Graintex CA1752 Single Bit Camp Axe with 14-Inch Fiberglass Handle, 1-1/4 Lb Reviews

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4.5 out of 5 stars based on 33 customer reviews

Product Description

1-1/4 Lb Single bit Camp Axe with 14-Inch fiberglass handle

Customer Reviews

Small Light Weight Hatchet ~ reviewed by Shorty

Works well fiberglass handle seems well constructed and should hold up with homeowner use. Paid approx 14$, blade came fairly sharp but could use a little grinding to put a sharper edge depending on what you plan to use it for

Well made axe ~ reviewed by Daniel Platt

This is a solid little axe with a very comfortable non-slip grip. The bit is attached with epoxy and seems very secure to the handle. The back of the axe is flat and usable as a hammer. Mine came with a serviceable edge covered with a small reusable blade cover. I am very pleased with this axe.

strong, good axe ~ reviewed by NO Mundane Mommy!

Nice product. We bought to be used as a hatched to make kindling for our fireplace. It has a comfortable grip, and nice weight. Easy to use, and quality made. I’m very happy with this purchase, and would suggest, and possible buy again if needed.

Excellent for the money ~ reviewed by DK

This is only my third small axe like this but it was the least expensive and I think it’s the best one. The handle is easy to grab and it is pretty light weight/easy to swing. It came sharp, ready to go, and had no problem splitting wood.

well made handy tool ~ reviewed by William J. Enzweiler

This hand axe handled well and remained sharp after my first use. Small enough for an easy carry but heavy enough to do the job.

Nice hand ax ~ reviewed by Terry

Arrived sharp and ready to use, I think it will last for years of normal use. The handle is strong and the head good steel.

Perfect for a backpack, well made ! ~ reviewed by J. Dick

I wanted a smallish hatchet that could go in a backpack or car. On more than a few occasions we stayed in lodges and cabins that have fuelwood for us, but in big chunks that don’t light easily. With this I can always make kindling and then enjoy a great fire. We also like to build lunch fires warming fires during winter snowshoe hikes and this seems to fit the bill perfectly. When I got it, I thought the edge needed some sharpening, and blade shape is more rounded than my double bit axe, so I filed it just a little to achieve what I wanted. Now that is not a knock on the hatchet, just personal preference. Great handle, great grip and one won’t loose it easily with the blaze orange handle. I really glad I purchased it.

Good For the Price ~ reviewed by Peregrino

It’s not a Granfors Bruks but I don’t need to spend over $100 to cut kindling. In the spring and fall, each night I start my stove with kindling (in the winter it never goes out, so I don’t need kindling). This is just the right size for splitting small pieces of firewood, 1x whatevers and the occasional 2 x 4 into smaller pieces, a chore for which you don’t need a full size axe or a splitting maul. I would like it better about half a pound heavier, but it’s good enough for what I use it for. I did take a file to it when I first got it, but that may not have been necessary, just habit. The handle fits my hand well and should last as long as the head, since I don’t plan to beat it to death.

Decent Axe ~ reviewed by CHRISO6

Honestly, I bought this because it was the cheapest 14 inch axe I could find. It came kind of dull, but after sharpening it it will compare well to other axes, even some of the the more expensive ones. The handle is quality and I have already missed a few times and hit the handle on the tree I intended to cut, and it shows no signs of it.

Bottom line: I would recommend this to anyone looking for a god deal and knows how to sharpen it.Buy it at Amazon

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