Fiskars 28 Inch Bypass Lopper (91466935J) Reviews

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Product Description

Choose Fiskars lopper for smooth, easy cuts on tree branches, comfortable use and lasting value. A fully hardened, precision-ground steel blade stays sharp, and a rust-resistant, low-friction coating makes every cut even easier. Shock-absorbing bumpers help eliminate the jarring conclusion at the end of cuts for more comfortable use. The durable steel construction includes handles with Softgrip touchpoints for a secure, comfortable grip.

The Fiskars bypass lopper is an ideal choice for big cutting tasks. The unit’s fully-hardened stainless steel blades are designed to provide a cleaner cut for living, green growth. The blades are also replaceable, and can cut branches up to 1-1/2-inches in diameter. Additionally, the blades’ non-stick coating ensures smooth and clean cuts. Durable steel handles feature soft, cushioned grips and a shock-absorbing bumper for all-day comfort.

Customer Reviews

Fiskars Bypass Lopper is perfect! ~ reviewed by L. J. Snider

My cheap loppers had gone dull, and because I’m a senior citizen living in the woods, I have to have something that will do the job without lots of effort. I know Fiskars as a quality brand, so I read many reviews before choosing this model 9146 and I am thrilled with my choice. Many models apparently have a wide handle spread; this model is absolutely perfect. A lightweight unit with perfect handle spread so I can get underneath those pesky box elder growths with ease. These don’t have the fancing gearing, but they don’t need it. For anyone wanting a lightweight power cutter, this is the one!

Much better than I expected ~ reviewed by WakkyWabbit

Cut down a maple tree with these! ~ reviewed by Alex S

Yep, these handy clippers are super duper! We had a huge area to clear, and I thought I might have to hire someone. Nope, these did the job, cutting through the overgrown shrubs and weeds like they were butter! It was actually easier than using scissors (and I must admit I am more used to Fiscars Scissors than loppers!).

The maple trees I cut down were actually only small ones, about three fet high suckers from an old stump, but I am proud of me!

I actually purchased mine from a local discount store that had the version made specifically for them with the handles being two inches shorter. So if you buy yours somewhere besides Amazon, make sure they are 28″ instead of the 26″ version I ended up with. Two inches may not sound like much, but it means a lot when you are working with thicker branches.

While most of what I trimmed was 1/2 inch, I did try a full 1 inch section. I did have to put out a tiny bit of effort to go through the full inch. I am becoming a big Fiskars fan, since these include a lifetime warranty.

Rusts ~ reviewed by K. Zahid

While I like the lopper and it cut brunches pretty easy, mine is getting rusted pretty bad only after 2 months of very light use. I keep it in a dry patio box and I see more and more rust every time I take it out. I am not sure how long it will last.

Contacted customer support of Fiskers and they asked me to clean it off with cleaning compound. I know I can do that but it is not supposed to rust this bad to begin with. Not very helpful. I am attaching a picture of the rust.

10 minutes out of the box before a bent edge, lateral play, and poor cutting ~ reviewed by W. B. Knox

I excitedly pulled these from the box and went to work on a “trash” tree in the yard that had sprouted about 50 branches, most tiny but a few 1-2″ in diameter. At first, the loppers cut with ease.

10-15 minutes into the job, I noticed that the loppers kept failing to finish a cut on a half-inch branch. Looking more closely, I saw that the blade edge had not just dulled, but it had folded to the side in places. Further, the blade and its opposite piece had begun to allow space between them when fully closed on a branch, keeping them from actually finishing the cut.

Now they are unreliable even with tiny branches less than a quarter inch, often requiring multiple cuts and leaving a splayed mess.

Ultra Short Life ~ reviewed by R. Eicker

These loppers became an oversized paper Weight using them briefly for very light duty trimming. My cheap kitchen knives have better cutting blades than these loppers. Got about an hour out of these Fiskar loppers. In the trash they go.

Want better loppers? Spend more $$$$

Great Garden Tool ~ reviewed by Zerbina

Stays sharp and is great for pruning. I have been using this tool for a while and definitely recommend it. We have a couple of Fiskars garden tools and couldn’t be happier with them!

Superb quality and works great ~ reviewed by M. Miller

I’m very happy with the quality and cutting ability of these Fiskars 9146 Bypass Loppers. They simply work great, are light and of high quality. I definitely recommend these loppers.

They do the job! ~ reviewed by Reviews

These loppers are great. They do the job they are intended to do. I have a sizable task and these will complete the job to my level of satisfaction.

I read tons of the bad reviews before buying and decided to take a chance. Not sure about the validity of those negative reviews, because I was happy with the product. I mean, they don’t transform into super loppers so what are people expecting?

Happy Loppering!

Fastest return ever! ~ reviewed by S Shiigi

I received the lopper at about 9 AM. I tested it on 1/2 to 1 inch branches at about 10:33 AM. I just printed the return labels at 11:15 AM and will be dropping the package off to UPS as soon as I finish this review. The problem is the design of the handle and grip: They are flat. Looks good but when you need to push the handles in to make a cut, your hands tend to go to the outside and thinnest part of the grip. The grip then “bites” into your hands when you make the cut even with gloves on. Very poor design! I don’t care how the handles are shaped, but the grips should be round so they don’t bite into your hands. I wonder if anyone at Fiskars even used these loppers.

I had a hand pruner (not a Fiskars) with the same design (flat handle and grip) and could not stand using it. I threw it away. When I opened the Amazon package and saw the lopper’s design, I almost went directly to the Return window. But, I at least tested the l lopper. Believe me, it sucks!Buy it at Amazon

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