Garden Weasel 91704 Weeders Edger (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Reviews

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4.2 out of 5 stars based on 50 customer reviews

Product Description

Garden Weasel Weasel Edger Create the Perfect Edge for Your Lawn and Garden Sculpt your lawn safely and easily with the Weasel Edger. The ergonomic comfort-grip handle, extra wide footplate and carbon steel blade will give you professional looking landscaping at a fraction of the cost. And, as always, the Edger comes with the Garden Weasel Lifetime Warranty. Six Reasons to Use the Weasel Edger 1. Creates attractive, sculpted edge for gardens, patios, driveways, curbs 2. Separates flower, shrub or groundcover areas from lawn; keeps mulch in and grass out of your beds 3. Ergonomic tool—no bending or straining 4. Easy to use and maintain; weather and rust resistant 5. Less expensive and more durable than rolling wheel models 6. Safer than gas- or electric-powered edgers; no flying rocks or other debris Edging Tips & Pointers Get the satisfaction of doing it yourself with the Weasel Edger. Here are a few tips to help you get started. • For formal landscaping, use straight edges • For more informal landscaping, try sweeping curves rather than sharper curves. It will look better and is easier to maintain • For a barrier, try a line of stones or clam shells, or use concrete, bricks, slates or pavers • There are many ready-made decorative edging options available, like plastic or aluminum strips Product Features: • Durable Carbon Steel • Comfort-Grip Handle • Ergonomic Design • Overall Height = 38-Inches • Limited Lifetime Warranty Using the Weasel Edger Once you’ve settled on a design, clear the area of surface debris. Then use string or hose to mark your edging line. For the sharpest edge, make sure the soil is moist, as hard, compact soil is difficult to edge. Then, simply place the half-moon edger on your line and push down on the wide comfort footplate.

Customer Reviews

Sturdy and easy to use ~ reviewed by lulum

This is a great edger. Solid and well made. The wishbone shape where it connects to the blade makes it very easy to push in to the dirt with your foot. The blade was sharpe enough to cut through the unusually dry spring ground with ease. The blade itself is fairly thick with a bevelled edge to allow additional sharpening if needed. I had no bending of the handle another reviewer mentioned and don’t really see how that can happen. In fact the handle seems quite solid. Love the foam grips, makes it very easy to hang on to and makes it easier on the hands.

I used this in conjunction with to make a beautiful border along a large piece of landscaping and have several other areas to use it on as well.

Overall an excellent purchase and I highly recommend.

Garden Weasel 91704 Edger ~ reviewed by Charles Buerkert

The edger is very easy to use and does a good job in cutting through the grass. I was able to remove up to two inches of grass and sod that had creeped over my driiveway. It is not meant to be used to push the sod away from an edge as the handle will bend at the joint of the handle and blade. But it can be rocked sideways to easily cut through the sod. I would recommend this tool.

It’s Just an Edger, but It Rocks! ~ reviewed by Tamra G

I bought this to redefine some previously-laid landscaping lines in our yard. Though the blade could be a little bigger, it seems to be a pretty darned sturdy tool. Since purchasing it, it has become one of my faves in my arsenal of gardening tools.

cheap and flimsy ~ reviewed by Jimmy Bermes

The first time I used the Garden Weasel Weeders Edger it bent like a piece of plastic. I had to bend it back into shape and weld supports on it. Not worth the money.

Bending after 1 use ~ reviewed by ntropey

This does a great job at making a perfect edge. The only problem is the shovel part is easily bent out of square. The “pogo-stick” concept is perfect if it wasn’t for the edger part being a cheap white-metal. Just use a spade shovel, it’ll do just fine, save the money on this.

Sturdy and nicely made tool I think I will get … ~ reviewed by Gregory Carter

Sturdy and nicely made tool I think I will get good use out of it.Warnig blade will bend if you try to use it like a shovel in firm soil,so don’t use it like a shovel;) .Can handel small tree roots too.Very nice for the price.

Quality poor ~ reviewed by Cassandra Fraser

Quality was terrible. Chinese made is not very good much of the time. The handle actually bent the first time I used it on hard ground. I live in Hawaii so it costs more to return it than the purchase price. Disappointing.

sturdy ~ reviewed by Sarena Cunningham

the shorter handles on this brand of tools makes it easier for a disabled weak lady to use from my wheelchair or scooter. even tho they are not as heavy, they are still quite sturdy and very useful.

Nicely Done! ~ reviewed by Yo Paulie!

Well made and very functional. It performs very well for the purpose it is intended, especially if you like doing certain tasks by hand.

“Walk the straight & narrow” w/a Garden Edger! ~ reviewed by william kissinger

Easy to use and readily apparent the outcome of this wonderful garden product. My wife and I took turns edging the sidewalk beside our home and we were more than satisfied with the results. How can you go wrong? Do yourself a favor: Order the Garden Weasel. I can assure you that you will be glad you did. Sincerely, Bill & Cherry KissingerBuy it at Amazon

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