Jackson M6T22 6 Cubic foot Steel Tray Contractor Wheelbarrow With Front Braces Reviews

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Product Description

Steel undercarriage with roll bars on the front

Customer Reviews

Lots of work, but good quality ~ reviewed by PowerGamer

I say it is lots of work, because this wheel barrow made it possible to do more work!. Let’s face it, hauling dirst using a wheel barrow is still work! However after using a 3 cu foot wheel barrow with a hard wheel for the past 30 years, the extra capacity and hydraulic wheel made the work much easier. The parts are high quality and I expect this tool to outlast me at this point… The instructions made it a bit difficult to assemble due to the tiny print (my eyes are not what they used to be). But I was able to find my mistakes and assemble the thing after the second try. Get this one instead of the plastic models by other manufacturers. I borrowed a neighbor’s plastic wheel barrow and trying to haul a load of dirt used much more energy due to the constant need to rebalance the rickety plastic tub. Spend a few bucks extra if you appreciate a good quality tool – it will definitely be worth your investment!

Great! ~ reviewed by Anna

Easy to put together, works great, have used for residential use and it is plenty tough enough for hauling dirt, debris, and yard waste.


The poorly done illustration instructions to assemble the support structure have an important gap that should be pointed out.

The front of the wheelbarrow, meaning the rounded end, needs to have the wedge shaped wood support thickest end forward. The two holes for the bolt at the front are for the longest bolt called “N” in the illustration. The next longest “O” bolts go to the rear, square end, where the thinnest end of the wooden wedge shaped support pieces attach.

This wasn’t obvious so I was at the front doing the assembly and things didn’t fit and I realized my mistake. I had to go back and disassemble everything right down to removing the 4 bolts in the bottom. That’s difficult because of the included plastic circular “clips” that hold the bolts in during assembly when you have the pan upside down.

On reassembly this morning the substructure of the wheelbarrow went together easily and quickly. All the nuts are the same size and are designed to resist counter rotation once tightened down. I tested it on a full load of fresh wood chips. This wheelbarrow is sturdy, easy to maneuver, is stable when tipping it up to dump the contents and it holds a big load.

This is a critical purchase if you have a large garden. I also have one of the highly touted “Gorilla Carts” and it fails ergonomically, is difficult to dump, and carries a small load. For a home with an “all house/no yard” set up that would be fine. I have a half acre full garden and realized it wasn’t up to that job.

This Jackson M6T22 wheelbarrow is up to the job. I recommend it.

I agree it’s pretty sturdy, but not the true professional quality I … ~ reviewed by Dustin Petersen

I agree it’s pretty sturdy, but not the true professional quality I expected from other reviews. It’s a typical mass produced, made in China sort of thing in terms of overall quality and design, although it is fairly beefy with regard to the materials. I was disappointed in the lack of finish on the handles – they certainly won’t stand up to the elements without better polyurethane or other finish. Could have used some more washers (I added some of my own) and I was quite frustrated in how it arrived – no protection for the tray or handles – just shipped bare without a box. I could have lived with shrink wrap on the tray, spare the cardboard. I was also expecting and would have preferred a knobby tire, as mentioned in the written description. The tire that arrived was ribbed.

Acceptable quality and price, minor maintenance required ~ reviewed by Rachel Swan

Pros: This wheelbarrow appears well made and I assembled it within a half hour. It maneuvers easily, even when loaded to capacity, and will likely last many years if given proper care and maintenance. Amazon’s free shipping made the price acceptable, considering the alternative of having a similar wheelbarrow delivered from a local store.

Cons: The tire loses air and requires regular inflation. The wheelbarrow arrived with minor scratches, some of which have started to rust.

In all, if I had free access to a truck, I would have bought this wheelbarrow (or one like it) for a better price from a local store. However, given my truck-less situation, I am satisfied with my purchase from Amazon.

This is The One ~ reviewed by C. Dudley

I do a lot of yard work, and use a wheelbarrow constantly. In shopping for a replacement for the smaller one I’d used for some 25-years, I set out to find a larger one which didn’t have the design flaws of the older model, which was unstable when heavily loaded and plagued by tire troubles. I was attracted by the plastic-tray models, but was dissuaded by reports that they don’t hold up well under loads of hard material like concrete & stone.

This wheelbarrow is built to last, made with quality stock and decent hardware, and it is both stable AND easy to move when loaded heavy. Added features that caught my eye were the leg stabilizers, flat-free tire, steel undercarriage, and the sturdy hardwood handles that were actually finished at the factory; and after using this for a daily for a few weeks, I’m glad for these additions.

Be advised that the assembly instructions were not perfect in that they failed to note that the handles must be turned a certain side up in order for the hardware to line up properly. Needless to say that I discovered the flaw by aligning them incorrectly. Otherwise, with a decent socket-set the assembly is hassle free.

A handy amenity would be a bottle opener, but I might add this myself.

If you are seeking a wheelbarrow that will last through real work, this is the one.

Nice design, but with weak bolts ~ reviewed by D. Coral

It takes about half an hour to assemble this wheelbarrow. One of the benefits of ordering online vs. getting one pre-assembled from a home improvement store is that you can put Loctite Threadlock on all the bolts so the nuts won’t vibrate loose over time. I broke one of the bolts while tightening it down with a normal amount of torque. So apparently these wheelbarrows come with cheap Made in China bolts. Here’s a picture of how the top of the bolt came right off. It makes me wonder how long these bolts will last with the strain of heavy loads.

This thing is beefy. ~ reviewed by Jeff

I don’t know how this is only rated as a 3 star wheelbarrow. This thing is beefy, everything fits perfect and once bolted up this thing is as solid as can be, no rattles nothing loose. It takes a few minutes to assemble as I counted about 48 nuts/bolts but once you but it together it might as well have been forged of one piece of solid steel it is just that solid.

handles feel well made and have a generous coat of lacquer. They should last a while even if I forget and leave this out overnight every once in a while.

As far as shipping damage take it up with your local UPS guy because mine was perfect.

Great product, great service ~ reviewed by Ryan

The wheelbarrow works well. It is easy to maneuver and it held up well to cement and regular garden work that we have put it through so far. When it arrived, the wheel was flat, and even after inflating and sitting by itself, it became apparent that there was a leak. I e-mailed the customer service and got a quick response from one of their reps who asked for a copy of the receipt and a few days later, I had a new inflated wheel. I would definitely deal with this manufacturer again.

good buy, easy to assemble ~ reviewed by N. McCoid

Ordered this for my husband after checking out wheelbarrows at local DIY stores. This is a better quality, less expensive produce, perfect for using in our urban yard. It was easy to assemble and is not plastic, but sturdy metal with wood handles. It rolls easily and holds a large load. Recommend this for home use–might not be quite sturdy enough for professional use.Buy it at Amazon

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