Good Ideas EZWH-BLK 47-Gallon Compost Wizard Hybrid, Black Reviews

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Product Description

The Compost Wizard Hybrid revolutionizes the way we do gardening. The innovative design cuts down cost (compared to buying a Rain Wizard 50 and Compost Wizard Jr) and also saves space by reducing your footprint. But even more, the whole unit works together to fuse earth and water. As the top barrel is rotated, gravity and centrifugal forces squeeze out excess liquid from the compost which flows out onto the base where it-foots channeled into the barrel. From there it mixes directly with the rain water collected from your gutters forming nutrient packed plant food. Combines a Rain Barrel and Composter into one unit It has a 7 cubic foot capacity, 47 gal. rain barrel, a anti-debris screen on base, recessed handles for easy turning, wheeled base for effortless turning, a large 12-inch twist lid & aeration holes. It is pet and child friendly. Just mix tea with rain water.

Customer Reviews

Great dual functions ~ reviewed by JoVal Ma

I got this composter for my mom Mothers Day 2011 and we got some really nice black compost already. I think the tumbling action really helps a lot. I have an Earthmaker composter and it doesn’t produce compost as quickly as the tumbler and I really think it’s bc the tumbler mixes and aerates a lot easier. We continuously added materials throughout the summer and fall and then left it alone in the winter. When we opened it up in the Spring, we had compost!

The opening is not very big but it was just what we wanted bc we have the composter on a rooftop deck. We don’t have a yard so leaves or grass clippings were not available. Instead we put in a lot of kitchen scraps and newspapers. No worms in the tumbler and we still got compost!

The base of this tumbler is a rain barrel. If you’re going to make/use compost, it makes great sense to use rain water to water your plants. It’s better than tap water. I suggest placing the base and composter on a raised platform. We didn’t and it’s awkward getting the rain water out. But we still use it nonetheless.

We had no problems with shipping.

Poor Service from this Company ~ reviewed by Greg S Ellis

I really should have heeded the warnings from other bad reviews but I did not and went ahead and ordered the product. Well, like other reviews have mentioned, I only received the top drum and did not receive the bottom rain collection part. The drum is useless without the bottom piece. I contacted the company and they said there was nothing they could do to help me and basically told me it was not their problem. They even blamed the issue on a different company that shipped another part of my order which I do not believe were responsible for shipping the compost bin. I give them one star for 2 different reasons. One is that there is not option for zero stars. And number 2 is that Amazon has offered to help me out with returning the product and giving me my money back.

Find a compost bin somewhere else and do not order from this company.

So far so good ~ reviewed by Cynthia

This has so far worked to my expectations. The compost barrel gets pretty dirty in the area that sits on top of the rain barrel since some water accrues there so when you spin it be prepared to get your hands dirty. We have this on top of a couple cinder blocks but there is zero water pressure so until we get a pump we can only use the water to water plants using a watering can. We have had a lot of rain so the barrel is constantly full and I wish we could use it for more than just the few plants we have right now. I think once we decide to spend the extra money on a pump this will work great.

works as designed ~ reviewed by bootlegger

The combination of a compost tumbler and rain barrel works well. In the first place, whatever liquid is generated by the compost is retained in the barrel and not lost; also, the water is right there whenever you have to wet down the compost. Although, of course, if you’re saving rain water for your coffee you need something else.

Best composting barrel on the market! ~ reviewed by K. Traverso

Outstanding!!! This is the best composting barrel on the market today. No crank, no wobbly legs – just simple design & really tough, durable plastic. This product exceeded my expectations all around!!

OK for me… ~ reviewed by rich

it works fairly well. I have it on a downslope, yet the outside gets wet when I spin it. I don’t know why the ‘tea’ stays in the bottom section when I have the spout open and at the low spot.

Great composter ~ reviewed by ASW

Super easy to install and use. Turns smoothly. The spigot is kind of low to the ground so I’ll need a hose to collect the compost tea. No big deal though. Very well made product.

Good size ~ reviewed by Adavis

Sits in rain barrel too low, lid is difficult to open. Nice size and I like that it is also rain barrel.

Fast shipment… ~ reviewed by Edna

I ordered this with amazon and it went in the mail faster then anything else I have ever gotten from them. Received two boxes today and so far looks good. faucet is metal not plastic fits in tight and they sent Teflon tape. Now I want to build a stand and hook it up and see how it works. Looking forward to it. I was very pleased with how fast I got it and looks. Ordered 3 rain barrels one has been shipped and two have not. They are all the same and from the same shipper. Hmm maybe he had to wait to get them in…Well the one that got in the mail looks like it is traveling fast.. Will let you know how this thing works once I get it set up.

Awesome product! DON’T BUY IT FROM AMAZON ~ reviewed by Adam R. Robbins

The Compost Wizard Hybrid is a wonderful product. the black model is made from recycled plastic and absorbs the suns heat quite well to aid in the breakdown process. I would recommend putting it up on bricks to allow connecting 2 or more together with a manifold of some sorts and add more storage/brewing capacity. All in all this is a great product, just honestly don’t get it from Amazon. They currently have a bad track record of getting the 2 pieces of this beast to the customer. When they sent me mine I only got the compost part, that’s right no base. Amazon’s complaint system was useless, I ended up repacking it in the box it came in and returned immediately, took my refund and found it at a local store for about $20 more. Should have gone there to begin with! the product itself gets a 5 star rating but amazon only gets 1 starBuy it at Amazon

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