Flexrake Poop Pet Scoop/Rake with 4-Feet Aluminum Handle, Large Reviews

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Product Description

All aluminum 2-Piece scoop set includes 10-Inch scoop pan and rake, 48-Inch aluminum handles with non-slip grip.

Customer Reviews

Works pretty well, a bit of an ergo challenge. ~ reviewed by K. Jacobs

I got this after getting tired of breaking the plastic “claw” type pooper scoopers. I went with the 4 foot handles as I didn’t want to be stooping.

I should have probably gotten the 3′ handle one for a few $ less. I’m 5’8″, and turns out that the 4′ handles are just a bit too long to hold comfortably…I find myself gripping the tools about a foot down from the end of the handle, instead of on the rubber.

I would have liked if the scoop handle had a bit of an angle to it. Because you need the scoop to be flat on the ground, but rake at an angle, it means you have to have one arm way out holding the scoop flat while raking at an angle with the rake….looks weird and is a bit uncomfortable. Having the scoop handle come off the scoop at ~30 degrees would have been nice.

The scoop handle also attaches to the scoop with a single sheet metal screw that screws into the handle metal. The handle metal is quite thin, and the sheet metal screw keeps coming loose. I can see the need to modify this with a bolt or two, or some rivets, in the near future.

The rake tines were not even with each other. It’s tough to describe, but if you imagine laying the rake down on a concrete surface, tines down, the tines on either side would touch the concrete, but as you moved towards the center the tines would not touch…..in profile the tines form a curve. This isn’t useful, as the scoop is flat, so trying to rake with a curved rake into a flat scoop means that some tines grab the bottom of the scoop, then spring free. Unfortunately, since you are scooping dog poop, when the tines fling free they can send some….er….debris, flying directly at your pants. A few minutes of stepping on the rake tines to adjust their bend fixed this issue.

Once I worked out how to hold it, and bent the rake tines to be flat instead of in a curved profile, this definitely does the job well, and is eons better than the plastic scoop.

Flexrake Poop Pet Scoop/Rake ~ reviewed by Neil or Sharon Ullman

The rake isn’t made for everyone. The scoop is great. I found the rake to be a little irritating when it flips the poop over and past the back of the scooper, I prefer the solid scraper over the rake. I only wish to rake it once not twice. I do like the design of the set as long as the puppies don’t chew it, they have taught me to put it out of their reach!

solid construction, high capacity ~ reviewed by J. Matt Landrum

Certainly an unpleasant job which makes having a high quality product even more important. I had one of these for over 5 years before the handle broke. I immediately replaced it with another just like it. It’s the only thing with the sturdiness and capacity to keep up with my two labs.

Pet scoop ~ reviewed by TRH

Big enough to clean the yard up after 3 dogs which is nice, but make sure you know how long 4 feet is. They are long and not a problem for someone who is 6 foot but if you are any shorter then that they will be extremely hard to handle.

Falling Apart ~ reviewed by D. Robinson

After only having this Rake for 3mos. the rivets are coming out. It is used everyday, and cost It cost me $37.00 I thought I was getting a good one. Back to the $16 rakes.

WOW LONG HANDLE ~ reviewed by Bess Ebee

Yea, it’s much longer than I expected almost too long. Great to keep from bending over when working in large yard. Heavy duty. Worth every penny

Excellent product! ~ reviewed by Cory Mincey

Works great for the job it’s intended for. Would highly recommend if you have larger pets or a larger mess to clean, get this rake!

Flex Poop Pet Scoop/Rake with 4ft Handles -Great Product ~ reviewed by Jimmer

I really like the long handles. I don’t have to bend over. It’s worth the money. I would definitely recommend this product.

if you have to scoop you need this ~ reviewed by Randi L.

i have 5 dogs and this is wonderful. no more bending over. works great in the grass
wish I knew about it sooner

Extra length is not an advantage ~ reviewed by judith

You still have to lean over and grab father down where the sorter ones would be anyway to get any leverageBuy it at Amazon

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