Hudson Trombone Sprayer Boxed Reviews

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Product Description

H. D. Hudson – Trombone┬« Sprayers Heavy Duty Trombone Sprayer – Sold as 1 EachTree and shrub sprayer. Shoots up to 25 ft for tall coverage. Hose with large filter drops directly into chemical bucket. Long-lasting nickel-plated brass pump. Sturdy no-slip grips

  • Applicable Materials: Liquid
  • Body Material: Poly
  • Handle Material: Steel
  • Handle Type: Pistol Grip

From the Manufacturer

The Hudson Trombone Sprayer is useful for trees (especially fruit trees) as well as hedges and low-growing plants. Easy in-and-out strokes of pump fire a spray up to 25 feet or adjust the nozzle for an extremely fine mist. The long 72-inch hose with filter draws solution from a pail or drum. Bright nickel-plated brass pump. Produces 150 psi and features a 9-inch extension. This sprayer comes with the manufacturer’s 1-year warranty.

Customer Reviews

Trombone Sprayer ~ reviewed by Cynthia from Florida

This kind of sprayer is so easy to use compared with the tank sprayers. Yes you have to carry a bucket but they work so much better and really get the spray around. Also they can spray quite a distance if need be–like 25 feet–which a tank sprayer cannot do. I like my trombone sprayer.

The best sprayer around. ~ reviewed by ok1wire

I have to spray my fruit trees each year for insects and fungi, and I also spray my roof for moss. Tank sprayers are clumsy and are a pain to keep up to pressure. They also cannot reach heights with a broad spray. It’s hard to spray top branches with a thin stream.

The trombone sprayer is simple to use anddsends spray a great distance. I just mix my solution in a two gallon “Haws” watering can, stick the hose in and pump away. Pumping on both the in and out stroke creates a broad stream that reaches the top of my trees. The narrow stream treats the moss on my roof.

So far the trombone sprayer has required no maintenance. I have not had nozzle clogs like I had with the tank sprayers.

Quality Product ~ reviewed by Dean A.

I was pleasantly suprised by the quality of this product. At first it seemed a bit pricey, but when it arrived and I tried it for the first time I was glad I paid the price – well worth it.

works great ~ reviewed by john and john

sprayed the out side of house and crawl space worked great. took home depot bucket with cover put hole in top of lid
then used small luggage cart to role around 4gal of water . Spays about 20 feet adj. spray head

Worked fine. ~ reviewed by Ramona J. Vickers

Product was just as described & did the job just fine. Before I put it away, I took it apart & cleaned it @ put some petroleum jelly on the o rings. I have no doubt that it will be ready to go when I need it again next year.

Awesome ~ reviewed by cajkaren

It sprayed exactly like the adv. said. Reaches the top of the apple trees with out trouble. Except if you have arthritis in the shoulders you might want reconsider.

Missing parts ~ reviewed by Mark

Did not have a chance to use sprayer the nozzle was missing. I had to return the unit. Order another unit from another site. The trombone sprayer does not spray as far as the advertising claims

Awesome ~ reviewed by Grant Cooper

Bought a number of portable sprayers. Nothing worked like this one.

Use it on dwarf and semi dwarf fruit trees. Works as advertised.

Can also make it into a fine mist.

great product ~ reviewed by S. Forsgren

Had been using tank sprayers to spray some fruit trees and they were mostly frustrating. Finally decided to try something different and I’m glad I did. It is very easy to use and I no longer need a ladder to spray my trees. I put a 5 gallon bucket in a wheel barrow and move it between all the trees ( have about 24 ). While I don’t think it sprays quite as high as advertised, it is more than adequate for my task.

Hudson Trombone Tree and Shrub Sprayer 61224 ~ reviewed by richard

Did the job. About the only choice unless you want to spend big money to buy powered equipment.
I needed about 20-25 foot reach. I did what it said it would. Qaulity seems good. I wished I could have
bought it for less. Very Pleased.Buy it at Amazon

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