Fiskars 7819 Rear Pivot Grass Shear Reviews

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Product Description

Rear-positioned mechanism maximizes use of stronger fingers for reduced fatigue and increased control. Comfortable Softgrip handles reduce stress and are non-slip for safety. Fully hardened steel blades hold sharp edges longer and resist rust.

From the Manufacturer

You work darn hard to make sure the grass is not greener on the other (meaning your neighbor’s) side of the fence. But healthy, verdant grass requires rigorous trimming to keep it from looking like some poor schmo with a bad haircut–which is why you will love wielding these innovative shears. Unlike traditional models, these put your hand up front, where you can snip away with greater power and precision. Just a little off the top, please…

Customer Reviews

Takes some technique to use these properly, but they work great. ~ reviewed by kniferyder

I had to get used to the action on these. As previous reviews stated, if you squeeze too far, the lock engages. Since i was used to the old style, where you needed to squeeze down all the way to get the blades to close. these are much easier on my hands, and as I am getting older, that means a lot. I find the blades easy to hone, keeping them ready for use- and I always keep them clean. since they are a bypass (sissor type) any nicks or bend in the blades will keep them from closing right, and then you have to either repair them or toss them out. I think they would be perfect if the lock mechanism was a little better, but I find them to be great.

Super easy to use even for Great Grandma!!!!! ~ reviewed by TexansFan71

Super easy to use! I bought this for my great grandmother – 93 and still in the garden! If she can use it so can you!

Fiskars rear-pivot grass shears ~ reviewed by Peter Paul van Dijk

As grass shears go, these are okay for small finishing jobs, but not for any substantial jobs. Three stars at best.
First, the rear-pivot action. This works well, particularly if you have large hands. I have small hands, and the Fiskars rear-pivot secateurs work very well for me, but this shear has a larger handle and therefore a much wider hand movement.
Second, the orange button to close the shears when not in use. I share other reviewers’ irritation that it closes by itself when clipping, so after a few minutes use I just took a small screwdriver and removed the safety catch. Instead, I use a 6″ / 15 cm piece of garden hose and slide that over the closed blades – an even better safety than the original.
Third, and my reason to give only three stars, is that the blade metal and the hinge spring are just a touch flimsy, and the jaws don’t open and close smoothly.
My summary: Useful to have in my gardening tool bag for small light grass trimming tasks, but not for tough grass or anything else substantial. For that, I’ll have to try something heavier with two-handed operation.

The engineers should have taken a pair home for the weekend. They could then be returned. ~ reviewed by Ronald D. Galbraith

Most of the negative reviews that I read prior to ordering proved to be true. I like the basic design very much and I had another Fiskars product that had worked very well. It felt good and I would have enjoyed the unique rear pivot idea. The first problem became apparent right out of the package. When I released the lock and simulated a cutting action the two blades closed properly but never re-opened. It was caused by the tension on the pivot spring that was too firm to allow the shears to open again for the next cut. There is no way to reduce that tension. I went to trying to trim along my sidewalk thinking that they would soon loosen. The blades jammed and did not return after every cut. This was frustrating to say the very least.
The locking function is just as maddening. It slides freely back and forth adding to the difficult operation. The only good news is that there is a screw holding the two parts of the lock together so you can take it off and throw it away. THE SHEARS WILL STAY CLOSED ANYWAY.

Excellent Grass Shears ~ reviewed by KMoon

I enjoy using these on my lawn where my power trimmer cannot reach. The design makes quick cutting easy with minimal force needed to squeeze and close the blades. Blades are sharp, aligned and the handle has a comfortable grip. impressed with how quickly I can cut. Annoyed by less expensive shears that fold long grass over vs. cutting it.

Great Around the Garden! ~ reviewed by sidemouzer

Not sure what the issues have been with other users reviews. I have used these shears for light trimming and pruning in the flowerbed and garden for two seasons with no issues so far. Design helps add to ease of use and they work flawlessly when called upon. Like the unique design–many compliments from curious neighbors. Great tool.

Fiskars Rear Pivot shears ~ reviewed by Ron Hunziker

I have two issues with the shears. First, the safety lock mechanism kept locking when you used the shears. So I removed it and the shears still stick even after I have oiled them. I hope this is just a breaking in issue and that the shears will spring open automatically after a few uses.

cool product ~ reviewed by sheldon

great for my hands, i have not had the problem other reviewers have had with the sticking and locking, fiskars has always been an awesome brand and this is no different

Shame on you Fiskar! ~ reviewed by M. Vittoria Santucci

Very disappointed in Fiskar. I’ve always been satisfied with their products, NOT THIS ONE.
The design on the shears is very appealing and I thought that they would be easier on my hands.
Wish I had listened to the reviewers’ comments that they are not easy to use. Used them for the first time today and found the locking device kept closing after every clipping, Like others, I removed the plastic lock and sprayed with lubricant hoping to solve the problem.
Let them sit for a while and tried them again. Removing the lock helped a little but I still had to open the shears manually after every clipping. Are these shears defective? I can’t use them, will give it a little more time .

They’re quite sharp and have been useful for clipping small areas ~ reviewed by Aardvark Pogostick

For the price, these work well enough. They’re quite sharp and have been useful for clipping small areas, cutting weeds under shrubbery and along fences and other odd shaped obstructions the mower won’t touch. They will even cut tough-stemmed, dry grass that’s basically hay. They do get a little wearing on the gripping hand after awhile and the little plastic doohickey that keeps the shears closed or allows them to open got persnickety after a day and now basically flops about. They were cheap, though, and the blades themselves seem good quality. I’ll go on using them for as long as they last. Anyone with a small yard should do fine with them.Buy it at Amazon

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