Flexrake CFP18 18-Inch Bamboo Rake with 48-Inch Wood Handle Reviews

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Product Description

Traditional gardeners prefer the simple organic nature of bamboo. This Bamboo shrub rake has a 48-Inch wood handle and 18-Inch bamboo head.

Customer Reviews

Yes, I’m persnickety! ~ reviewed by Robert M. Atherton

Do you hate the “fingernails on a blackboard” sound of a metal leaf rake on the driveway? Well, it drives me up the wall!

The answer is retro: The bamboo leaf rake! Light and available in wider widths than the steel rake, so you get back to the game sooner.

I can’t find them at the big hardware stores or the small ones, either. The answer, of course, is Amazon! And they arrive at your door!

OK for Light Duty ~ reviewed by R. Schaff

The handle broke on first use. I was moving a big pile of dry leaves, but it wasn’t that heavy. Still, the type of handle on this rake (soft wood that is painted a cream color) is not as durable as others I have. Others show a wood grain through the finish and are painted red or orange at the rake end. I save these after I wear the rest of the rake out and used one to replace the broken handle on this one. I have had other tools with the cream colored type of handle and the result is eventually the same – the handle breaks if subject to heavy use.

Also, note that the size of the rake is 16 inches measured from tip to tip directly across the tines. That’s how the size is measured on other rakes. It does measure 18 inches around the bow of the tines. The tine width is also narrower than others and the tine length is shorter.

So I think it’s ok for light duty, but for hard duty would look elsewhere. The 18 (really 16) inch width also turned out to be smaller than what I wanted, so I replaced it with a Bond 848 24-Inch Deluxe Bamboo Lawn Rake and am satisfied with that. I’m keeping the repaired 18″ for light duty work.

Bamboo Rake With Close-Together Tines ~ reviewed by James D. Corey

I have a couple of dogs whose mission in life is to find a piece of paper and tear it up into little pieces. I use this to rake the pieces together on the carpet for easier pickup. I bought two, and one had a bent tine. It still works, but I would have thought that whoever at Amazon packed it would have noticed it was defective.

Perfect for my friend. ~ reviewed by Susan V.

I bought this smallish rake for my dear 92 year old friend who works in her yard daily. She had worn out two previous larger rakes and was trying to use one that just couldn’t cut it. I was thrilled to find a large assortment of the bamboo rakes on Amazon. She chose the smaller width because she is a smaller lady of about 100 lbs. She is enjoying it so much and, believe me, you have made a sweet lady very happy, as she makes everyone who knows her. Thank you so much.

Great Rake! ~ reviewed by Dorothy Kight

I wanted a light-weight rake that I could use with one arm, if need be, because I have tendonitis in my left arm. I specifically needed to crawl under my deck (about 3 feet above ground) to clean out old leaves from last fall. This rake was perfect! It was light enough to use with one arm and the bend at the ends of the tines at nearly 90 degrees really grabbed the leaves. Also, it does a great job when used with two hands.

Flexrake 18 inch Bamboo Rake ~ reviewed by R. Billings

I ordered this rake for it’s light weight and ease of use and was disappointed when it arrived with a bent lower horizontal wire which held the times together. I called Amazon and they sent me a return pick up and was credited upon it’s return. All in all a very good customer service experience.

Best thatch remover for lawn. ~ reviewed by QOGI

Best rake for removing thatch from the lawn. Never had so much success in reducing thatch and improving my lawn without getting around to reseeding it, Highly recommended.

Seems good ~ reviewed by C. Waheed

Not exactly what I expected as far as construction, but has worked so far and seems like a nice rake. Not sure about long-term durability though.

Saves on gasoline. ~ reviewed by Larry Seigworth

I have looked all over for an eighteen nick bamboo rake but could not find locally without driving everywhere. Thanks

Pretty nice rake ~ reviewed by shopper

Bought this for 5 year old grandson, but could also be used for adult female. Pretty nice rake.Buy it at Amazon

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