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Product Description

THE GARDENER’S FRIEND FOLDING PRUNING D-SAW MAKES PRUNING BRANCHES LIKE CUTTING BUTTER! This Innovative, Ergonomically Designed Pruning Saw Makes Pruning Much Easier For People With Hand Mobility Issues! When I first became aware of my increasing hand weakness I began to search the world for great products to make my life easier. I run a large tree nursery growing over 30,000 trees and pruning is an everyday part of life! So we need great tools! We first developed “The Gardener’s Friend 3-stage Ratchet Pruners” which has changed my life! (just copy this into the Amazon Search bar above). With both arthritis and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome I can prune now without painful nights. True Story! Then we developed the Gardener’s Friend Ratchet Mini-Loppers which are a bit more rugged, two handed tool with telescoping handles allowing larger cuts. But we still needed a great hand pruning saw for those larger cuts, one I could carry around in my pocket. Voila ‘The Gardener’s Friend Folding Pruning D-Saw was born! These were the benefits we needed: • Ergonomic pruning saw with lightweight but strong construction. • A prune saw blade that will easily cut 6″ limbs • Folding action with safety locking on and off. • A saw we can use for work, camping or backpacking What Makes This Product Special Is That People With Reduced Hand Function Can Use It With Ease! You won’t find a better hand saw for the money anywhere! Why not buy several and give them as gifts to your friends and family. Click the “Add to Cart” Button at the Top of This Page to buy now! Our Guarantee: If you are not satisfied, return them for a full refund!

Customer Reviews

Handy Saw To Have! ~ reviewed by natosha miller

The Gardener’s Friend – Folding Saw ~ reviewed by Dave

The Gardener’s Friend is aimed at designing garden tools for those that may have problems using regular tools such as arthritis or carpal tunnel but who still want to be active tending to their garden. This folding pruning saw is a perfect example of this. It is very lightweight but very sturdy and usable at the same time.

The 6” blade itself folds into and out of the handle and locks into place with button on the top of the saw. The teeth are very sharp and I had no problems cutting small branches. With some other saws, I’ve noticed that the blade will wobble or bend slightly but there were no issues with this one. And if the blade ever gets worn out or breaks, it can easily be replaced. The handle is coated in a soft rubber like material and I did not feel any slippage or pain when using the saw.

Overall, this is a great product by the Gardener’s Friend. It saws through small to medium sized branches without any more effort than is necessary due to its smart, lightweight design.

Highly recommended, 5/5 stars.

This product was provided for my honest and unbiased review.

Handy Little Saw! ~ reviewed by Bargnhtress

This is a handy little saw. It has a million uses around our property. I can cut small branches myself instead of having to wait for my husband to do it. It folds up so it is easy to store. It is also much safer than a regular saw in that way. It has a nice sharp blade and can saw through branches as fast as a regular saw. I can keep it in the house and grab it when I see a branch I want to saw off instead of having to go to the tool shed and bring out a big saw. It is easy to hold and grip. It locks into place while sawing and for storage. Overall, it is a great tool and you will find many uses for it. I received a discounted product in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Gardening Basket Gift ~ reviewed by LL

Product received at a discount in exchange for my honest review. I am adding this to a grand “Spring is Coming” gardening basket for a good friend who loves to garden and recently inherited some overgrown but promising land. I really appreciated red handles in the garden, as I have lost my fair share of green handles one. (Who would make green handles garden tools?)

Small but Sturdy Saw ~ reviewed by Sam K

This is a nice addition to my gardening tools collection. Whenever there is a minor pruning need this comes to the rescue. It is easy to carry, folds up for storage and carrying and handles small and simple pruning work easily. Needed it to cut through some roots on a plant that I wanted to remove from a pot. It was just the right size and easily did the cutting. I love the fact that it folds up and is easily stored with no dangerous blade exposed. Very convenient and economical little saw that can be carried everywhere. It works exactly as I had hoped when I ordered this.

Nice little Folding Saw ~ reviewed by Brandon A. Moran

Nice little folding saw that works great for all the branches and limbs that shears won’t cut through. We have several bushes in front of our house and some overhanging trees that are nearly over the roof. This works great for pruning them back. It folds up away nice with a handy locking mechanism for safety and convenient storage. The only reason I am giving it 4/5 stars is the teeth are blackened…..perhaps scorch marks from the manufacturing process? It doesn’t effect the performance of the saw any, but it isn’t pretty either.

Perfect Pruning Saw ~ reviewed by ~~~~Just Brie ~~~~

If I could give these more than 5 stars, I really would. These are perfect for all the outdoor projects where I need to cut hard to prune branches and limbs. This Pruning saw is super light and so easy to use. It will cut through even some of the toughest projects, and so far it has managed to cut through things that I have previously had to use a hacksaw for, so that makes it a must have product in my book. It is also great for even small projects that you have. Highly recommend

Sticks and slips easily. Got dull after third use ~ reviewed by KJF

Does not do well on branches over 1 inch diameter. Sticks and slips easily. Got dull after third use. Slips and cuts user easily.

Great for small trees! Fits great in toolbox ~ reviewed by RI-FL Reviews

So let me tell you this was a nice fit in my tool box. It really is light weight and cuts really well. We ordered this and a couple pairs of shears so that we could finish our fall cleanup this year and we were glad we did. I was using this to really cut down some of the small shrub”trees” that were left after the summer. These things just sprout up every year and need to be cut down. Let me tell you much easier with this.

I received this product for purpose of this unbiased review and quality assurance.

Strong Little Hand Saw ~ reviewed by AGDG

I gave this to my husband as an early Christmas present. We have many trees & bushes on our property that need trimming, so this will come in handy. We are hoping to plant some fruit trees soon, so it may be useful for them as well. The saw seems well made & sturdy. As long as it is used properly & not left out in the rain, I think it will be great for our needs for a long time. I purchased this product at a discount during a promotion for testing & review. This is my honest opinion.Buy it at Amazon

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