Garden Works TTAssembly Tiger Trowel (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Reviews

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4.9 out of 5 stars based on 16 customer reviews

Product Description

Designed with strength in mind. Use the split-tip end to pop out dandelions, pry past rocks or dig bulb holes. The serrated edges cut through roots and the toughest compost bags.

Customer Reviews

Love, love, love this serious tool! ~ reviewed by C. Martin

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to use a garden variety (hahaha) trowel again! This little workhorse does it all–weeding, cultivating, planting, dividing (even saws through tough roots). After seeing what it can do, I bought one for my mom and a friend too!

Best weeder and trowel ever ~ reviewed by SPV Gardens

I love this tool. It’s stainless steel so it cleans right up. It’s completely sturdy and won’t bend. The forked tip is perfect for popping weeds like false dandelion out of the ground, and the points don’t seem to wear down. I’m ordering a second one for a backup.

Great for more than gardening ~ reviewed by Milliken Mark

I bought the Tiger Trowel rather than the expensive digger recommended for Cinch Gopher trapsCinch Gopher 3-pack. It does the job of digging into golpher holes for trap placement plus is handy in the garden after you get rid of the gophers.

Wonderful Trowel That Digs With Ease ~ reviewed by perrymasonary

I had originally purchased this trowel at a Fresh Fields supermarket on a whim. This became my favorite trowel until it was lost. Fortunately Amazon offered this for sale and I was able to obtain a replacement.

This is a wonderful trowel for digging in pots in which you are removing old plants. The teeth cut right through the old root systems.

This trowel also is useful to till the soil a bit. The fact that this trowel is made of stainless steel makes it worth the price. No worries about rust.

This is a wonderful tool for your gardening tool box.

Best tool for the job ~ reviewed by Kristin

After going through a couple of weeders that just wouldn’t stand up to my clay soil, I decided to give this one a try based on the reviews. It works great! I like to dig the roots out, and even with sinking the tiger trowel into the ground nearly to the hilt and bending back to pop the weed, there’s not a hint of give either in the trowel itself or where it joins the handle. It’s very sturdy and I use the serrated edges more than anticipated. Very pleased with this purchase.

Medium duty trowel ~ reviewed by ihmmusicteacher

I bought this trowel because it was the closest tool I could find to the Black and Decker multipurpose tool/trowel that I could find. The v-shaped tip for digging up big roots and the serrated edges would be far more effective if the shovel part didn’t have as big of a curve to it. Also, the tool is made of a lighter material, so I am loathe to give it too much abuse. It would work well in soils that are friable.

Nothing like this tool ~ reviewed by Diana

We’ve had one of these for about 20 years and it’s still diggin’. When I saw it was discontinued by the manufacturer (WHY?) I thought we should get a 2nd one. Not that I expect it to fail in our lifetime short of earthquake, tornado or bomb. It could be a bit shorter but otherwise this is the perfect trowel.

Great Tool ~ reviewed by LoriAnn Smythe

This is a marvelous tool for digging dandelions and other such long tap-rooted weeds. I don’t believe in poisons as a poison is a poison, and what kills dandies also kills butterflies, birds, ants, etc. I prefer to dig the weeds out, and this is the best tool I’ve found so far.

I liked it well enough to buy 2 more for reserve ~ reviewed by bholtwright

I liked it well enough to buy 2 more for reserve, seeing they are no longer being made. Great quality, good for removing dandelions in hard soil, sturdy with a comfortable handle.

Tiger Trowel, Indeed! ~ reviewed by Cat Lover Lennie

As advertised, this trowel is not messing around! Where I live, the ground is red clay and so hard that I needed a tough trowel…..and this tool is no wimp!Buy it at Amazon

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