Fiskars Uproot Weed and Root Remover Reviews

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Product Description

Our UpRoot Weed and Root Remover makes it easy to remove invasive plants from your lawn without kneeling, bending over or using harsh, costly herbicide. It features four serrated, stainless-steel claws that grab weeds by the root for clean removal, plus an easy-eject mechanism on the handle that clears the head between uses. The durable aluminum handle is extra-long to help you reach every weed without kneeling or straining your back by bending.

A Smarter Way to Weed

Fiskars’ stand-up weeder makes it easy to remove invasive plants from your lawn without kneeling, bending over, or using harsh, costly herbicide. Serrated, stainless-steel claws penetrate tough soil to grab weeds by the root for clean removal, and an easy-eject mechanism on the handle clears the head between uses. An extra-long handle helps you reach every weed without sore knees from kneeling or back strain from bending.

  • Ideal for removing dandelions, thistles, and other invasive weeds without sore knees from kneeling, back strain from bending, or harsh, costly herbicide
  • Serrated, stainless-steel claws firmly grab weeds and roots for clean removal
  • Foot platform makes it easy to step down and maximize force to penetrate tough soil
  • Easy-eject mechanism on the handle clears tool without forcing you to bend over and remove it by hand
  • Long handle makes weeding easy for anyone who has trouble kneeling or bending

Weeder Align claws over weed.
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Customer Reviews

Worth every penny ~ reviewed by Barbara B.

I never thought I’d pay $30 for a weed puller but, having tried a few cheaper types of weeding tools, I figured I had to do something. Frankly, I was so skeptical that I didn’t throw the box out or even remove the attached instruction card — so convinced was I that I would be returning it.

Well, I have been using it for the last couple of days and I am so pleased with it I’ve just ordered another one (so my spouse can get out there and pull those *$@#*(&@#_ weeds too!).

Okay, I can’t say that I had FUN exactly, but I have to admit I was almost happy to find another dandelion or thistle just for the sheer joy of pulling it up without the slightest effort. It successfully yanked up large-rooted weeds in my lawn area, in a bare soil area and in a section covered in wood chips (although the wood chips proved harder to remove from the tines).

You have to position the tool carefully over the center of the weed (although if don’t, it’s no big deal, you just give it another shot). And yes, it doesn’t pull up the entire tap root (you’d need three sticks of dynomite to do that) but it gets up enough of the root mass that it’s doubtful the darned thing will grow again.

I highly recommend this tool and I feel that, despite its high initial cost, it can definitely save money on less effective tools or — heaven forbid — chemical herbicides!

CAUTION: Spearfishing for Crabgrass Can Become Addictive ~ reviewed by Amazon Enthusiast

This is a fantastic labor-saver; if you have weeds that need to go, this is your answer.

I hesitated to buy it, reading through the reviews here, because my primary weed-of-choice is a HORRENDOUS infestation of crab grass (or crabgrass, depending on your spelling preference) and the reviews were mixed–2/3 said it worked on crab grass, 1/3 said it didn’t.

IT WORKS. And easily.

Last summer, I spent several afternoons in 112 degree Texas heat, on my hands and knees, cutting crab grass out of our St. Augustine yard. Blistered hands. Tired back. Sunburn. Bug bites. About 35 plants removed after about 5 hours of really, really hot, hard work.

We’d tried killing it with weedkiller that said “safe for St Augustine”–it wasn’t. Huge swaths of the St Augustine died after spraying the crab grass, which just seemed to get bigger. So, after talking to a horticulturist, we tried heavy acid vinegar. No go: “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.”

Finally, my husband, in a fit of frustration, said he was going to kill it all with Round-Up and we’d re-seed the yard if we had to. So in September, he sprayed. The crab grass looked like it died. The St Augustine DID die. And this Spring–behold the miracle–green crab grass. A yard FULL of healthy, green crab grass and yellowed, dead St. Augustine. And two new puppies, which meant that re-seeding the lawn was OUT for this year. The only answer was to hand-extract the crab grass and pray that some random strands of St Augustine had survived the nuclear option.

So, I found this upright weeder on Amazon, bought it, and was AMAZED that it truly worked and was EASY. No more back-breaking labor; no more blistered palms. And I’m quickly making a dent in the crab grass infestation. I’ve only had this for 2 weeks and have only used it for about 3 hours total, and we’ve disposed of 5 WHEELBARROWS full of crab grass so far. Plus some fuzzy cabbage-like weed and other odd weeds.

Some hints:

1. Don’t try to use this on dry, hard ground. It’s easiest after a good rain or the day after you’ve run your sprinkler system.
2. Aim the center of the four “blades” at the center of your plant (for crab grass, you’ll quickly learn there’s less pigmentation at the center of the plant, where its “limbs” intersect–in no time, you’ll develop a “feel” for this).
3. I’ve found it works best to insert this at a slight angle (about 30 degrees, rather than straight down), then gently tamp the black “heel” of the tool completely into the ground. Use the leverage of the “heel” to extract the weed from the ground.
4. Carry a bucketful of sand or topsoil with you, with a small garden shovel & fill the little “gopher holes” this tool makes. I extract about 8 weeds, then fill 8 holes. It’s quicker than it sounds, but in our case, a necessity, lest the puppies learn that we’re all REALLY, really into digging up the yard. You really will have to fill the divots this tool leaves behind. But in my opinion, it’s worth it to get the crab grass root balls OUT. Permanently.
5. This model has a great feature: it “ejects” the weed after you’ve pulled it, using a little sliding bar on the handle. You get the great auditory reward of a ca-ching that sounds something like loading a rifle. Just the right motivator to go after more crab grass. I’ve Gotcha now! (Kinda makes you feel like you’re channeling Carl from Caddyshack).

This tool is REALLY easy to use, light in weight, and does the job. I’ve been very impressed with the fact that I can truly stand comfortably and successfully weed the yard.

I’ve heard that if we can ever establish some healthy St Augustine, it will more or less keep itself weed-free–the best joke of all, I’ve just learned that St Augustine is a close relative of crab grass, which is why no chemical weedkiller will really kill crab grass and leave St Augustine unscathed. Who knew?

Good luck with your weeding; buy one of these & you’ll amaze yourself at the speed and ease of your Springtime weeding tasks–I’m really glad I bought this (and so have 2 of my neighbors, once they tried mine). Highly recommended!

Loved it! until it snapped after 30 minutes. ~ reviewed by MR G P TUPPER

It was great – I loved it! for 30 minutes.
In those 30 minutes I filled a wheelbarrow with recalcitrant weeds. And then it snapped.

The plastic at the bottom, where it sheaths over the metal, cracked. I wish it were sturdier, but I’m shipping the broken parts back to amazon.

Only weeder that worked on our big daddy weeds ~ reviewed by Chandler

We have a waaaay-too-big backyard that was graded but not grassed by our builder prior to move-in. We spent time getting the inside exactly how we wanted it then decided to conquer the backyard. It is both fortunate and unfortunate that our lot falls right in the midst of the blackland prarie trail. It’s fortunate because we have amazing plants that bloom there naturally like Buffalo gourds, soft-leaf yucca, gorgeous flowers like bluebonnets, etc…but with such plant life abounding, the weeds came with them. In droves.

So prepping the backyard for the good stuff meant back breaking work. I tried out (via borrowing) several weeders during the height of my weeding (which is still continuing and, as weeding goes, always will.)

The other ones I tried, which seemed to be super popular, got little weeds well, but not-so-much if they weren’t tiny. Or they required me to use a loud drill with the weeder as an attachment (got soooo annoying after 5 min.) and hold the weeder exactly in the right place and “thread” a curly-q bit through the weed or it wouldn’t pull.

I began to think solarization or a drum of vinegar would be easier.

Then we got the Fiskars. **harps and angels sing out**

This didn’t just clip the weeds to allow the roots to grow, or sling ‘em around so the seeds sprouted elsewhere as you pulled, or just pull out the baby weeds. This helped even with the Big Daddy weeds. Plop down on the weed, step on the foot petal and the claws go down in the dirt for you to rip em out WITH the roots when you release it back up. Because the claws continue to hold the weed, you can then deposit them into a wheel barrel or whatever.

I actually read about this weed eater in a garden book as the preferred one and tracked it down.

I think I tried out a total of 5 different weeders to compare.

The only thing that would improve it would be a free lawn boy holding it and doing the work for me. But then I wouldn’t be burning the calories moving my arms in weed slinging either so I guess it’s a win/win all around. (Especially because there is still no bending or stooping anymore and this ejects the weeds very simply. So I’m working in my garden without WORKING so much in my garden.)

Trust me, when they say “everything is bigger in Texas” that includes weeds. We are a good test here in the heart of Austin.

Good until it breaks ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

I got one of these over a year ago. For the first 8 months, it was a joy to use. It is one of the easiest to handle weed pullers I’ve ever owned (I have at least 6 at any one time).

Well, it got a lot of use for the first 5 months. The last of those five months, I noticed that the ‘weed eject’ function wasn’t quite so smooth as before, and it took a light kick on the lever arm to release weeds. Still, it worked.

Winter came and went, and I’ve been plucking weeds like mad for the last month. Today, my Uproot weeder cracked at the base of the nylon surround for one of the 4 metal blades. It does not appear to be a repairable fault.

I don’t know if this is typical or not, but it’s increasingly hard to find these — and Fiskars has a new model out, with only one blade that seems to work fairly well (I have one of these also). It could be that they quietly dropped the model because of a breakage problem.

Great for organic gardeners! ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

Truly an amazing device! ~ reviewed by G. O. Laun

What a fantastic product the Uproot Weeder has turned out to be: a great time and effort saver! It is sturdy, well-designed, and easy to use. Half an hour of work and my back yard is not unlike a touch-and-go alien landing site. We are not talking divots: we are talking holes [apparently huge weeds have huge roots]. But weeds: you are my b****es; I smite you with my Q-38 Explosive Space Modulating Fiskar UpRoot Weeder! My only worry now is criminals falling in the holes without punji sticks and suing me. That and the aliens returning. But holy object of undetermined authenticity is that thing making short-work of these weedy interlopers! Record time and record lack of soreness. Not that I actually keep records of such things. Certainly not quantifiable records. Regardless, definitely the best money I’ve spent on yard maintenance tools.

Amazing Tool, Excellent Warranty ~ reviewed by Rosa M

I read all the reviews and purchased this weeder last fall. Just as reported in the reviews, it works well, is easy to use, and yes, it does make weeding fun. On weeds with single taproots, it is almost magical. My record is a bifurcated root 20″ long. I was extremely pleased with my purchase, and told friends and family about it. Then a bolt holding one of the claws broke away from its housing, so the claws no longer worked. I contacted Fiskars, filed a warranty claim, and they sent me a new one in no time. I’m a happy weeder!

Fiskar 7870 Garden Weeder ~ reviewed by Agape

This is our second Fiskar 7870 Weeder. Every yard needs one.
We have tried other brands. This is the best. Hard to find the model 7870.
The new Fiskar Weeder has only 3 blades for weeds. Fiskar should stay with 4 blades, which the 7870 has.

By the Roots! (Updated 8-10-12) ~ reviewed by SuperTed

This weeder makes the ongoing Dandelion War more of a fair fight. With a little patience and application of steady force, almost ALL of them can be removed with the roots intact! Since that is the goal, this weeder gets a full five stars.

Update – August, 10, 2012
The first one broke, and Amazon replaced it. The second one broke yesterday, and once again the culprit is a plastic piece where the weeder pivots. Our yard is neither rocky nor hard. As a matter of fact, I was pulling weeds after a rain storm, knowing the soft ground would make it much easier. One dandelion put up a bit of a fight – but certainly nothing this weeder hadn’t handled without any trouble previously – and the weeder cracked just like the first one did. Once again, I was left with a four-prong marshmallow roaster in my hand and a lot of snickering dandelions in the yard.

Until Fiskars addresses the weak plastic piece, this weeder is unacceptable. To be fair, it is fantastic… until it breaks.Buy it at Amazon

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