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Product Description

The first time you try Fiskars Power Gear advanced pruner, you’ll be amazed – but it’s not magic, it’s gears. Fiskars patented gear technology multiplies your leverage to give you up to 3.2x More power on every cut. This means you can power through tough stems and branches that you wouldn’t be able to cut with traditional pruners. For easy, comfortable pruning, our pruner also includes a contoured handle with a unique rolling design that fits the shape and natural motion of your hand. Our updated design includes modified gears and an innovative cam mechanism to optimize your cutting power in the middle of the cut where the branch is thickest and you need it most. The result is that every cut is even easier than our original Power Gear cutting tools.

Customer Reviews

Will never go back to my old pruners ~ reviewed by SuburbanHousewifeMN

Sharp and loads of torque! ~ reviewed by Marty Gillis

The Fiskars Brands Power Gear 2 Pruner is a very well thought out and solidly built tool. It’s design is fairly unique and the twisting action gives you much more power with a lot less effort. Out of the box the blade is extremely sharp and was able to handle everything in our yard without bother.

I have some pretty bad arthritis in my hands and was hoping for something I could use that helped me out with my pruning chores. The Fiskars does that and more. It’s like a turbo charged tool with the design giving you extra torque and cutting power when and where you need it. Looks a bit odd at first but you’ll soon get used to that. This tool performs very well and sports a very high build quality.

The only negative I can think of regarding this thing is this: If you have SMALL hands, this might not be the pruner for you. One of my family members who tried using it remarked that their hands were just too small to allow the pruner to open fully in between cutting. That was their only complaint. It is not an issue for myself, but if you do have small hands you might want to consider that.

Overall, a very good tool and priced accordingly!

Very high quality pruners – great for arthritis or repetitive tasks ~ reviewed by Gina B

This is a high quality hand pruner and it could easily last a lifetime with proper blade maintenance. I agree with some of the other reviewers that the rotating handle is a bit strange and takes getting used to, but it does contribute to the power of these blades and makes repetitive cutting easier on your hands and joints. I easy sliced through about 25 Date Palm fronds with these and for anyone that has one of these in their yard, you will know how impressive that is! The stems are hard wood and about 1.5-2″ wide. This pruner made fast work of them and some other stems in my yard including woody stems on an older hibiscus, Chinese Elm branches, and ornamental grasses. I have long fingers/hands but still find that the lock button is a bit of a stretch for me to use in one-handed operation – although this doesn’t stop me from enjoying this hand tool.

A great set of shears, provided your hands are large enough ~ reviewed by Daniel R. Sanderman

These pruners are fun to use — they cut through small twigs with ease. I particularly like the ergonomic function and design. However, there is one problem to consider. My wife has considerably smaller hands than my own and when she tried to use these pruners, she had trouble holding onto them. At their widest extension, they are wider in the hand than a comparable pair of shears with ordinary geometry. I have included a picture below. She found them awkward to hold them, which slowed down the work. However, once in place on the branch, she was able to use them with relative ease. She offered that a person with small hands will likely be slowed down while working in the garden, however, may find it easier to cut branches at a slower clip.

A godsend for right-handed gardeners with pain issues of the hand and wrist ~ reviewed by Evelyn Getchell

These right-handed Fiskars PowerGear pruning shears are a godsend for gardeners like me with pain issues in the hand and wrist!

I suffer with fibromyalgia, arthritis, neuropathy and carpal tunnel syndrome and the first time I used this pruner it wowed me! I am so very pleased to have been offered this Fiskars pruner by Amazon Vine because it makes gardening, which is a meditation for me as well as a favorite hobby, so much less challenging.

Pruning branches and stems up to 3/4 inch is so much easier for me now. And I would have never noticed this tool at my local garden supply stores had I not received it from the Vine because Fiskars are the only garden cutting tools I buy and I haven’t been shopping for any replacements for any of my Fiskars in years – they are built to last and my existing pruners and loppers are over 20 years old and are still as sharp as the day I bought them. If you already own Fiskars you know what I mean. They are truly built to last.

The first thing I noticed with this pruner when I had to remove some branches from one of my oak trees is the rolling action of the handle when I squeezed to make my cuts. The improved cutting power is amazing! I pruned a mountain of branches without ever tiring or being seized by a cramp in my hand. Nothing could have made the job easier or more pleasant for me.

There is a lot more plastic (I think Fiskars refers to this plastic as their trademarked Rugged Duraframe) in the construction of this pruner and that is perhaps why it is more lightweight than my older pruners. Yet they also feel sturdy and with a superior and comfortable grip that allows this ailing lady efficient use without aggravation to the wrists, fingers and thumb. I also delight in the patent-pending power gear design which also adds to the ease of use for me.

The pruner like all Fiskars products is well-made and comes with a full lifetime warranty. I’m sure this pruner will serve me as well and for as many years as my other Fiskars tools. If it doesn’t – well, you will be the first to know.

Wonderful….BUT ONLY IF YOU’RE RIGHT HANDED… ~ reviewed by WB Halper

If you hold these in our right hand and squeeze then shut, the handle that’s under your fingers rotates as your hand closes. It fits the movement of your fingers so perfectly that there’s no sliding of handle against your skin…it’s a simple, but brilliant engineeering innovation. The rotation of the handle is transfered through a gear to close the jaws. It’s simple, brilliant and works beautifully…IF YOU’RE RIGHT HANDED. If you’re not (like me), the rotation of the handle moves in exactly the wrong direction and these become very uncomfortable to use.

Royal Bummer. Five stars if you’re right handed. One star if you’re not. Three seems a good compromise.

New design not that great. ~ reviewed by Bonnie Neal

Sorry folks but my new Fiskars PowerGear 2 is going back to Farm & Fleet. Maybe the other reviewers make a cut, stand there thinking about the next cut and that’s why they haven’t experienced what happens when you are cutting away at brush stems, 3/4″ wide or less and the rotating action of the clippers catches the skin on your right index finger, at the joint. I don’t wear gloves when I am gardening. I move at a resonable pace as I clear wooded area and after just one hour I had to stop working and give my poor right index joint a break. Already sporting a nice purple bruise there from the contant pinching of the rolling part as it closes. My fingers are stiff already, I don’t need more pain especially from a tool that is supposed to be helping me. But them if you must but keep your receipt and the packaging you may need to return them. Unless you have just a few stray 3/4 ” branches that need clipping.

Revised review ~ reviewed by Julie Ann Dawson

Note, Vine requires reviewers to review items within 30 days. This is not always enough time to really discover problems with a product. While I used the pruners for some light use before writing the review below, I didn’t have a chance to really put them to the test until this weekend.

Original review:
I started gardening seriously last year and was thrilled to see this available in Vine. This is a well-constructed pruner with an easy to use safety lock and powerful, non-sticking blades. The handle design offers incredible comfort without losing pruning power…if you are right handed. The lower portion of the handle is set on a gear that partially rotates to alleviate stress on the hand. The problem is that the handle’s movement is specific to the right hand. When trying to use the pruner in the left hand, the movement is awkward. Most of us lefties are accustomed to having to adapt to right-handed tools. But the unique design of the handle just doesn’t work for lefties.

Revised review:
This weekend, I spent several hours using the pruners. Unfortunately, they do not hold up to sustained, heavy use. I was using these to prune back blueberry bushes that I had just planted and cut back some thin branches (1/4″ diameter) on a flowering tree and bushes in the front yard. By the end of use, the sheers would not close properly to cut without wiggling the handle.

Revised decision: pruners are fine for occasional light pruning, but serious gardeners that need a trustworthy pruner for more intensive work may be disappointed.

Powerful pruners ~ reviewed by Dave Edmiston

First I should vent about a quirk that happened to me. I opened the Amazon package and these pruners fell out. The product package came open during shipping and these pruners were roaming freely, blades open. That was a surprise, but it wasn’t any big deal.

Having said that, these things are incredible. They have a big set of blades for cutting. The handles are large enough to hold well and long enough for good leverage. What’s unique about these clippers is that the bottom handle rotates and rolls in your palm as you close/open them. This helps to prevent blisters, because instead of the handle sliding across your fingers as you open and close them, the handle actually rolls across your fingers. It actually feels pretty good. If you’re doing a lot of pruning though, you should still wear gardening gloves.

There is a good safety switch to hold the blades closed when you’re not using them. It’s pretty sturdy, but evidently it isn’t strong enough to hold them closed during shipping. :)

These are great pruners. My wife has had a pair of these for about three years now and she just loves them. She’s even happier that we have a second pair. “Good, now you can help me prune back my roses.” Darnit.

Brilliant Engineering! Cutting is Easy. Amazing and Seamless!! ~ reviewed by Amber FLYNN

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