Garden Weasel Gold Garden Claw Cultivator 91306 (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Reviews

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Product Description

The Garden Weasel gold garden claw cultivator is designed to break up hard-packed soil, aerating your lawn and garden. Aeration can greatly increase irrigation efficiency, enabling you to get the most out of your watering. Made of electro-coated steel, the cultivator boasts a patented claw head with six angled tines designed to break up and crumble soil. The product lives up to its name, featuring sparkly vinyl grips on the curved handlebars and glittering gold paint on the claw head. Useful not just for aerating, the Claw can also uproot weeds, blend fertilizers, and even mix compost. The Claw features four adjustable height settings. It requires only a few minutes for assembly. A limited lifetime warranty is included.

Customer Reviews

Handy tool for its purpose ~ reviewed by S. Jentsch

This is a handy tool for cultivating small areas, but it is not appropriate for anything more than a medium sized flowerbed. The handles work well to gain leverage, but you will feel it in your muscles if you attempt to do too large an area!
The fact that it isn’t powered lets you get into areas you wouldn’t want to go with even the smallest of tillers, and it does a great job of breaking up the ground to a depth of a couple of inches, which is perfect for flowers.
For larger projects, use a mini-tiller, and use this tool for the detail work and the smaller beds. Both tools are a good combination to have at your disposal.

The Garden Claw saved my garden! ~ reviewed by Deborah S Steves

The Garden Claw definately lives up to it’s claims! I had a baby in April and was SURE that my garden would be overtaken by weeds this season. After using a hoe in a section of the garden and only getting a little done after an hour of hard work, I decided to try the Garden Claw. This product is amazing! It lifted up the toughest weeds in seconds! All I had to do was scoop them up and toss them in the compost pile! I also noticed that I lost a lot less soil because the claw loosens the soil so well that it just falls off the roots of the weeds. My garden is quite large and I am able to keep it under control thanks to the Claw. I have also used the Claw under trees to quickly knock out the weeds. It does give your shoulders and arms a workout, but you just need to pace yourself. I have bragged so much about this product to friends and family that 3 of them have purchased one for themselves and have had the same great results! Thanks to the Garden Claw this is one of the best seasons I’ve had for my garden!

Great tool ~ reviewed by Leigh Ann

I was feeling gullible recently, and purchased one of these little guys on a whim. To my pleasant surprise, it does everything "as seen on TV," and does it quickly and easily. It even works on poor, hard, dry soil (though it does take some effort). On moderate to well-conditioned soil, it’s a pleasure to use. You can cultivate right up to the edge of plants without worrying about disturbing roots. I went to work the next day and told every gardening friend I had about this thing (as well as knocking on my neighbors’ door). It’s effective, easy to use, and well worth the money.

Good tool for the small job ~ reviewed by R. Howell

I’m not into gardening. I bought this for the small areas I do need to work in. It’s a good tool for those small areas but I wouldn’t think of using it for anything large. It’s a fairly simplistic design – a pipe, the handle “S” curve, and the spikes. Two bolts and nuts hold it together and there is a height adjustment if needed. It works well in the soil but beware of hard ground, it just won’t penetrate without the ground being watered-down. I got mine at the local hardware store for around $35, and I feel the price is too high but I’ll get the use out of it. My biggest concern is with long term durability, those two bolts look like they will need replaced too quickly.

Mechanical Logic of the Design ~ reviewed by R. Shrum

This is in response to “Cashmere Cat’s” review.

Actually, the Garden Claw *is* designed for “righties”.

True, when using the tool ones does indeed turn in a leftward motion. The design was made that way because most people are right-handed, and the mechanics involve pulling with the left hand and pushing with the right. Since more power is exerted via pushing (hence the phrase “putting your weight behind it”), and the majority are right-handed, the design makes perfect logic.

Also, less exertion required = less chance of strain or other injury.

Being able to do it myself: Priceless! ~ reviewed by Diane Kistner

I planned to use the Garden Claw for stand-up cultivation of my raised beds, and it will be great for that; it’s perfect for SFG-style beds.

But this is the best part: I’ve discovered it’s perfect for helping me dig post holes for my grape and kiwi trellises. I’m a 4’10” disabled woman with bad knees and a bad back. I just don’t have the upper body strength to ram a post-hole digger into the clay soil in our fescue-matted field, and the two big, strong men in my household always have something more pressing to do.

I discovered the Garden Claw makes a circular hole that’s just a tad wider than the post-hole digger does, and I can loosen six or more inches of clay soil and roots in no time. Without strain! Then I can use the post-hole digger to lift out the loosened soil, or I can just spade it out into a bucket for use somewhere else. As weak as I am, I can get two 2-foot holes dug before I have to rest.

I’ve been frustrated because I’ve been too broke to pay someone to come put these trellises in and worried because I know the vines will be here before I know it. Thanks to the Garden Claw, I can put in my trellises all by myself! It paid for itself the very first day. So far, I’m delighted with it.

Finally gardening made easy ~ reviewed by R. M. Handel

I bought this to help me through the clay soil in a garden I just created. The ground was hard as a rock and the Garden Claw went through it pretty easily. It was a workout, yes. But well worth it. The ground is in great condition now for planting.

Good for soft soils ~ reviewed by Eric T

I too, bought this for use in hard clayey soil, only to be disappointed. If you try to till more than 2″ deep of hard soil you will have difficulty. Once I learned a technique to using it I was able to go faster, but this is still slow, it only does an area of about 0.25 square foot a time. A 400 sq ft garden 6″ deep would take about 4800 back straining tries. I would not buy one again. Since I have this, I will make use of it yearly to till the softer dirt in my established gardens and flower beds.

I am big and strong, and to insert it into the ground I had to first jump up and down on it. Once it was in the ground I tried to turn the handle to no avail, and I think I actually bent it slightly. As I said, till only a couple inches of hard soil at a time to avoid difficulty.

If you have a large hard area you need to till, use the money to rent a power cultivator instead or just use a shovel. It will be much faster and easier.

Not good for hard soil, soil with a lot of roots or rocks ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

I bought this baby because I have hard soil with clay in it. So I thought I would try to airate it and soften it up with this garden weasel and then mix it with some baught soil. This tool isn’t any good for anything other then soft soils that need to be shaken up a bit. It is handy and more comfortable to break that type of soil or if you have a few small pebbles though it has to be pretty soft soil to begin with and not ridden with roots or rocks. Otherwise I hope your strong and have a lot of will power if you still want to buy this.Buy it at Amazon

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