Japanese Tomita Hori Hori garden landscaping digging shovel Reviews

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Japanese Tomita Hori Hori garden landscaping digging shovel

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Perfect Knife. Imperfect Sheath ~ reviewed by Caleb J. Weber

The day I got the knife I put it to immediate use as I was already in the process of flower bed clean out. Right away you can tell the knife is quality made. The handle is beautiful (rosewood?) , and the blade is clean and free of flaws. From the hilt it measures a little longer than advertised at 7 and about 1/8 of an inch. However the blade itself is closer to the 6 and 3/4 like advertised.

The tool cuts cleanly into the earth and does a remarkable job of popping out nasty weeds. The saw blade side is good hacking clumps of old daffodils and tulips too. However it does not do well with even the smallest of woodsy branches or twigs. Leave that to the pruners.

One down side that I noticed was the blade on it, although very sharp is bett er suited for digging around the weed root than chopping. My old trowel can actually knock down flowers stalks much much better (in this case tulip stalks that I have plenty of). I assume it is just a matter of design.

The one unfortunate part of the deal is the sheath. It looks and feels cheap. I doubt it will last too long. Luckily the blade point is butted up against a bottom rivet so it shouldn’t bust through the bottom yet.

At the price and speed of shipping and overall quality of the knife I can overlook the sheath. I can repurpose an old hammer hook or tool belt for the chore. It is a good product and will probably find a place to be hung on the wall or the top of my tool box (next to my Mora knife and Klenk duct knife)

Ichi-ban* Garden Tool ~ reviewed by CC

My family has always had a Hori-hori garden knife in use since the late 1950’s when my Dad picked one up in Japan while stationed at a military base there.
It’s the one tool everyone “fights” over — being so incredibly useful.
After many decades of service, the time finally came to retire it and purchase a new one.
This new stainless steel Tomita hori-hori and my Felco No. 2 pruners are my primary gardening tools, accomplishing 90% of the work.
For versatility, the hori-hori takes the cake: digging, dividing, weeding, cutting roots & bags alike. The measurement marks (mm) on the half-tang blade aren’t precise, but close enough to get the job done.
The included heavy-vinyl sheath is sufficient, but the purchase of a thick leather sheath (ASIN: B00L1VTEHC) is advisable ASAP to protect both the knife and ones self (the hori-hori blade is extremely sharp & pointed!).

You won’t find a better made, more versatile garden tool.

Another item I’ve purchased and also recommend is the Tomita Mini Hori-Hori with 5″ blade. (ASIN: B002SW31MC). Great for container & “Fairy” gardening.

Tomita Hori-Hori is Ichi-ban*!

Highly recommended!

PS: To clarify– the knife blade is manufactured by the Nisaku Co., while the overall tool is sold by Tomita.
See manufacturing process of Hori-hori blades by Nisaku Co.: http://www.nisaku.co.jp/njc/garden/knife/0650-LeisureKnifeN/0650.html

*Ichi-ban= (Japanese) The best, Number one.

Thank you,
-CC, Amazon Prime Member-Reviewer

Exceptional Hori Hori! ~ reviewed by michael lewis

This is my all time favorite tool. One for work, and one for home. It is tough to go back to the carbon steel ones, after switching to the stainless models.

I was shipped the Nisaku hori hori with the flared wood handle that makes a bit of a hilt. This is a bit odd because a straight handled Greentop is pictured in the thumbnail, and the Tomita is described on the page. They are all essentially the same great product from my experience, and I am happy with the Nisaku.

The specialty knife of function blade ~ reviewed by annie m

Gotta love Japanese English! That’s the wording on the back of this Nisaku hori hori. It is an awesome tool. I would strongly recommend it to all my gardener friends.

Changed my gardening life forever! ~ reviewed by D. Hagar

Thought my backyard – nature path garden was lost forever. Then I discovered this awesome produce and in searching the web a bit find that they seem to be a staple of professional landscapers. Made impossible tasks possible and saved my garden from aggressive and monster weeds. A superior, durable tool. Get one – you will not regret it!

Really impressed how useful this is ~ reviewed by Charles Roberts

Really impressed how useful this is, a little pricy but with the quality it should last a long time. Very pleased with this purchase,

Tomita Hori Hori garden landscaping digging shovel ~ reviewed by Buckboard

Bought as a gift and wished I would have kept it! Nicely made and very handy.

comfortable to hold and very sturdy ~ reviewed by AJ

fatastic weeding to, comfortable to hold and very sturdy

Good value ~ reviewed by G. Conklin

Sharp as heck, and good quality for the price.

Five Stars ~ reviewed by John Mossman

Went beyond my expectionsBuy it at Amazon

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