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Japanese Sickle – *Razor sharp, serrated 6-1/2″ blade *7-1/2″ wood handle Order Unit Each

Customer Reviews

I’m the only one using it for harvesting rice? ~ reviewed by edivimo

The description is of this item is laconic and it never mention in any site (Amazon or Farmhardware) that this item is a rice harvest sickle, so I assumed it was because it looked quite similar to one of that things, that’s why I bought a pair for that purpose.
So, I used this to harvest rice, and for that intended purpose is quite good: light, easy cutting of rice stalks, comfortable to use in one hand. They look weak, the wood handle is light (too light), and it feels it going to break in any moment, but is a harvest rice sickle, not a saw, the hardest material intented to cut were handful of hollow rice stalks at a time. I even had problems cutting a light rope, so, don’t use it to another purpose that isn’t harvesting rice.
A big problem is that their plastic film cover of the blade surface falls in the first use, so it’s exposed to rust from the very beginning, a big problem in my tropical-humid-near-to-the-beach crop site. I need to figure it how to protect them before is too late. Also the blade bends easily, so you can change the cutting angle of the tool to prevent the tool from inserting in the soil with each low stalk cut, but every time I do it I fear for the tool integrity.
I would review it with more stars if it were a little more solid, with the same lightness, and better rust protection.

Japanese sicle great for cutting water reed ~ reviewed by David Sebolt

We’ve used this sickle to cut water reed (phragmites communis) for thatching matieral- it has worked great for this purpose. We did modify the handle a bit- we taped on an extra piece of wood (branch) to make the handle eccentric, and used a colorful tape (red hockey tape, sticky one side). This helps give a better grip through gloves, and to work with it in cold weather. The colored tape makes it easier to see when on the ground. For the price, I would recommend it to others. I expect it would work on vines such as grape vines, but not so well with small trees; the teeth start to grab the wood too much to use it for typical sawing purposes.

Perfect design for cutting vines. ~ reviewed by Big Goose

I bought this product to cut vines that had invaded my flower beds.
With one hand I can grab a handful if vines or long weeds and with the other pull the knife with the other.
The serrated edge makes it easy to cut.
The handle is perfect length and diameter.

it had several teeth missing and was generally dull. It has a “Made in China” sticker on … ~ reviewed by Michael R.

I used it about 45 minutes to cut grass and dandelions from under the edge of a patch of junipers, you can’t tell from the picture but it has serrations on the blade. By the time I was done, it had several teeth missing and was generally dull. It has a “Made in China” sticker on it. It might be a Chinese rip off of a Japanese design, but it is no way the quality of a Japanese tool.

Great weeding tool ~ reviewed by Koho

Sharp, light, comfortable to hold. I can snap the heads off thistles while walking, without loosing a step. I just ordered a second one

This is a joke! ~ reviewed by kuripot

Disappointed! Really small compare to what it looks in the picture. I think it is more of a toy than a tool. I have lemon grasses and they grow thick and wild. I intend of trimming them with this tool. But this particular tool is not cut to do the job. It is so small, light and flimsy. The blade bends easily against a bunch, or a handful of stalks. I am not sure if this really is a tool. It failed my expectation.

Grass trimmer ~ reviewed by Earl D. Joyner

I had used a similar device when I was stationed in Japan and loved it then. I had been loking for one ever since, but never realized I could find it through Amazon.com. I found it; I bought it; and I couldn’t be more happy. Thanks for being there!

Love It! ~ reviewed by LF

This is my most used tool in the garden and you can’t beat the price on Amazon! This one is extra long with a sturdy handle and nice sharp teeth. I use it to prune, trim, weed, and more! If I could only have one tool in the garden, this would be it!

Use carefully on the tall grass. It is very … ~ reviewed by Ben Franklin

Use carefully on the tall grass. It is very sharp. Do not take alcohol before using this kind of product. I was please with the quality associated with a low price.

small but mighty, and can be sharpened! ~ reviewed by benedicta

Positive: (1) small and light. (2) handle fits small adult woman’s hand –if you wear small-size gloves, you’ll like this tool (3) teeth can be kept sharp with tool sharpener like the “Lansky puck” –which to me looks like a yoyo–Lansky directions say to use a circular motion of “puck” along blade, and probably you’ll figure out your preferred method…I move the sickle blade in circles against the “Lansky puck”. (4) this small sickle cuts crabgrass–I hold a bunch of it with one hand and cut with the other.
The handle isn’t painted but the grip feels really good. Since the tool is light in weight, all the effort. Is maximized for cutting. Of course, this sickle is ‘way too sharp for use by children !but you are already aware of that. Very nice tool for the small hand. Recommended.Buy it at Amazon

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