Hound Dog Weeder (Pack of 4) Reviews

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Product Description

Hound Dog, Lawn & Garden Weeder, Steel, Single Piece, T-Top Handle, Pull Dandelions & Other Weeds Down To The Root, Improved Slide Ejector Clears Weeds From The Tool With Ease, No Bending, Divots Or Chemicals.

Customer Reviews

It works ~ reviewed by J. Roberts

Frankly I was shocked this gadget works as well as it does. I had a large area covered in dandelions that would have taken days to weed hunched over or on my knees. I did the whole thing in 4 hours with this sucker. You thrust it into the core of the weed (you can use your foot for impact but in moist or loose soil you won’t need to), twist, pull and eject the weed into a bag or wheel barrow.

Much needed help ~ reviewed by evwood

I was pleased at how easy it was to use. I am 80 and have a hard time keeping my yard and garden in trim shape. It does a very good job of removing small rooted weeds, but was difficult pulling tall weeds in my garden. The prongs only open a small amount and the squeeze plate that is controlled by the foot brace will not straddle any tall weeds. I have to go along side of the weed and dig up the root, and then pull out the weed. This is not very helpful. I would not recommend this for a gardener.

Beware ! Arrived broken and with tape covering the nameplate ! ~ reviewed by Susan Ohopp Sharrow

This tool arrived inoperable. The black slide that is supposed to open and close the “spikes” as it moves up and down is simply not attached to anything and slides freely up and down, while the spike remain closed and do not open when the toll is inserted into the ground. I have a 15 year old Weed Hound that still works perfectly and wanted another one. This new design is clearly easily broken and inferior to the old design. The tool that arrived is also suspicious because the nameplate on the yellow pole has been covered up with a piece of black tape. I have been buying from Amazon for years and have never had such a bad experience. There is no way for me to know how much of the problem is with a newer inferior design from the manufacturer, or if the problem is with the Amazon reseller.

Not as good as the original… ~ reviewed by MarvelAnn

I had one of these a few years ago, moved and gave it away. My mistake! The original version was easier to use and more effective in my opinion. This new yellow version has a plunger mechanism on the shaft that is awkward to use. The original version had a handle off the shaft that you could just push on. This is ok, but I wish I has my original green version back…I wonder what focus group or designer told the company that it had to change???

Junk ~ reviewed by Anthony D Davis

I bought the “Hound Dog” from my local hardware store. I was able to pull out 3 weeds before it stopped working. Even ejecting those 3 weeds was not very easy. This weeder hates wet soil.

It’s just a poor design. Save yourself the hassle and buy either of the following instead:

“Oswego GW-1 Grandpa’s Weeder” or the “Fiskars 7870 Uproot Lawn and Garden Weeder”.

This is NOT the good one! ~ reviewed by Hap

We have used one of the original “Weed Hound” weeders (the green one) for years and it has been great. Decided to get one as a gift for a relative, but found that the original has been discontinued and replaced by this poorly designed, cheaply constructed piece of junk (Made in China to boot). We will get another one of the originals off eBay. Way to go Ames – real progress – NOT!

It sort-of works, on a good day ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

Given the lack of good products out there for pulling out weeds without breaking your back, this one is okay, but still too expensive for what it does. The ground needs to be wet (rained) for it to do a decent job, and does not work very well if your yard has clay-ish soil.

Works great for a short while, then not. ~ reviewed by MagnoliaSouth

I bought one of these year before last at Lowe’s, after reading good reviews at their site. At first I was thrilled. It worked really well. I did notice that in hard soil it wasn’t as easy to use, but that was to be expected. I would water the area for a little while, then go in and use the tool to remove weeds and it was a cinch. I took very good care of it. As is proper, I’d clean the contraption and even oiled some of the parts that moved, after each use. Great. I was happy.

Then one day, a few months later, I was having trouble with it. It didn’t want to release. I had to jiggle it a bit and then it would release. Over a short period of time, I’d have to jiggle it harder and harder. Not sure what the problem was, I had my husband take a look at it. There was nothing obvious (short of taking the entire thing apart, which it is not made to do) that seemed wrong. About two weeks later, it died completely. Forget releasing, I couldn’t get it to open back up at all. It was toast.

I’d love to recommend it, but I simply cannot. If you’re only going to use it in the short term, then okay it may be a good buy. However if you plan on using it routinely more than a few months, then I’d advise against it.

I’ve a feeling that the really great reviews are from folks who tried it once (and maybe even twice) and then wrote the review. That’s not enough to base a review on.

It is also worth noting that you’ll not find this at Lowe’s any longer. Just pointing that out.

not worth the powder to blow it to Hell ~ reviewed by Benny A. Sapyta

will not allow any depth to capture weed, Very difficult to rid weed plug after capture.
Do away with black handle, return to long rod with rounded top to fire off plugs. Better yet
send it back to china!

Yard Weeder ~ reviewed by buzz

The hound dog weeder (yellow) I recently purchased Is not as efficient as the previous one (green I had. It will pull some weeds but not as well as my previous one.Buy it at Amazon

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