Folding Garden Cart – 35in.L x 21 1/2in.W, 150-Lb. Capacity Reviews

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3.0 out of 5 stars based on 11 customer reviews

Product Description

This collapsible garden cart opens to 35in.L x 21 1/2in.W x 24 3/8in.H, with a steel frame and 600D polyester tray. Conveniently folds for storage. Load Capacity (lbs.): 150, Tub Material: Polyester, Dimensions L x W x H (in.): 35 x 21 1/2 x 24 3/8, Frame Material: Steel

Customer Reviews

Junk! ~ reviewed by JamieB

I ordered this garden cart from Northern tool and was more disappointed than I have been with any other Amazon purchase in the last three years. First, the cart was essentially destroyed in transit, and arrived with the external packaging shredded, and with the cart dented, bent, torn and unusable. There was a horrible burning rubber smell from the cart’s tires that was so bad it had to be placed outside – even in the garage it was stinking up the house. This cart is so heavy that it is difficult to lift or mo0ve even when empty. Finally, the wheels are attached to the frame by cheap and inadequate mounts so that the cart cannot be pulled in a straight line, and tips over. Amazon – take this off your site!

P.O.S. ~ reviewed by Dom NePlumme

I ordered this to carry party supplies into Prospect Park for my son’s 4th birthday party. Cumbersome stuff, but not terribly heavy, and definitely not near the 150 lb max stated in the product description.

By the time we were packing up after the day, one of the wheels was bending. It broke off about a week later when we were carting laundry (again, no where near the 150 lb max).

This product was truly poorly designed–the back wheels especially, not designed to carry any significant weight over any moderately bumpy terrain (Prospect Park is most definitely not difficult terrain!); which is why the title of this review: “Piece Of <<Junk>>”.

Horrible Smell! ~ reviewed by Dahlia Ziffra

The box was filthy and the cart smelled like an ashtray. I couldn’t even keep it in my garage because the smell was so bad.

If I could rate with a negative I would ~ reviewed by Melinda Brighenti

DO NOT BUy!!! This cart is aweful. The cart is heavy, did not fold and poorly designed. I had to struggle to get out of the box which should have been my first clue. Finally out of the box I never could get it to fold up. After finally being able to fold up by pulling on the side frame it was like doing origami to get the handle down and put everything into place. Worst of all it cost $16 to return. I ended up purchasing a cart from K-Mart that is 100 times better.

Not Happy ~ reviewed by Donna R. Geney

It had a broken part that they assured me they would replace. Never Did.
After years of trying they now ignore me

Get it at Sam’s! ~ reviewed by Jeneine

I bought this same cart at Sam’s for $54. It didn’t stink and it comes with a one year warranty. I didn’t give it 5 stars because it is difficult to pull in a straight line, but my back is no longer being messed up from carrying heavy objects.

Cheesy toy! ~ reviewed by Joan Church

It came with a bent corner and a wheel has already come off.
I paid too much for was a gift.

Good cart, not very sturdy ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

I’ve used mine quite a bit and the wheels show it. The thing is not very sturdy but for the price I paid, it’s about what can be expected. The wheels are too small for anything rougher than a dirt path and the front ones do not track very well and seem ready to fold. Just make sure this cart fits your needs.

Little red wagon ~ reviewed by Carolyn L. Carlson

This was perfect to carry in my trunk for transporting groceries and other shopping from the parking lot into my apartment.

folding garden cart ~ reviewed by Cheryl Adams

It’s nice that this cart folds up but it’s a little hard figuring it out each time. Not too sturdy at times.Buy it at Amazon

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