Garden Creations JB3741 Weed Grabber (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Reviews

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3.0 out of 5 stars based on 17 customer reviews

Product Description

Weeding is easy with the Weed Grabber. Makes weeding effortless

Customer Reviews


I just bought one on Ebay. Unless you are planning on pulling out giant weeds with a massive root system, all this thing does is spin around the weed and lifts nothing out of the ground.

The prongs are too far apart to pick up anything but a giant weed.

Plus it is only 20″ long, there is still some bending involved. They should make it longer with the tines closer together.

Defective ~ reviewed by leelsena

Weed Grabber by Jobar International is defective as it stops ratcheting after two ratchets. Pull one weed, and two weeds, then the ratchet no longer works and weed grabber is useless. The weed grabber could be an excellent yard help if it worked. It does not.

shoddy and too short ~ reviewed by P. R. Bermon

First, unless you’re an extremely short gardener, this product still requires a good bit of bending. Plus one of the prongs is loose, had fallen out in the box and sticks in the ground so needs to be retrieved every time. Definitely a waste of money.

What a joke!Dont even want to give 1 star!! ~ reviewed by bcom

I cannot believe i spent money on this thing.Not only is this thing too short which makes bending over still a hassle but it doesnt work anyway.The ratchet mechanism broke the first time of use and its really a pain to push into the dry ground.I had to put most of my weight on it to push it down into the ground.Maybe if you pull weeds in the rain when the ground is soft it would be easier to use but then again i wouldnt know since this thing broke before i got any use out of it.WEED GRABBER my butt!! The only thing this thing grabbed was the money out of my wallet!!

Weed Grabber doesn’t grab ~ reviewed by Judith H.

Used it for only THREE weeds when the rachet broke. Now it just turns the handle but not the grabber. The idea is great but it’s cheaply made and cannot withstand the work for which it was made

Weed Grabber ~ reviewed by Jeanette M Cockrill

Prompt delivery. Worked for about 20 minutes and then the handle loosened and twisted when rotating. Concept was good and just what I needed; wish it had worked.

A little smaller than I thought ~ reviewed by jwinterscom

There are larger versions of this machine/weed grabber. This is smaller. It’s still very usable but will require a little more bending.

Arrived defective ~ reviewed by Jeffrey Rosenberg

I have had one of these in the past and loved it. It worked well for years and was sturdy, until I managed to get it wrapped up in a strong tree root and break it. This was my fault, not a defective product.

But the replacement I ordered arrived dead. It turns in both directions (ratchets in one diretion and slips in the other), so won’t twist out any weeds. Since I have the old one sitting here and am a long-time user, I am confident that it is a defective product and not user error.

Seller/Amazon was quick to issue a refund and took back the product.

weed grabber ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

I gave this one star only because there was nothing lower. I read the reviews and decided to order it anyway and returned it almost immediately. It does not work even a little bit. Unless your weed is a small tree forget about it. I really wanted this to work but it does NOT!!!!

Not Sturdy ~ reviewed by Sandy S

We ordered this because the one we had was broken after a little use. The ordered one arrived bent and could not be put together. We decided that it was just not of sturdy enough materials to reorder. Returned and got a refund instead.Buy it at Amazon

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