Hydrofarm HGBS400 40mm Bonsai Shears Reviews

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4.6 out of 5 stars based on 20 customer reviews

Product Description

Surgical stainless steel holds sharper edge longer, Right or left handed useUltra-light simplistic design, Ultra-light simplistic design, Ideal for cutting and trimming flowers. 40mm cutting capacity.

Customer Reviews

Perfect ~ reviewed by Keenan D. Fletcher

I bought these as a gift as my moms arthiritis her old pair she had trouble getting her knuckles in the loop these were perfect for her and very sharp.

bonsai scissors ~ reviewed by review a few

The scissors were a good price compared to similar models, and after 6 weeks of relatively heavy use trimming small flowers and fruits, they have held up well and remain sharp. The delivery was also timely, so overall i’m pleased with these scissors. I most likely would have given them a five star rating if the handles had been smaller and more relative to the size of the blades. Still a nice product, though, no doubt.

SUPER ~ reviewed by rlnewk

Wonderful product. I have used it on my bonsai trees and it is all I hoped for. Good Price and Sharp sheers. these are my second pair purchased from you. That should say something. I believe your price and product are worth buying. Thanks, Rick

bonsai shears ~ reviewed by Kels

these work great and are easy to use. The handles are big enough for any hand and the shears are small enough for small details and small plants.

use mine in kitchen n cooking, not my buds ~ reviewed by D.

These r great IMO IF you don’t need flexibility of cutting, trimming almost size encountered with one shear and have many hrs. of work to do. For me, any spring loaded snips r prone to give me numbing in hands after awhile. I have learned the slide locks do not hold up for me. I prefer the ARS brand, have collection of varied ARS snips and some decades old but perform like those right out of the box. Working, just toss em in jar of alcohol and keep working then wipe em down and on i go. Oil and tighten screw every few yrs). Better than other bonsai or botanicals snips, ARS brand stays super sharp and admit have no problems if cutting fine, fine manicure or thru that massive main stem. For all your oils, butters, tinctures, salves, lotions..use code for discount


These Shears Are the best! ~ reviewed by SheIsATizzLe

Loved the product! These Shears Are the best! Def a must have! If your looking for sharp shears look no further

… of bonsai shears I own – but they work great and feel good in my hand ~ reviewed by Styles

This is the only set of bonsai shears I own – but they work great and feel good in my hand. They are good for pruning the many small branches of my Serissa. The build quality and materials seem nice (I’m critical of poor build quality and design). The interior of the handles where you touch them with your fingers is rubberized, which makes them feel nice while you use them and adds a level of practical grip. The green plastic feels hard and durable. Would recommend to anyone who needed small indoor shears for basic pruning of bonsai or other small plant.

Good quality shears ~ reviewed by Nebraska reader

These are high-quality shears and are extremely sharp. I’ve used them the past two months for harvesting and trimming in my veggie garden. They work as they should. Just be careful to keep your fingers out of the way.

these shears are an excellent tool for snipping fine stems and spent blooms ~ reviewed by Bob G.

Even though I do no have a Bonsai tree, these shears are an excellent tool for snipping fine stems and spent blooms. They are very well made, very sharp, and have plenty of room for my fingers.

Perfect for your bonzai or mini garden trimmings!! ~ reviewed by runner tee

I use these for my mini garden trimmings and they are really perfect! Very comfortable in my hand. Sharp. Precise! Excellent quality!Buy it at Amazon

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