Flexrake Scissors Model Rake & Spade with Metal Handle Reviews

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4.5 out of 5 stars based on 16 customer reviews

Product Description

All aluminum construction of the scissors style rake and spade set. Overall length is 36”.

Customer Reviews

Flexrake scissors metal pooper scooper ~ reviewed by Beverlee S. Gordon

I enjoy this type of scooper better than the 2 piece shovel scoopers because I like to fling the poop over the fence(into the woods) and find I can achieve this task better with this type of scooper. The ones with the wooden handles don`t weather as well in the elements and tend to break.

Pooper Scooper ~ reviewed by katrainor@aol.com

Thank goodness Amazon carried this type of Scooper!
My old one finally gave out.
There is no better product on the market that is as
durable and back saving for an older person.
Love it!

Great. ~ reviewed by Erin Velazquez-Gonzalez

This item worked and served its purpose especially when I was pregnant. I have had it for about 2yrs and now it is starting to bend and isn’t picking up well. After years of so many uses it is time for a new.

Perfect! ~ reviewed by Kelly Miriani

Just what I wanted, makes the “chore” so much easier!! Sturdy and the fact that the two parts stay together like a scissors is so convenient!!

Flexrake Scissors model ~ reviewed by 1273

I have had one of these scooper pooper rakes for many years and it has been one of the best and durable rakes I have owned. The old rake that is about 12 years old is still in good shape. I decided to buy I new rake just in case the old one finally goes broke. I have used this rake for picking up pine straw, mounds of grass clippings, sticks, and various other items on the ground. I can easly pick those items up, drop them in the recycle container or trash container. Saves a lot on the ol’ back. Most versatile picker upper I have ever used. Outstanding more ways than one. Great multi-tasking rake and very well made.

Best Doggie Pooper-Scooper ~ reviewed by Kathryn L. Mcqueen

I have looked everywhere for another one of these, and finally found one. I’m so grateful, and I will take MUCH better care of it. Just the right size, both pieces attached scissor-like are just perfect to my way of thinking.

The BEST poop scooper money can buy! ~ reviewed by M. Asper

I purchased one of these locally, several years ago & it’s still working today. It’s weatherproof, sturdy & is easy to get the job done. Neadless to say, when I found this item on Amazon, I had to get another.

pooper scooper ~ reviewed by Susan Trimmer-Koca

Great idea, works very well, but metal bends easily prohibiting use until repaired. Needs to be made of stronger metal

Useless! ~ reviewed by Tim

It is cheap. Flimsy and doesn’t close properally. It does pickup anything. I have it! Do not get! Waste of money…

Good Scooper ~ reviewed by L.G.

I like this scoop, it handles well,and poop stays in shovels. I cover shovels with poop bags to keep them clean.Buy it at Amazon

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