Garden Weasel 95022 Weed Popper Step and Twist (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Reviews

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Product Description

Besides looking bad, weeds are fierce competitors for essential sunlight, nutrients and moisture. The Weed Popper Step and Twist makes it easy to remove many weeds, including dandelions, by using its unique plug ejecting feature. Simply push the tines onto the weed, press down with your foot, twist the handles, and pop out the weed instantly, roots and all with no chemical treatments.

Customer Reviews

faulty welding design ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

This is the third day of using the tool, as another 1 star reviewer said,
the tool has faulty design. The cutting somewhat triangular tabs that cut the weed plug are each individually welded to the tool base. The welds on the corners of the tab break and the tabs bend inward, interfering with the ejector shaft so it does not retract and the blades will not penetrate into the ground due to the ejection plug not retracting. Having read the review saying this could happen, I was careful not to dig into any rocks. My soil is sandy loam and quite soft.
Therefore I do not recommend this tool due to breakage. I purchase it because it is all metal and was supposed to be durable, but it is not due to the design relying on welding that will not hold up to use.

Very poor quality steel ~ reviewed by Captain Packrat

I bought one of these from a local hardware store to pull weeds from areas the lawnmower can’t reach. It was about $15 plus tax.

After the first weed, I looked at the head and noticed one of the tines was bent 90 degrees! It wasn’t that way when I bought it. I pushed it against the wooden railing of our back porch and it very easily bent back into position, but after pulling just a couple more weeds, it was completely bent over again. The ground here is quite soft, and it rained just a few days ago so the ground was still damp. After straightening the tines out 5 times, I returned the tool.

While the tines remained straight, this tool works very well, but the steel it is made of is just too soft.

Great for occassional weeds in turf ~ reviewed by Cres Bookstein

center over the weed, press down, pull up, and out pops the weed with the intact root. Easy to use and works. Much better than digging them out with a weed tool and easier on the back.

This item broke on the 2nd use! ~ reviewed by busy housewife

This item broke on the 2nd use. One of the blades broke off. I purchased this item as a gift for my daughter. She has a large lawn & had been trying to remove all the weeds. I purchased & had it shipped straight to her. It is very discouraging to give a gift to a loved one & have a result like it. Normally my Amazon purchases have been great. I would not encourage anyone to purchase this item.

Get those weeds OUT! ~ reviewed by eed mongrul

Good quality, even for a heavy foot. The welding seems to be solid and it is not a flimsy tool. Works as expected. I compared it to several of the other leading brands, and chose this one because: 1) You don’t have to tilt it back, which “snaps off” the weed, and there’s no fulcrum to snap off when titling it back for leverage to “snap” the weed out/off. ; 2) it has the twisting action that I found to be most effective on my previous weed remover. The weed lifts straight up and out; 3)the weed teeth were of a good dimension so as not to leave a large hole in the lawn. The twisting handle is a good size for anyone. 4) IT’S RED and easy to spot among the other garden tools. This definitely is well made and not likely to end up in the junk pile any time soon.

70% effective ~ reviewed by Savy Buyer

This works reasonably well on weeds that are one big clunk with a center.

Difficult to pick up spreading bermuda grass runners.

Needs moist ground to really be effective.

Never the less , with a recent hip replacement, this cut down my bending and stooping.

P. S. Made very sturdy

Weed Popper ~ reviewed by Nancy Southard

Have been searching for one of these for months. Every homeowner should have one. This is a wonderful product for elderly people who have a haard time getting up and down in the yard.

Great for weeds got this for my mother in law. ~ reviewed by Crissy

My mother in law is always complaining about catching poison Ivy so I decided to purchased this as a christmas gift and she loved it!

Sure beats bending! ~ reviewed by stephanie a lyon

We love our new garden weasel! We had a bumper crop of dandelions this year and really got lots of use from this handy tool. Easy to use and very efficient. Push, twist, pull, pop. There will be divots, however. We just tamp down the soil. It sure is easier than digging up all those weeds by hand!

Great! ~ reviewed by Gabby

This is exactly the weed popper I was looking for! We had one that had a lot of plastic parts, and it didn’t last. This one is metal, and very sturdy. It does the job perfectly and easily!Buy it at Amazon

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