Fiskars 61 Inch Long-Handle Aluminum Hoe (336500-1001) Reviews

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4.6 out of 5 stars based on 20 customer reviews

Product Description

The Fiskars long-handle aluminum hoe features a sharpened blade that rips weeds out of tough soil. The strong aluminum shaft provides excellent durability while reducing weight for easy use and the long-handle design eliminates the aches and pains that come with kneeling and stooping. Soft Grip handle, mid grip and teardrop-shaped shaft profile provide exceptional comfort and control. Lifetime warranty.

Customer Reviews

A Winner From Poland ~ reviewed by Duffer.

Poland has been the butt of many jokes but this hoe from Poland is no joke. This is a really fine hoe and priced much lower than most hoes (so I’m told). The aluminum handle provides a lightweight tool that is easy to use. The shape of the blade is such that when held flat down it is a regular garden hoe. However, if you turn the handle 90 degrees in either direction this becomes a triangle hoe which can be used for weeding among other things

I replaced my regular garden hoe and my triangle hoe with this Fiskars hoe. In addition to being an excellent tool it also looks good hanging on my garage wall. I believe this is the first item I have ever bought that was made in Poland but if I find this quality on another item I would not hesitate to make the purchase. I highly recommend this hoe.

Five Stars ~ reviewed by Jon S. Turner

Love this hoe, very light weigh and easy to carry. Perfect for light garden maintenance.

The only garden hoe I’ve ever used just for fun ~ reviewed by Man in the Middle

This garden hoe is very light and comfortable to use. It is also VERY effective at cutting off surface weeds. Each day since it arrived a week ago, I’ve found myself happily clearing another section of the walkways at our community garden, figuring if I get the weeds there, I won’t have to get them later in my own garden plot. I did manage to get a small blister with it yesterday, after an hour of use, but reflected afterwards that I would never have used any other garden hoe for an hour just for fun.
My one wish is that it had a way to telescope down for storage, as it’s shorter than many garden hoes, but still too long to fit in the storage box in my garden plot like my shovel and pitchfork. I’m hoping its blade won’t rust from being stored outside (the handle is aluminum.)

Perfect size for 6ft + ~ reviewed by The Marohns

I bought this garden hoe with the plans on having a relatively good size garden, however I was able to use it to help clear an area for watermelons and cantaloupes. For me being over 6ft tall this garden hoe is a perfect size, the previous one that I used was flimsy and short. This feels very sturdy and it is easy to feel the connection with ground since it is made with aluminum. Another nice aspect is that the points are very sharp, and living where there is an abundance of clay soil puts it to the test.

I am however a little biased since I primarily buy Fiskar/Gerber products for garden, crafting, hiking, camping, and all purpose. But I feel that a solid company makes good products all around.

More than a hoe ~ reviewed by Georgia! Gal

Unlike any other hoe I’ve used. It is lightweight and very sharp. It cuts weeds easily and scrapes the soil. Also good to make small holes in the soil. I still get out my old long handle hoe for digging and moving dirt. I won’t have to worry about this handle coming off. I was attracted to the handle because we need a hoe to tend the fire when we burn yard trimmings. I do not use this for that because I don’t want the steel to loose it’s temper from the heat.

Five Stars ~ reviewed by steven hayes

Product is great and arrived fast

Has a pretty stiff and small gauge hoe on the end looks … ~ reviewed by Full Metal Jacket Tactical

Has a pretty stiff and small gauge hoe on the end looks like it is removable wouldn’t classify it as heavy duty the pole and handle are good quality but if your looking for a traditional hoe this isn’t it

Delightfully light ~ reviewed by Retired Tire Engineer

Using this hoe feels more like wielding a surgeon’s scalpel than a farming tool. It’s light and very easy to maneuver. It seems quite sturdy despite its light weight. I’m very pleased.

we just love this hoe for weeding ~ reviewed by HeatherTee

Wow, we just love this hoe for weeding! I have never had such a long handle on a hoe, and it is so lightweight and so sharp. Great tool!!

A good hoe is hard to find. ~ reviewed by JON V BRANSTRATOR

If the soil is loose and the weeds are small its ok. The blade is thin (good) but lacks strength. Not my fav.Buy it at Amazon

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