Husqvarna 327P5x Pole Saw Reviews

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3.6 out of 5 stars based on 11 customer reviews

Product Description

This Husqvarna Pole Pruner’s Balance Flex harness lets you work comfortably in all working positions, thanks to its ergonomic design and flexible suspension. Rapid acceleration from the easy-starting E-TECH II 24.5cc engine lets you make quick work of your trimming. Tool-less coupler separates the aluminum shaft for easy transport and storage. Rear impact guard protects the engine from wear and damage. Cutting Thickness (in.): 10, Displacement (cc): 24 1/2, Includes: Powerhead and shaft, bar, chain, owners manual, Bar Length (in.): 12, Chain Length (in.): 12, Shaft Type: Aluminum, Switch Type: Always on, Shaft Length (in.): 108 1/4, Operating Height (ft.): 16, Common Usage: Pruning, cutting

Customer Reviews

Quality product that is as good as they say ~ reviewed by Glenn H. Koogler

Expesnive, but worth every penny. Everything about it says quality. Relatively easy to assemble and easy to use. Assembly and use of the body harness may be a little confusing at first, but it is an absolute necessity for increasing safety and reducing fatique. Packaging needs to be beefed up for shipping (maybe an outside box), because my packaging looked like it had been through a tornado. However, in spite of this, my unit arrive in good working condition. Highly recommend this saw… especially over the cheaper products that won’t last a season.

Plenty of power ~ reviewed by RobbyB

This is the best pole saw I have ever used. I have tried the cheaper brands from Wal-mart and Home Depot, but they never seem to last. The electric ones are great if you have enough chord to get you to the tree and don’t mind messing with a tangled up chord. But for gas power, this is the best. I have taken out branches that are over 18 inches in diameter. Works like a charm and cuts as fast as you would want.

Thumbs up ~ reviewed by nit2wn

I purchased this to cut a tree top off that was blocking our view when pulling into the highway. I believe it’s rates to cut 4-6” limbs, well I kind of exceeded that by burying the full 12” bar into the tree top which was around 15” across. I was relatively surprised that it cut the tree using the whole bar. It wasn’t the tool for the job in all honesty, as it was never meant to literally top a leaning tree. I was impressed to see it do the job and trim up 10-15 other trees on our property. I’d highly recommend this to anyone wanting a well built limb saw. I’ve also used it for cutting thick brush where it wasn’t easy to get a chainsaw into. It’s an expensive tool, but it makes quick work of most everything you need to cut. I didn’t try the sling that came with it since it seemed to favor a right handed person, I’m sure it would have been easier to handle with it, but not for a lefty. It’s a bit heavy until you get used to handling it, but it makes up for it in the quick cuts and the utility of being able to reach 15′ up or out. I have no regrets on this purchase, and will continue to buy more Husqvarna products as I have in the past.

Drive cable connection doesnt work ~ reviewed by William White

When I received the pole saw the box was in bad shape. The interior packaging seems insufficient for shipping allowing the box to collapse in the middle. However the saw seemed to be in good condition. When assembling the saw I realized that there is no adjustability in the length; it is about 11 feet long. The engine starts well and I cut a few branches to tests it out and it perform very well. I uncoupled the extension to take the saw to my cabin and when I re-coupled it, the cutting head no longer would recieve power through the drive cable. The drive cable in the engine side had lots of end play sliding in and out an inch or so and would only intermiittently couple-up to the splines in the cutting end. I took it to a local Husqvarna dealer and they suggested I return it to Amazon which I did. Thankfully, Amazon took it back with a full refund including shipping.

Only an 11 foot pole saw?? ~ reviewed by The Wanderer

I originally posted this on the Husqvarna website only to have it rejected. Here is the email I received:
Your opinion is very important to us and the Husqvarna community. We appreciate you taking the time to write a review on HUSQVARNA 327P5x. Unfortunately your review did not meet our guidelines for posting on our site.
I am guessing the comment was rejected because if fell under “critical” comments. Perhaps this is why there are only 4 and 5 star reviews on the Husqvarna site.
Below is my post:
I am curious why this seems to never be mentioned. The saw can only be used as an 11 foot saw. There is a 5 foot extension that must always be used.
I spoke to customer service who initially said there is no one else I can talk to about this. When I asked to be told that by management I had an escalation ticket created. The next person said they would contact tech support. Tech support told them the saw is not designed to operate without the extension. I asked them to find out specifically why. Was it a design problem? Was it simply because the screw stop hole was not in the main shaft?
The response was again – The saw is not designed to operate without the extension. I asked to speak to someone in corporate. I was told we cannot get to corporate. Only the dealers can get to corporate. We cannot talk to tech support directly either. We can only email them.
So here we have three pole saws.
327P4 at $500 – 5 foot saw
327P5x at $570 – 11 foot only saw
327PT5S at $600 – 5 foot – 11 foot saw
So if you buy the middle saw you lose the functionality of a 5 foot saw but it costs you more. This all appears to because of a very small screw hole missing from the main shaft. Was this decrease of functionality and increase it cost really by design??
Perhaps corporate reads this since Customer Service cannot communicate with them.

It would be nice to have the option to use less of an … ~ reviewed by M. Langstaff

Works well. It is necessary to use it with the full extension pole. It would be nice to have the option to use less of an extension….but this is a relatively minor issue.

nice power, easy to start and fuel ~ reviewed by AJM

I really like this pole saw. I bought a cheaper one and it didn’t make it through 5 branches before the chain came off and wouldn’t stay on after that.

This chain saw has plenty of power and is easy to service. Well worth the $.

trim those branches! ~ reviewed by L. Kotila

This has been a nice saw! It reaches and cuts great. It was $50 less on this website than others that I had found. The trees are getting trimmed around the farmplace and I really like that!

Husqvanra 327 pole saw. ~ reviewed by rex hartford

Husqvanrna we through it was saw that would collapse to 8 foot like my Stihl pole saw It,don’t telescope in to 8 foot for storing on truck, on my truck. Thanks Rex Sr.

took weaks to deliver ~ reviewed by MARTIN BALL

project was over befor saw got here if in a hurry should try somewhere else very dissapointing no hurries hereBuy it at Amazon

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