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Tall, Mini Garden Claw, Great For Tough To Reach Areas, Great For Flower Beds & Herb Gardens, Comfort Grip Handle, No Bending, Great For Quick Light Weeding, Easy To Hang & Store.

Customer Reviews

Claw away! ~ reviewed by LSL308

In my efforts of going green I purchased this product to help loosen dirt and for weeding. I had never used on of these before, so I was a bit leary. It really works well on weeds, even if the weeds are getting pretty tall, the mini claw helps to loosen the dirt around the roots, so you can pull them clean away with the whole root attached. I’m disabled, so I have to use this sitting down, and it is the perfect size for me. I’d purchase this item again, so I would encourage family and friends to get one as well.

Dandy little weed digger ~ reviewed by Wisconsin Gardenlady

I ordered both Garden Weasels – the cane handle Tall Mini Claw (this one) and the T-handle. I like them both. Good price, too!
You won’t do major deep cultivating, but they’re excellent tools for loosening up the ground to get at those early weed sprouts.

Better to buy it at Home Depot ~ reviewed by bob kerlin

Tool worked great until 2 time used-head has 3 tines welded onto plate-2nd use hit a rock- 1 tine popped off -contacted Garden Weasel – they sent me back to Amazon-even though it lists Garden Weasel as seller on site-if I had bought at Home Deot I could have taken in showed problem and gotten replacement- Already put in 1 1/2 hour trying to get replacement – no luck- nice blow off email from Garden weasel-

The item was made in China-cost was less than $20 –design problem -3tines welded on to a face-solution forge. Face with 3 tines, bolt onto recepting face built to accept it- distribute tension-

1st & last experience with Garden Weasel-

If it were made correctly, it would be a great product.

Back saver! ~ reviewed by Katydana

I love this tool! My only improvement would be that it should be height adjustable, I’m 5’10 and it’s a bit short for my comfort BUT it’s way more comfy than on my knees so I give it 5 stars!

A Wonderful Invention! ~ reviewed by HES1224

I bought the Mini Claw Garden Weasel because I am somewhat handicapped and am always seeking out any kind of work-savers for home or garden. It is such a time and work saver! I love it because it is sturdy and I didn’t have to worry if I needed to put a lot of weight on it while weeding. I used it in combination with my ‘picker’ from inside the house and I didn’t have to bend over to pick up the extracted weeds at all. And it is slender enough it doesn’t disturb a large section of garden when used, just maybe 4×4″ or so, and is EFFORTLESS compared to bending over with a trowel to get at the weeds. Even my 10 yr.old grandson was singing its praises when he earned $11.00 pulling ‘penny-a-weed’ weeds in my new garden. He exclaimed, “Even the deep weeds can’t escape me! Ha!”. Using it as a cultivator was excellent, too, it easily churns up packed soil. This Weasel really is great and I recommend it for everyone.

GREAT GARDEN TOOL ~ reviewed by Retha Beals

I had been looking for a mini claw for a long time. I have had a large one for years. Every one should have one in their garden. So far I have bought two for our house and three for gifts. Thanks Garden Weasel

great tool ~ reviewed by Sharon A. Blakely

works better than expected, I use a walker and its a perfect height, it’s a joy to do yard work again

new bff ~ reviewed by tabbikat729

Being disabled, this tool is awesome! I can weed, cultivate and the size is perfect for small areas between the plants. Little to no effort needed and I can do it myself. Prepared a 6×10 area in less than ten minutes. Very sturdy quality

Quite a nice gadget! ~ reviewed by Deanna

Works very well. No back ache after 30 minutes of use. Just be careful of blisters, small tiny handle for my small tiny hands and I did get a doozie!

(I’m 5′ 3″) but it still cultivates small areas nicely. ~ reviewed by valerie f.

This is a little short for me. (I’m 5′ 3″) but it still cultivates small areas nicely.Buy it at Amazon

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