Fiskars 32 Inch PowerGear UltraBlade Bypass Lopper (8154) Reviews

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Product Description

This lightweight bypass lopper maximizes cutting power while minimizing effort. It features our patented powergear gearing mechanism that multiplies your cutting force near the middle of the cut where resistance is greatest. This makes cutting three times easier than single-pivot loppers, and the smooth-action design eliminates the jarring conclusion at the end of cuts. A razor-sharp, precision-ground blade powers through wood, and our ultrablade coating helps our blade hold a sharp edge five times longer and resist rust better than non-treated blades. In addition, lightweight aluminum handles make our lopper easier to grip and carry than heavy single-pivot tools.

Customer Reviews

FANTASTIC!!! only one drawback! ~ reviewed by captainjimsr

I knew this from reading other reviewer’s ratings on this pruner, but bought it anyway. I don’t regret the purchase. No one tool does everything well. This pruner will cut anything you can get into it’s jaws. But….you are limited in your reach because the unit needs to open so wide to get around the branch, thereby limiting your reach and penetration into a tree or bush. Solution: Have another ratcheting pruner for easy penetration into close spaces, or use a saw pruner or rope activated pole saw.

Specialized weapon in my gardening arsenal ~ reviewed by Never pay retail

My old Ames wood handled lopper has seen better days so I decided to upgrade to the Fiskars Power Gear. This is a MONDO cutting tool and will make short work of much bigger branches than my old lopper could ever tackle. But this power comes at a price. Due to the gear design, the handles need to open up much wider for the blade opening to be able to “bite” a big branch. For the fullest “bite” the handles are basically opened all the way to a straight line. While this works fine chopping up a branch that is downed and laying out in the open, it is completely impractial for accessing a particular branch through a thicket of branches still on the tree. The extra long handles, though they add a nice reach, further exacerbate this problem. As an analogy, it’s like trading in my Honda Civic for a Humvee. Sure the Humvee has more power and the capacity for big jobs but The Civic is maneuverable and efficient for most of my daily needs. If you can afford to have both, do it! If you have to pick just one, carefully evaluate your average use before you make a choice. Though it’s a well built, powerful item, I know I wouldn’t be happy having the Fiskars as my only lopper.

Amazing Tool ! ~ reviewed by Steve Canzona

I bought this tool for use on my farm and apple orchard. I have several old loppers that are now put up in the barn. The Fiskars cuts like nothing I’ve ever used. These things are great and the price through Amazon is very reasonable.

Fiskars is a Great Brand ~ reviewed by Leeanne Devine

Very Sharp, I chose to buy the long handles so I can get to the higher branches. It does what it’s supposed to do.

Gift ~ reviewed by Michael W Barbour

My son really likes it and so does his wife. I got to use it and will be thinking of getting one myself.

Good for the price ~ reviewed by Nick N

Generally works very well, allowing one to cut fairly large branches. However, this is my second to replace one on which blade bent when used on particularly hard branch, so one needs to be somewhat cautious about overloading.

The Perfect Pruner for Weeping Crab Apple and Cherry Trees !!! ~ reviewed by David Kappel

I purchased the Fiskars 32 Inch PowerGear UltraBlade Pruners to prune some small 8-11 feet high Cherry and Weeping Crab Apple Trees in my yard for Autumn 2015. My goal was to get all the low hanging (six feet and under) branches off the trees. This was to make the trees look better and make it easier to cut the grass and use the yard. These pruners worked great and were able to cut off every branch that was too low. I had no issues at all and all the cuts were clean and neat. The three trees all look much better now and I expect them to look stupendous when Spring 2016 arrives and the Cherry and Apple blooms open. These Fiskars Pruners are ideal for flowering trees like Weeping Crab Apples or Cherry because they often get garbage low branches that need pruned off for the health of the tree. If you have trees like mine that get many unwanted low braches these Pruners are perfect to Prune that tree to Perfection.

Good, but hard to use in tight places ~ reviewed by NK

I got this thinking it would be easier to clip larger branches without pulling out my pruning saw. It is easier to cut, HOWEVER you need more room to do it. My other Fiskars lopper (same without the gear) , let’s say I needed to spread the handles a foot apart. These, I need to spread them much farther for the same branch, which is a pain in tight places. I believe there is a smaller version, which may be easier to use but I think it’s smaller branches. It does seem to take less work to cut the branch, but it’s more cumbersome in tight places. I only use these for easy to get to branches, otherwise I go with my regular (no gear) bypass lopper.

Amazing!!! ~ reviewed by Ryan Incontro

Unbelievably powerful! I have used these cutters on several dozen occasions and every time, I am absolutely shocked at how easily they slice through surprisingly thick branches. Even after using this tool for several weeks now, I still can not get over how powerful and time saving they are. Additionally, my wife uses these cutters frequently and loves how quickly she can turn an afternoon of trimming into a quick and easy project, without much effort. Bottom line, I am a very picky person and these cutters have far exceeded my expectations. I would buy them again in a heart beat.

Good cutter but durability is TBD ~ reviewed by DavidK

As advertised, it will cut through most anything that will fit into the jaws, as well as branches bigger than that it you are patient and chew on them for a while. What concerns me is the thin-wall aluminum handles. I had to replace my old lopper when the handles split where the tubes slip over the short legs of the business end. The tubular handles on this one don’t feel any stronger. Can’t tell for sure without measuring the thickness but that’s my impression so far.Buy it at Amazon

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