Fiskars 7.9-12 Foot ExtendableTree Pruning Stik Pruner (92406935K) Reviews

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Product Description

Versatile rope-free pruner makes it easy to reach high branches without a ladder or make low cuts without kneeling or bending. Hi Reach pruning Stic Prune high branches quickly and easily without climbing a ladder.

Customer Reviews

Great non-powered tree pruner. ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

This pole pruner performs excellently.
I found the following features to be especially useful:
- rotating head, allows easy cuts of branches at different angles.
- no additional rope to pull, makes for easy cutting and handling.
- saw blade is sharp and it also allows user to change the angle of the blade so that you can saw more efficiently.
Features I wish it had:
- the ability to cut more than its 1 & 1/4-inch cutting capacity.
- when using the saw blade, the FULLY extended handle flexes a bit more than I prefer.
Overall this telescopeing pole pruner is excellent.
I have been using mine regularly to prune trees for over a year and it still cuts as sharply as it did on the first day.
By the way, some reviewers mentioned that the packaging was poor and they got a damaged product, they must have ordered it early before the new packaging was incorporated. My Pruning Stik arrived in good condition, it had a thick supporting cardboard piece to ensure the long box did not bend.

Works well when new ~ reviewed by busytwinmom

My husband has borrowed a friends Corona telescoping pruner for a couple of years now and he liked it so much he asked for one for christmas. Although the Corona got rave reviews, I gambled on this Fiskars because of the rotating cutting head which "cuts like butter" according to one reviewer. My husband used this tool last weekend and was thrilled. He said this makes the other pruner feel like a Model-T in comparison. The strap that connects to the cutter is contained within the pole and adjusts automatically when you raise or lower it. No more fiddling with a loose string. It raises and lowers effortlessly and indeed cuts through branches like butter. Best of all, the job that used to take him 2 hours took only 30 minutes. Wow.

A little too much plastic ~ reviewed by speerstra

Nice enough pruner as long as it is not stressed. I broke it twice after only a few days of heavy use. One time at the plastic section near the cutter and another time at the plastic mount for the blade. The best thing is Fiskars has a lifetime warranty that they honor – If you dont mind waiting a month.

Pruning Stik is a Superior Product ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

This product is superior to any other pruner I have seen. It is very easy to use, and the mechanical advantage makes lopping limbs like cutting butter. The rotating cutting head is very convenient, as are the two pull handles for cutting.
Beware the shipping if you order online. This product is very long (over seven feet) even when collapsed. The shipping carton used is flimsy. The first one to arrive had several shattered parts. The replacement arrived bent in two. I had to swap parts between the two units to make a whole one. That seemed more practical than asking for a third shipment. But it was definitely worth it to wind up with such a great pruner.

I love doing yardwork now !! ~ reviewed by Dane Shepherd

So far I am completely amazed with this product! I bought this to replace an older “rope and pulley” pole saw that always annoyed me and got tangled up in branches. With this pruner you can get the cutters straight onto a branch without any hassle and it goes through the smaller limbs effortlessly.

I love the quick adjustment knobs for extending the pole and the angle of the head. They make it so easy to go from the higher limbs to lower ones without any fuss. This tool is very rigid and solid feeling but also much lighter than you would expect. I do not fatigue as quickly as I did with my fiberglass model.

The option to operate the cutters via the slide-handle, or the ball on the end of the pole, is a great feature and really allows you to get up into the higher branches.

The quick-attach feature of the saw accessory is very handy. What I hated about my other pruner was that the saw was always in the way when I was trying to snip, and the rope and pulleys got in the way when I needed to saw. This makes it quick and easy to select the mode you need without interference.

I am a homeowner with only about seven Oaks and a few Dogwoods to keep. I do not know how this would stand up to daily use in a professional environment, but it seems pretty rugged and well built to me.

I would still recommend this tool at the $129.00 MSRP from Fiskar’s website, but at Amazon’s price it’s no-brainer. This really makes the chore of yard work fun. I only wish I had more trees to groom!

Nice design but not durable ~ reviewed by Caveat Emptor

Most home improvement stores no longer carry this product for a reason. Yes, the design is attractive and the tool is user-friendly, like other Fiskars products, but this is not a heavy-duty tool and it will not last. I quickly damaged the saw blade, and found this is hard to replace. After a few more uses, the bypass pruner broke. The failure was at the hinge, which has a plastic joint. In attempting to prune a branch that fit into the jaw (which it should therefore be able to cut), the force of the cut made the metal blade come off this joint and damage the joint in the process. My recommendation is therefore to look for a pruner with all-metal construction and easy to find replacement blades. I replaced mine with a Corona, which is heavier, but appropriately heavier duty.

broke very quickly ~ reviewed by handyman

Up until the plastic head that holds the cutter blades broke
at the attaching bolt fixture, I was pretty happy with the
way this pruner works. I had made about 20 cuts when it broke.

As another reviewer has commented, there is too much plastic
in critical areas of this pruner where strength is most needed.

The saw works poorly. It doesn’t move smoothly in either
direction. A prunig saw I have glides in the forward direction
and cuts when I pull it back and that’s what I expected of this

Not Worth It ~ reviewed by T. Stoner

The saw blade attaches to the plastic head via a machine screw/wing nut and a plastic stud molded onto the head. When the plastic stud shears off you will be left with a floppy saw extremely difficult to work with

A great time saver. ~ reviewed by Cathy

I have a large yard with many trees. I have struggled with trimming them for many years. This pruner seems to be the answer to my prayers. As I said, it saves lots of time, as I don’t have to drag a ladder around the yard all the time. It’s also a lot safer standing on the ground timming. I also did have a problem with it extending when I was sawing. I tightened the screw with an allen wrench, but it loosened again. Next time I’m going to try a bit of Lock-tight on the screw and see if that helps. Even so, I still think this is one of the best tools I own.Buy it at Amazon

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