Fiskars Fiber Composite Soil Scoop (7068)(2Pack) Reviews

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Product Description

This Fiskars Nyglass soil scoop is everything such a utilitarian tool should be: remarkably light, incredibly strong, and remarkably affordable. Made of Nyglass nylon/fiberglass composite, it¿s lighter than comparable metal models ¿ yet it won¿t crack or bend during even the most enthusiastic gardening sessions. Won¿t rust either, and the one-piece construction means the handle will always stay securely attached to the scoop. Generously sized for lots of earth-moving ability, with an easy-to-grasp, slightly oversized handle with convenient hanging hole. Plus, Fiskars lifetime warranty of reliable, no-hassle performance.

Customer Reviews

Birdseed ~ reviewed by C. G. King

This dandy scoop fills a need for me that has nothing to do with gardening, although I can see that it would be great for filling small pots. I was interested by another reviewer’s comment that the scoop was smaller than expected and I’ve had a devil of a time finding something to scoop bird seed into a particular tube feeder without scattering it all over the place so I decided to give it a try. This is perfect. It is no bigger around than a standard sized soup can although the scoop part is somewhat taller. Because of the rounded shape it holds a good amount of seed and deposits it into the tube of the feeder quite effectively. I need several scoops to fill the feeder, but the seed goes reliably into the feeder and not all over the ground.

One of my feeders is constructed so that I can use a canning funnel for filling, and another is bigger around so a regular scoop works fine, but this one has defied efficient filling. Although I tried the bird store scoop that has a lever to open so the feed will funnel down the hollow handle into a narrow tube feeder, I found the larger sunflower seeds often created a log jam over the small opening and stopped the flow and even at best, the process was tedious and slow so I’ve been searching for a scoop that was smaller around than normal but had a decent capacity. This one really fills the bill.

All my plant containers are large enough that a bigger scoop is more useful, but this would be good for smaller pots for say, kitchen herbs, as it’s only about 3.5″ across. I can also see it would be handy to scoop and fill my small dog’s dish with kibble from its storage bucket, so I may purchase a second one for that purpose. The handle on this scoop, at 5.5″ is long enough for even a large gloved hand to hold and maneuver easily, and a slight depression in just the right spot to use as a thumb pad helps with leverage. The whole thing is the same sturdy plastic and won’t mind being left out in the weather, plus will rinse clean easily.

Bottom line: This scoop’s narrow mouth fills some unexpected needs really well, but if you want to fill large gardening containers you may want to look for something bigger.

Very well made, and works great ~ reviewed by Dr. Wally M. Viray

I bought this to scoop Miracle-gro garden soil on garden. It can hold more soil than my trowel and it has become my new favorite tool.

gardener’s helper ~ reviewed by L. Morrett

I bought this because I needed to spend a little more to get free shipping but I have to admit this scoop is one of my favorite tools for the garden. Whether I need to scoop out compost or mulch for the garden or just spread it around my plants this is just the ticket. I plan on ordering more because my husband keeps borrowing it from me.

Sturdy. ~ reviewed by RoyBlaze

A very sturdy scoop. I have had metal scoops corrode and plastic scoops crack, this one handles it all. This is an excellent size for potting plants and I recommend it highly. I only wish they would make a bigger size for larger tasks.

Soil Scoop is an All-Purpose Scoop for me. Fine Product. ~ reviewed by Bold Consumer

The Fiskars Composite Soil Scoop works great. It’s well made. I’m pleased with it. I’ve used it in the garden, the greenhouse, and now I’m using it as a dog-food scoop, not all at the same time, of course!

Notice the way it’s designed, so you can scoop the material out and move it without spilling as much.

This is a good, well-made, economical soil scoop. I recommend it.

Nice Scoop, but smaller than expected ~ reviewed by J. Hanson

I have a fiskars hand shovel, but what I really wanted was a larger soil scoop with more capacity, this isn’t it. It was smaller than I expected. It’s very well made, I do like this material for hand tools (lighter), and if you do not already have something to transfer soil for smaller job I recommend this scoop. I can transfer more soil with my hand shovel so this one hasn’t seen much use at all.

best soil scoop ~ reviewed by edrive24

this is the best soil scoop i’ve had, its light weight and feels good in the hands a realy good buy at just five dollars.

Great gardening scoop for smaller projects. ~ reviewed by Retired Navy Guy

This is great scoop for general gardening use such as making your own soil mixtures as I do. (I use homemade compost, vermiculite, peat moss and decomposed granite sand plus recycled potting soil, added Epson salt, iron and powdered sulfur to get right pH for specific plants. ) It is perfect sized for mixing up to about 3-5 gallons of soil mixture and pots of up to about 1 to 1.5 gal capacity. For larger mixtures and large containers/pots a larger scoop is definitely better. Something like an large cast aluminum scoop — example: Winco 12 oz Aluminum Scoop these come in several sizes 12 oz to 85 oz. the 58 and 85 oz ones are truly MASSIVE!!! I like the 24 oz for gardening use.

This Fiskars scoop is well made and sturdy enough for all but very hard packed soil work. Best of all, being a composite material I never have to worry about it ever rusting! Yes, I do sometimes leave scoop in soil mix or forget and leave it out in work area area of garden & don’t clean right away.

Recommend highly for uses I have listed above.

Great Tool ~ reviewed by Raymond M. Shigeta

This tool makes my gardening work a little easier because I can move more dirt with the same effort as I’ve been using with my standard garden scoop. I also appreciate the fact that this tool will not rust as all my regular steel trowels are doing.

Useful ~ reviewed by Paul F. Lutton

Handy tool as a scoop, used to distribute bird seed for which it seems perfect.Buy it at Amazon

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