IMAGE® Carbon Steel Bonsai Tool Set 10-Pc Master Professional Shear and Brush Kit with Tool Roll Wires in Heavy Duty Nylon Case Reviews

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3.7 out of 5 stars based on 42 customer reviews

Product Description

Description: Whether you are buying tools for your first bonsai tree or have decided to expand your interest into more advanced bonsai techniques, this is a great kit. The kit costs less than half of what you would pay for by buying individually. This tool set includes almost everything one would ever need from a beginner to a master level bonsai enthusiast
The set comes with a heavy duty 10-pocket tool roll made of 600 denier polyester with a carrying strap as shown. The tool roll is specifically designed for our tools but should fit most every tool set you have in your stock.
Slight difference between the picture and the real product might exist since a lot of pieces are hand made.

Customer Reviews

cheaply made ~ reviewed by Cesar Montero

Low quality tools. Very rough. Well sharpened but of extremely low quality. They seemed used, but it might just be the cheap painting. It gives an antique look, but feel clumsy. Not happy

Sharp and new, still with a whif of machine … ~ reviewed by borobrygmus

Sharp and new, still with a whif of machine oil. Action on long scissors is so thight as to make them uncomfortable to open and close.

Reviews were good but the set I received is missing a tool … ~ reviewed by Samantha Favatella

Reviews were good but the set I received is missing a tool and looks used. This is a gift so not sure how this will go over, may be returned.

Disappointing gift ~ reviewed by Elise T.

I was very disappointed by this set. I bought it as a gift, but could not bring myself to give it because the quality of the tools was so poor. There were burrs all over the blades of the cutting tools, and most of them didn’t move smoothly. I was expecting some surface imperfections on the metal based on other reviews, but these were very blotchy and looked like there were rust spots on them. Definitely not worth even the sale price.

Disappointed ~ reviewed by Kitten

WOW! Very disappointing. Very unattractive, both in appearance and feel. Appear poorly made. I was so looking forward to these tools, thinking I was receiving decent quality tools for this price. I very, very rarely give any negative reviews, but I can see that I am certainly not alone in this opinion. Probably not returning to this site in the future. Sorry!

A great set to have. Great quality. ~ reviewed by Fuyuume

This is a fantastic set. Well worth buying, everything does a GREAT job. I’ve used this at my job to help trim up and take care of the plants we get in to sell, some of them come in in horrible shape and these being great quality, heavy duty tools flat out has helped. I bought cut paste to go with this set and everything works wonderfully together.

They worked with some work. ~ reviewed by ty

Well it’s a hit and miss with some of them.. they’re all nice n sharp and cut well. But some needed to be bent or tweaked to get to properly work. Not the happiest but not the saddest. When it comes down to it, they work…

Nice little tool set ~ reviewed by Jonathan K.

Nice little tool set. I got this for my wife, and as a beginner to the Bonsai world, it is a really helpful little package.

Good collection of great tools ~ reviewed by Dr. Charlie B

Glad I bought the big set. After using most of the items iit’s wise to have the correct tool. Sharp tough and well made

Good deal for the price and beginning bonsai ~ reviewed by James

Functional pieces, I just wanted more precise tools. Good deal for the price and beginning bonsai.Buy it at Amazon

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