Groundbreakers 862-03 Mini Tiller Reviews

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Vandb mfg co 862-03 mini tiller

Customer Reviews

Top of the line Mini Tiller ~ reviewed by Fred

I have used these mini tillers for years in my garden. I have found that working with moist heavy red clay soil the soil will stick to the typical garden hoe or shovel. That will wear you out fast. Anyone who has worked with clay soil knows what I mean. Each time you dig in the soil, the clay soil sticks to your tools. So every time you lift your garden tool, you are picking up a heavy amount of clay soil attached to the hoe or shovel that will not come off unless you scrape it off. Then I discovered these mini tillers. Less clay soil sticks to them, so I can work longer. I suppose less soil sticks to them because of the smaller surface area compared to a shovel or hoe. For whatever reason, I find these tillers easier to work with. Plus, I can work the soil more precisely when working among existing plantings I want to keep. I have also used them for trenching for drain pipe or irrigation lines. So, after working in clay soil with lots of rocks for 30 years, I can vouch for these as a necessary tool for me. I have never worn one out. I lost my last one in the bushes somewhere, so I needed to replace it. I bought the plain Mini Tiller and this Mini tiller with the foam handle to compare them to each other. They are both excellent. My wife loves this tiller with the foam handle. It feels more secure because of the grip on the handle. I have to admit it also feels more comfortable to hold and work with for long periods. The tiller without the foam handle can feel a little slippery sometimes especially when it is wet unless you firmly grasp it. But, the tiller without the foam handle is a little easier to clean because the entire handle is bare wood and the sticky clay soil washes off. It also washes off this tiller with the foam handle but it can stain the handle a little. So, if you are particular about your tools looking pristine, that may be a problem. However, the soil washes out of the foam handle and the foam remains soft and comfortable to hold. Because it is more comfortable to hold, I consider this tiller the “top of the line” luxury model. I highly recommend it.

Great for Raised Gardens and Small Chores ~ reviewed by G. Wilson

I have raised beds on the roof of a senior living center. One bed had bushes and small evergreens that had filled the bed with roots and weeds. I ordered this tool in order to begin using this bed. It worked great. The pronged end went into the roots quickly and helped to gather them up for removal. The wide end needs some sharpening to work well but after sharpening, I have used it to cut fairly large roots in order to remove the shrubs. I hope I don’t need it again for a long time but it is there. I have loaned it out and others want their own.

got my money’s worth ~ reviewed by Old Man in TX

This is the first tool like this that I’ve purchased. I planted a large shrub today with the help of this tool. I had to make a 3 foot diameter hole. I used this to dig and to claw through limestone rocks below my Texas soil. It really helped to make my job easier I rounded out the sides of the hole with it. As I got deeper I did notice that one of the tines bent slightly. I was digging in soil with a lot of rocks in it.

I’d buy another one just like this if I lost this. The price is right also.

It’s Chinese… but not junk! ~ reviewed by Todd M.

It would seem, based on other reviews, some are experiencing a love-hate relationship with this tool. That said, I love it but if the head were a bit longer I wouldn’t be disappointed. I have hard clay soil so a shorter head isn’t a problem because I did break the one I had that did have a longer one. You can exert a lot of pressure on this because it is rock solid but, like most tools, it’s hard to have one that does everything. I do have a lighter weight one for areas that don’t the impact power you can get with this one. It’s great for weeding and digging shallow trenches to cover water lines so I don’t trip. It does what it’s intended to do and does it very effectively so it gets 5-stars.

Good balance and weight. Buy the pick too! ~ reviewed by Commercial Landscaper

So far so good. My guys like the one with the pick better than the cultivator, but there are times we need the cultivator. Reccomend you buy both. They are weighted and balanced really well, so the tool does part of the work without added muscle. We use them primarily for weeding, sometimes for digging. Will buy more as we add crews.

Great Hand Tool ~ reviewed by Coffee Lover

When a full size hoe or tiller is too big, this hand tool is just the ticket. Bought it to replace another similiar tool. Great in flower beds, gardens. Enough weight to “dig in” but not so bulky as to be cumbersome. Very well made, comfortable grip.

more than you expect ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

The thing about these tillers is that they do things you might not think about. For instance, they’re great for dealing with long-rooted weeds. You can hack your way down to the root, then pull up the plant and not leave a huge hole in the ground.

Very handy in the garden. ~ reviewed by MK

I love the tool. I had another that my wife took possession of. This one however arrived with bent forks. Still works, but not the quality I’m used to. I’d get another just the same.

Very pleased ~ reviewed by P. Kutschke

This has been a tremendous time and labor saving tool for weeding around my bee garden (short of getting out the tractor and plow, plowing everything under and starting from scratch – which, come to think of it would’ve still taken more time & effort in the end).

I have a bee garden at my folks’ place and this summer I couldn’t get there as often as I would have liked to keep the weeds under control. After spending hours getting only about 10% of it weed-free again, I looked for a better tool for the job. This mini tiller has made everything progress more quickly for me (probably 3 or 4 times the pace). It is hefty enough to get at the roots of the weeds, but precise enough to use near plants you aren’t trying to tear out.

Admittedly I wasn’t using this to break new ground, I was using it to clear weeds on ground that had been cleared and tilled two years ago. Nonetheless, I couldn’t be happier. While I don’t think you could wedge this tool under a rock and stand on the handle, why would you want to?

This tool is awesome for chopping up roots and soil ~ reviewed by bri047

This tool is awesome for chopping up roots and soil. Plus, you can feel like a badass and pretend you’re chopping up a zombie.
As I was using this tool in the garden one day, hubby said, “I’m not used to seeing you in an aggressive stance. I like it.”
So, also good for being aggressive. It holds up.Buy it at Amazon

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