Garden Weasel Edge Chopper Reviews

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Product Description

Weasel Edger-Chopper No. 91714 creates a perfect edge for your lawn or garden. Features include extra wide foot plate for increased leverage, carbon steel blade, breaks up ice in the winter. Overall height 38-Inches.

Customer Reviews

This tool was amazing. We live in Florida and have Saint Augustine … ~ reviewed by Mr. Orville H. Carroll Jr.

This tool was amazing. We live in Florida and have Saint Augustine grass. I had been struggling to edge a garden bed. I researched the device on Amazon and had it in two days. It was a lifesaver and cut through the grass with ease. This company makes great products and I would highly recommend it. I saw some reviews that stated they bent the handle. I don’t see how that was possible as it is a very sturdy too.

Solid tool ~ reviewed by Geoffrey M Fugere

Works great in clay and rocky soil. Using it to cut a slot for irrigation tubing – makes it very easy.

Heavy Duty Tool – Great ~ reviewed by Sam C. Fraser

Very heavy duty. Having the footstep in the middle helps immensely. I love it. I am 64 and live in St Pete. I just received the Chopper and used it to edge my front lawn. The lawn had not been edged all summer. I have St Augustine and Centipede grass mixed with weeds. The grass had crawled out all over the concrete gutters. I have a corner lot so the lawn edge needing edging was very long. It took me two days to edge the lawn – I took my time, rested and then rested some more, and I work only in the “cool” of the morning. The chopper performed great. There were no gas fumes nor motors that won’t start. I would definitely recommend this for younger folks. Older folks — be sure to pace yourself.

Making the misery of yard work tolerable ~ reviewed by ECHO444

Yard work is misery but if you have to do it I recommend using this edger. It is very sturdy! The handle is metal and welded unlike some of the other edgers I’ve seen that have a plastic handle.

top quality garden tool ~ reviewed by Neil A. Buchanan

I am impressed with the steel’s thickness, quality of welds, and ease of use. A top quality garden tool at a reasonable price.

Perfect for the task ~ reviewed by Gary

The feature that makes this great is the provision for putting your foot in the center and the arc prevents your foot from slipping off. I can put my full weight (245 lbs) on it and get through tough soil and good sized roots. Why aren’t all shovels made this way? The materials are strong and handle a good height. I cannot think of anything I would do to improve this product.

This edger works with the greatest of ease ~ reviewed by Andrew

This edger works with the greatest of ease. I like the design especially the blade. The blade comes to a point making it easier to use compared to the rounded edge of some edgers.

Great Edger ~ reviewed by C. Hammond

Great tool. I wanted something that I could use so I did not have to fire up anything gas or electric as I find that difficult. I am a senior (yuck) and cannot handle all that I used to handle. This also takes care of the smaller jobs — around flower beds, etc. I would highly recommend.

Nice edger ~ reviewed by Gregory Hope

Very well made and performs well. With my particular soil I had no need for sharpening out of the box as some reviewers have mentioned. I would assume that this could vary with different soil and ground cover types. The tool is very ruggedly built and the design/height was just right for me, 5’9″ man. In addition the delivery was prompt. Highly recommended.

The actual tool feels very solid in your hands- strong … ~ reviewed by Kevin

The actual tool feels very solid in your hands- strong construction. Ease of use couldn’t be better- very well designed, simply place the tool in the ground and either push straight down in soft ground, or rock back and forth, using your foot for more leverage, in hard ground. I dug out an edge on 20 foot section of garden in about 10 minutes.Buy it at Amazon

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