on the handle. When I tried this on that old log outside, this roping moved. BUT most important the roping was slippery. Meaning that when i used this machette my hand was moving. To fix this issue I used some good electricial tape and wrapped right over the rope handle 2 times. I went and tried this again outside on that log and sure enough my hand didn’t slip AND I kept the comfort of the rope handle. Considering these 2 minor issues I am still going to rate it at a 5.
Like I say, for the price you just can’t beat it.

Decent Machete for the price ~ reviewed by SlimShady2001

OK, lets start with the sheath. the sheath is made of very poor quality and the blade slides easily through it if pushed hard enough(know from experience). the blade itself is very sharp but does not have a pointy tip, but that can be fixed easily. the rope grip isn’t very good either, but you get what you pay for. i took the rope it came with and put para cord on it and it made it much better. it is also sort of heavy for a machete, they are supposed to be very light. overall this machete is good for 15$.

JUNKLE MASTER ~ reviewed by leohaywire

Headline pretty much describes said product. It’s too cheap to bother returning. Don’t expect a real Machete, just a semi sharpened slab of steel painted black, with some rope, Yippie!!!Buy it at Amazon

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