Fiskars Ergo Scratch Trowel Garden Tool (7022) Reviews

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Product Description

Designed for easy use and lasting durability, our Ergo Trowel features a special handle design that reduces hand and wrist fatigue. The cast-aluminum head resists rust and won’t snap off while you’re digging, no matter how tough your soil is. Additionally, the handle features a hang hole for convenient storage.

Customer Reviews

Blister maker ~ reviewed by Auskan

I had a trowel I loved, for about 10 years. Sadly, a few weeks ago I left it on the hood of my truck, forgot it was there, and as soon as I got up to speed it flew off, was driven over by a semi-trailer that was behind me and all I found were the pieces. I went looking for the same model but of course it is no longer sold anywhere so I had to find something else. I looked on Amazon, reading the reviews on multiple trowels before deciding on the Fiskars Ergo Scratch Trowel, which came with high ratings and good reviews.

Unfortunately, my experience is that the hole they put in the end of the handle in order to hang it somewhere, it just exactly in the wrong place. My palm inevitably ends up over this hole when I am trying to dig a particularly stubborn root or hard piece of ground (don’t ask me how – it just does) and within minutes of first use, I had a blister on my hand.

I now find I have to be very careful to always wear my gardening gloves before picking up this tool and even with them, my palm often feels tender after a weeding session. I also have a weeding tool, so I use it more often now and save this trowel for digging a hole to plant my seedlings. Even with limited usage and wearing gloves, it is never comfortable to hold and use, so I simply cannot recommend it.

My old trowel did not have an ergonomic handle – it was a cheap piece of plastic. But somehow it fit my hand far better than this rather more expensive “ergonomic” tool.

OK, but has 2 fatal flaws. ~ reviewed by jmelkerson

Good trowel for light duty use but there are two big problems. First, the hole in the handle us in a terrible location. When pushing hard to bust sod or hard soil the hole is very uncomfortable. Second, over time, the rubber starts to peel off of the handle and gets uncomfortable. I am currently looking for a replacement.

Sturdy ~ reviewed by Silly Goose

Went to Home Depot and they had 2 options. I bought the cheaper one and it broke in 10 minutes. Not even a product they should have had in stock.

Searched through most of the trowels on Amazon and this seemed to be the best for the price. Upon receiving it, I found that it was very sturdy and comfortable to use. Ended up putting it through a lot of strain and only differences are that its shiny metal is heavily scratched.

sturdy ~ reviewed by Judy Owens

This is a good one! I have looked for a good sturdy one and here it is. I may need to buy a second one. I like the orange handle because it is easy to see when you lay it down. I think it will hold up to a lot of use.

Best trowel ~ reviewed by Cindy D

Excellent, sturdy and comfortable to use. Best trowel I’ve owned. I love the non slip grip. Highly recommend this trowel.

Strong and rust free trowel ~ reviewed by Alan A. Fisher

This is the best trowel of several I purchased when I could not find the ones I had in the past.

it IS comfortable ~ reviewed by Sara Harrison

Avid gardener here. All sorts of plants. I don’t discriminate. Compared to others, this has a nice, pointy tip. Good for breaking into the soil. I don’t know what exactly makes it feel more comfortable, but it is indeed far more comfortable than any others I have had. If you’d like to try one before purchase, come on over and give it a whirl. I have a few things that need planting.

Great Garden Tool/Toy ~ reviewed by Todd M Hirsch

We bought this for 2 of our little gardeners, ages 6 and 3. They use it for all sorts of things, but we still “borrow” it from time to time and it works very well. It’s sturdy and does the job.

Excellent ~ reviewed by Shopping Is Fun

I don’t lose it in the garden because of the orange handle. Just the right size and strength. I’m glad I bought it.

Strong, comfortable work horse. ~ reviewed by Debra K. Miller

This is a very comfortable yet sturdy trowel. I have bent many of these in the past because the dirt in my beds is quite compacted and clay-like. This one holds up to the task and the handle shape allows the heavy use without bruising the palm of my hand. I have never been disappointed by Fiskars brand and would recommend this.Buy it at Amazon

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