Fiskars 9394 12-Foot Extendable Pruning Saw (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Reviews

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Product Description

Extends to 12′ to reach tall branches. 15″ double-grind saw blade cuts on the pull and push stroke for larger branches. Hardened blade holds sharp edge longer. Sturdy fiberglass pole with Quick Release extendable pole lock.

The Fiskars 12-foot telescopic pruning saw is an ideal tool for pruning all types of trees. The fully-hardened stainless steel saw blade is 15-inches long, and has a triple grind design to cut on the pull and push strokes. The blade is also replaceable. The sturdy fiberglass pole can extend up to 12-feet long, and has a patented Quick-Release pole lock to safely stay in place while cutting. With a low-profile design and no ropes to get tangled in branches, the pruner is a professional grade tool for pruning tree branches of all sizes.

Customer Reviews

You get what you pay for! ~ reviewed by C. Pittack

I replaced my Home Depot pole saw/pruner with this Fiskars model. What a difference some thoughtful engineering makes.

(1) Pole Does Not Bend: The pole does not bend even when extended to full length. Nothing is more frustrating than having the pole bend and bounce out of the cut when it is fully extended.

(2) Locking Mechanism: On the HD pole saw the extension is “locked” with a compression collar. This design does not work well when it gets wet and loses its gripping power over time. The most powerful cut is the down stroke and on my HD brand saw when the collar slipped the pole simply came apart. On the Fiskars the lever-clamp clicks into the locked position and the clamping power can be adjusted with a screwdriver. The pole never came apart during use.

Save your time and a return trip to HD with this extremely well made pole saw!

A great inexpensive garden tool ~ reviewed by L. Crecca

This tool was exactly what i needed. Had to trim a few branches that had strayed over the neighbors yard. This tool has enough reach and is stong enough to handle any light trimming. The saw blade is super sharp and went right through limbs up to 5 inches in diameter. This tool is too light for someone whom is starting a pruning service but great for spring cleanup in the backyard. Highly recommended within that use.

Fiskars Pole Pruner ~ reviewed by Oregon Ollie

The product is of good quality and was delivered on time. Unfortunately, blade steel is rather light duty for the end of a 12′ pole. As a result, attempting to cut with it at full length is a bit like trying to use a rubber knife on the end of a stick. Patience has its rewards. I’m going to see about replacing the blade with a more rigid type in some other brand. Too bad.

excellent limb trimmer ~ reviewed by drallim

I have a lot of mature trees that have started to spread out too close to my house and other trees. This trimmer is perfect to get some of those smaller limbs before they become damaging. It is light and managable even when extended fully. It only takes a couple minutes to saw through 1″ to 2″ limbs. The angle of the blade is adjustable to make it easy to get just the right approach to make the cut.

pruner reviewer ~ reviewed by Henry R. Parry

needing an extending pruner for my palm trees this unit fits the bill perfectly. it is easy to use. sharp, which to me is most important. it avoids the use of a ladder, at my age this is vital. it allows me to stand away from falling pruned branches.

Good pole ~ reviewed by Fred

the extension pole is quite nice, but toss the blade attachments, and buy a Bahco pruning head and blade. Amazon sells them. It will bolt right on, and fit better, and cut better too.
you won’t be disappointed.

Excellent Inexpensive Pole Saw for light trimming… ~ reviewed by eMall4Antiques

At approximately $30 with free Super Saver shipping, this saw is an excellent buy for light trimming of low-hanging branches. We used it on a 3 inch green ash branch about 16 feet off the ground, and while it took patience, it worked fine. For smaller branches 2 inches or less it is great. From some of the snippy reviews here we expected much less therefore we were very pleased with the product. For a $30 product, it is definitely not flimsy. Shipping was not only free, but very prompt.

Nice Pruning Saw For the Money ~ reviewed by C. Eley

Too big of teeth and a flimsy blade ~ reviewed by E. McInnis

I thought Fiskars was a good name to trust, but they missed a few things with this saw!

The blade it came with has both too large of teeth (because we had a hard time getting branches started) and too flimsy of a blade (ours bent at about 2″ from the tip and we had to toss it because it kept getting hung-up inside the cut)

The rest of the product held up nicely at fully extended lenghths, but I might have looked into either the string-pull assisted saws or even the blades that connect to your weed-eater. Back and forth is a LOT of work!!

Simple is good ~ reviewed by MtnM

This is a simple, well constructed pole saw.
KISS principle in action (Keep It Simple Sweethear).
The saw blade is the right type to get the job done.
The pole is rigid, but light.

My problem tree is a cottonwood. The saw let’s me handle branches up to a few inches in diameter.
I expect to get many seasons out of this.

Following the hints of others I did tighten the screws holding the blade using a wrench. It held well. I do spray my saw blades with a silicon lubricant before and after use, seems to make sawing easier and keeps the blade from rusting.Buy it at Amazon

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