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Product Description

Still iffy about the wild world of composting? We’ve got your back. This bin keeps things odor-free and easy by letting you easily scoop scraps into a bin that you keep in your freezer for less mess (and flies). It’s a mess-free way to keep scraps until you’re ready to take them to your nearest collection center.

Customer Reviews

$1 Alternative – Go to thrift shop. Get plastic bin. Put in freezer. Compost. Repeat. ~ reviewed by R. Harris

There should be a “Straw Man” kitchen items category for things that solve non-existent kitchen problems. If so, I think I have a nomination for top 5.

This bin is without question one of them.

I grabbed a long-forgotten Rubbermaid container (with a tightly fitting lid), pitched it in the freezer, and tried to convince my significant other that $16 for this product was absurd.

Seems nicely made. Not as big as you might think so check the dimensions. But seriously… just TRY a different container for 2 weeks. If it breaks your heart, THEN go ahead and buy this.

Great product, Just dont add onions ~ reviewed by Jeremy

At first, I thought this product was great. It hooked perfectly to my drawer, and made a seamless connection with the countertop allowing me to sweep scraps right in. It fit perfectly in the door of my freezer, and thus kept me from dealing with a stinky mess until I took the time to walk out the compost pile in my backyard.

I added a little warm water to the frozen scrap cube prior to dumping, and it all slid right out.

All was great, until I got a nice tall glass of ice water. The onions in the scrap bin had infiltrated my ice cubes, and my ice all tastes like onion. Is pretty disgusting.

The easy solution is that I simply dont put onions in here. My worms dont seem to like onions that much anyways, so this is no big loss to compositing.

Ripped Silicone Bin Removing Frozen Scraps ~ reviewed by Kate Kohli

Stainless steel wire rim tore the silicone bin while I was removing frozen scraps after third use. Used for awhile after it was damaged but the crack in the silicone was bad enough to leak my kitchen discards into my freezer…ick. When I went back to the Recycle This, Recycle That in Yellow Springs, Ohio to get a return/exchange they no longer carried the “full circle” product line because of many similar issues with many of their products and poor customer service for the venders of their products. Loved the concept…hated the product. Kate

Not what I expected ~ reviewed by S. Lowery

Amazon apparently mixed up several items that were not this item…it’s ok, flexible and holds a couple of days of scraps, but no lid. I solved that by putting a shower cap on the top. I don’t really have room in freezer for something this large.

Great Product ~ reviewed by Kram

It fits perfectly in the side-by-side freezer door. Nothing sticks to it when dumping compost. Great idea!!
We rarely use the hook-on-drawer thing, but it can be removed if you want.

Convenient and easy to clean ~ reviewed by ejb

For me (a single vegetarian), this holds about two days’ worth of compost-worthy scraps. It fits easily in the door of the refrigerator and is easy to clean. The hook doesn’t work on my particular cabinets, but that’s not an issue. Very nice product overall.

Love! ~ reviewed by D. Brown

I would say i prepare a bit less an average amount of vegetables on a weekly basis and it is just me and my boyfriend so it lasts almost a weeks worth before its full. If i have large stuff, like lots of egg shells or something i just take them right now to the compost rather than filling up my little freezer one. I was reserved on buying this because a lot of people said it was small and i am all about making things easy, so the thought of more trips to the compost bin almost diverted me from buying this, but it hasnt been a problem at all.

What i dislike:
-it is a bit small as the other viewers posted, but really, how big of one can you have for the freezer
to not take up a big amount of room in the average freezer.
-it can create odors in the freezer with potent things like onion scraps, etc.
i did not notice tastes/smells transferring to any un-used food in the freezer

What i love:
-no more gnats!! it immediatly took care of my gnat problem.
-no more odor on the counter (except in the freezer sometimes, which only escapes when you open the freezer)
-the hinge on the outside to hang on a drawer to just scrape the scraps from the
counter/cutting board into the bin is an awesome feature.
-the material is a really nice silicon that freezes scraps into a nice block AND it is not a hassle to
get it out either, i just tap this bin on the side of my outdoor compost and it comes out in 1 whole
frozen block
-easy to clean, just rinse out or pop it in the dish washer
-fits perfectly in the freezer door

I would highly recommend. If you are more than a family of a few or vegetarian where you will produce a lot of scraps, and you have the space in your freezer, get more than 1. If you are okay with making extra trips to the outdoor compost and dont want to lose freezer space, 1 has been just fine with me.

love this idea ~ reviewed by ninjapoo

i was skeptical because there is no lid at first but it turns out that this is a great idea. doesn’t take up any counter space, looks nice & clean and works perfectly. I love tossing my compost cube away rather than a bunch of sloppy wet stinky mess. suprisingly it holds quite a bit although i had wished it were bigger; however the shape and size would nicely fit into a door shelf. great concept

Great Idea! ~ reviewed by scwheeler

What a genius idea this is. I looked and looked for the right scrap bin. I love that it doesn’t take up precious counter space. You can freeze it and it comes out easily. This is great when the gnats are bad. No matter how hard you try those little bugs will find their way into all scrap bins. The only thing that is just a bit of a negative is the size, it is a tad small, but if it were deeper or much bigger it would get in the way of cabinets and you most likely. There are some days I just have to walk to the compost bin more than once when I am doing a lot of cooking, but if you use all of your vegetable scraps, you won’t have much to throw out anyways. I am so glad I chose this one. I am very happy with it.

awesome little container ~ reviewed by anonymous

This is great, its big enough to hold a decent amount of scraps and small enough to place on the back of the sink. the hook for hanging on a drawer or cabinet is awesome and makes this thing so versatile and functional.Buy it at Amazon

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