Fiskars 375581-1001 Chopping Axe, 28-Inch (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Reviews

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Product Description

Chops with unmatched power, speed and accuracy. The all-purpose design of our 28-inch Chopping Axe makes felling trees quick and easy. Like all of our axes, this Chopping Axe combines perfected weight distribution, advanced blade geometry, an ultra-sharp edge and virtually unbreakable design to maximize your performance. This combination of features allows the blade to bite three times deeper when chopping. With more blade penetration on each swing, you can chop more wood in less time, with less effort and hand strain. Low-friction blade coating powers through wood and prevents head from getting stuck. Inseparable PermaHead insert-molded head will not loosen and prevents overstrike breakage. Shock-absorbing DuraFrame handle is lightweight yet stronger than steel to prevent overstrike damage. Designed in Billnas, Finland, building on a 360-year history of the world’s best forged tools. Includes blade guard. Lifetime warranty.

Customer Reviews

Superior axe ~ reviewed by Native Pheonix

I must admit, I bought this axe because I was drawn by it’s beauty: Sleek lines, smooth black carbon steel, lightweight, and slender body. It also comes with a safety guard, which may not seem necessary (afterall, none of my other axe’s have guards) but when I took it off, I realized that the guard is more to protect anything from getting cut, not to protect the axe. It is deceptively sharp and smooth. The price was a bit more than I would have liked but after using this axe, I have no issues with what I paid.

You will have to adjust your stance and swing. I’m used to swinging a heavier axe and with a longer handle. My stance kept me from going with into my shin…. After that near miss, I found my bearings. I love this axe but would like to caution any user: it’s very lightweight, and because the axe is very slender, it slices through the wood and then some. Literally, the axe head is about an inch thinner than my others. The steel is extremely smooth and because it literally slices, less force is needed. I’m quite used to putting a lot of force and energy into my swing but it’s simply not needed with this.

Beautiful axe, but please use caution.
I started to chuck thin one’s and then moved to thicker one’s. I wanted to find the limit of this axe so I then tried logs with varying amounts of water, and was surprised. I didn’t have to dry the logs (we’ve had a lot of snow and rain), even with wet logs, this sliced through them.

not bad for the price. ~ reviewed by Blacksheep

I got this axe based off the reviews. I was looking at gransfors burks axes, and from the reviews got steered towards this one. I have to say its a sweet machine for the money. Its basically the same price as a cheap one from the local hardware store, but I hit this with the little 7 dollar sharpening stone amazon sells, and can almost shave with it. Its fairly sharp from the factory, but just a few strokes with a stone and it will shave paper like a razor. I am a farmer, and we got hit with a brutal winter this year, and have been chopping ice daily with this axe. I have it sharp enough to cut the twine and netwrap off the bales like I would normally use my knife to do. All I can say is that if you are looking to find out what an axe can bring to the table, this one will show you.

One of the best axes I’ve ever used. ~ reviewed by Adam S.

Now this is an axe!!!!

After hacking away on a camping trip with a cheap axe from a local hardware store, I bought this on a trip to town. We ended up chopping enough wood for our massive fire that night and another night on top of it. It’s that much fun to use.

BEWARE THOUGH!!!! In a tree, each chop can easily sink in 3-4 inches. It’s VERY effective at slicing and cutting, and the shorter handle requires a different stance than you would normally use. I had several near misses with my leg and it would have done damage.

If you like chopping wood easily, buy this axe.

spend the money ~ reviewed by texasman74804

I was truly impressed with this axe. It almost effortlessly cut saplings (<4″) with very few swings. Some were even cut down with one swing. I was clearing smaller trees, most of which were hickory, and this axe made my job easy. After about 4 hrs of cutting, the blade does not have any chips. Impressive. Spend the money people!

great ~ reviewed by Zack R.

great-fiskars sharpener perfect too. the metal is maybe a bit soft, easy to sharpen, and I took a thick old oak and was still sharp , 5 rolls back and forth on sharpener is all it takes to re-sharpen even after extended use

Husband loves it!!!!! ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

My husband bought this Chopping Axe and absolutely loves it. He noted that it has a fiberglass handle which will increase the product’s longevity. He uses this axe daily as we heat with wood so it has had a lot of use since he purchased it. I would reccomend this product to anyone seeking a quality chopping axe.

Best ax I’ve ever wielded! ~ reviewed by Joe Decker

This is the finest ax I’ve ever swung, hands down. Sharper than Tom Brady in a three-piece suit! It will be the only ax I carry on the battlefield as long as I live.

Yup ~ reviewed by Tim

This is great, I got it shaving sharpe with some DMT Diamond files and it performs. After about 20 minutes of touture testing it would still cut paper, it wouldn’t shave, but paper was easily cut. If you want an axe the will cut and split well, this is it. I don’t get why it comes with a hollow grind on the edge?

Outstanding Value, Excellent Chopper/Splitter: FISKARS X25 Chopping Axe, 28″ Long, Unique Wedge Blade, 5 Stars! ~ reviewed by VoiceOver Guy

I’m an enthusiastic camper and backpacker who loves making campfires, and I also have a wood burning fireplace that I use a lot.
Lately I’ve been looking for a really good ‘upgrade’ axe or hatchet, both for camping and for splitting smaller logs up to 12-15″” for the home fireplace.

After a lot of research, I settled on two FISKARS products, this 28-inch F25 axe and also the X7 14″ Hatchet. I’m totally pleased with both.
They’ve each exceeded all expectations, and I’m going to review both of them here.
Other than size, their designs are identical, so everything I’m about to say applies to both this X25 Axe and also the X7 Hatchet equally.

Long story short, these Fiskars’ are really excellent. This is easily the best hatchet I’ve ever owned, including my Estwing all-steel hatchet and a number of very good vintage hickory-handle hatchets from Plumb and other USA makers.
Those are all great cutting tools, but this Fiskars is on a whole different level.
It’s like comparing a modern Glock polymer .40 semiauto to a 1917 Colt .38 revolver. Both are great, but the newer design clearly outperforms.

The Fiskars has a completely hollow handle, which is a huge weight savings. That fiberglass handle is virtually indestructible; the Fiskars website shows a video of a big truck rolling over those handles without any damage.
So unlike wooden handles, this one won’t break. It’s totally immune to understrikes. It’s amazing, and if I didn’t own these I would have found it hard to believe.

And if you do somehow manage to break it, Fiskars has a lifetime warranty. If your Fiskars ever breaks, just email them a photo of the broken tool and they will ship you a replacement for free.

Fiskars’ blade shape is like a splitting wedge, which is why it splits so well. The angle of the wedge on the 14″ hatchet is the same exact angle as on my 28″ Fiskars axe.
By contrast, most other hatchets (and many axes) use a more knife-like shape which slices in, but does not wedge wood apart very well.
The Fiskars does both. It also arrives VERY sharp out of the box, unlike many other brands of hatchet/axe.

There are many homemade owner videos and reviews on youTube showing the Fiskars products slicing and splitting BIG logs, often with a single strike. It looks too good to be true, but these are not faked videos. I know because my Fiskars gives the same performance. I’d say 60-70% of the time I can split pine or seasoned oak with one good strike. It’s rare to take more than two strikes on pine. With bigger oak I may have to take it in quarter-cuts, but even then each cut can often be done with just one to two strikes.
The design of the Fiskars is that ergonomic and the wedge shaped blade is that effective.

Fiskars uses a relatively soft steel, which means it is more prone to dent or roll on the edge. On the other hand, it’s very unlikely to chip.
So plan on sharpening your Fiskars periodically, but that should only take a couple of minutes.
Fiskars makes a $10 sharpener specifically for their axes and hatchets. I don’t own it yet but there are rave reviews on all the blade forums and websites.

About the sheath: The Fiskars do not come with traditional sheaths. (I wish they did). Instead they come with a lightweight plastic snap-in holder which protects the blade, but is not designed for belt carry.
There’s a clever youTube video in which an owner shows his modifications of the factory Fiskars sheath.
Basically he cuts off the useless plastic loop at top and drilled 2 sets of 2 holes (4 total), then runs Paracord through the 2 sets of holes to make Paracord belt loops.
You could also just cut off that top loop and use the holder as is, either lashed to our pack or inside it.

Both the 28″ X25 Axe and the 14″ X7 hatchet are totally outstanding. There’s also a F11 “splitting hatchet” and an F27 36″ long “splitting axe” with even more effective wedge shaped blades. I don’t own either of these, but the video reviews are impressive and I would recommend checking these out. I chose the X7 for backpacking and light weight, but if weight did not matter and I wanted a ‘car camping’ or base camp/cabin hatchet, I would have chosen the F11 instead.
I found my X25 axe for a giveaway price at a garage sale, but if I were going to buy it again at full retail I would spend the few extra dollars for the 36″ F27, even though the X25 I found performs great and does a great job.
The 28″ X25 works so well I’ll probably never be able to justify buying the longer 36″ X27.

Outstanding products. I totally recommend these, and the price on Amazon (around $45-$50 for the X25 axe, around $25 for the X7 hatchet delivered) is a steal for the quality you are getting. The X7 hatchet is also available at a lot of Wal-Marts in the camping department, and some WalMarts and all Home Depot’s carry this axe at around $45-50. These sometimes go on seasonal sales as well. So there’s no need to overpay online.

I hope this is helpful as you comparison shop online. Happy trails and safe chopping, everybody.

Five Stars ~ reviewed by Arthur Wright

Works well. Holds and edge. Just wish there was a Chopping Axe with a 36″ handle.Buy it at Amazon

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