FISKARS 18″ PowerGear Bypass Lopper With UltraBlade Reviews

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4.5 out of 5 stars based on 30 customer reviews

Product Description

Recipient of the Arthritis Foundation’s Ease-of-Use Commendation, the Fiskars 18″ PowerGear Bypass Lopper is lighter, stronger and more powerful than anything you’ve ever used. Its unique gearing mechanism multiplies the cutting force nearly three times and the smooth action eliminates the jarring conclusion at the end of cuts.

Customer Reviews

Perfect Small Lopper ~ reviewed by Jason Groom

The Fiskars 18″ PowerGear Bypass Lopper is simply amazing. I just purchased a farm and Tree of Paradise has taken over the orchard. The PowerGear on these loppers allows you to get around big live trees and just mow them down with ease. I really wasn’t sure if the 18″ was going to be big enough, but I have yet to find anything I can fit in the big mouth of this tool that it won’t cut like butter. I like these so much I have started going through my garden shed and replacing all my old worn out tools with new Fiskars products; simply amazing.

Unbelievable Loppers ~ reviewed by Some Hick

This gearing technology provides at least three times the cutting power for it’s length. They are light weight yet heavy duty. Not an easy combination to achieve. They are perfect for trail clearing in brushy areas because they are small enough and light enough to actually bring with you while hiking or walking. Combine these with an 8″ folding limning saw and you can clear a great deal of trail with these simple but effective hand tools. Fiskars claims these are for 1.5 inch and below material but I have been able to gnaw through 2″ stuff by nibbling in from the edge with a couple of bites.

You have to feel them glide through limbs with ease to truly appreciate just how amazing these loppers are. I am so glad my neighbor turned me on to these. Please let me help pass that favor on.

18 inch powergear loppers ~ reviewed by David Mason

These Fiskers loppers are great. I have used several loppers over the years including $80 ratchet loppers. I am impressed with the small size yet the ease of cutting branches. I would recommend this lopper – very reasonable cheap price but efficient in pruning. Wonderful product.

Way too much money to fail pruning a 4′ tree – poor quality ~ reviewed by Butcher1248

I am returning product. I purchases the bypass lopper along with the professional bypass pruner. The bypass lopper torqued on a 3/4″ branch on a 4′ oak tree. When the lopper torqued, it put a big gouge in the cutting blade. The blade will not last long at this rate.

I am also returning the professional bypass pruner – exact same problem on a 1/4″ branch on the same 4′ oak tree.

I bought the fiskars product based on name and reviews – not impressed.

little cutters that could ~ reviewed by J. A. Jacobs

These are amazing cutters. They outperform much larger, cumbersome bypass loppers. The gear drive does as it says, and the effort is minimal. My biggest problem has been cleaning off all the sap on them. Super sharp cutting jaws. I chipped a small part, but it hasn’t hurt its performance. The warranty does not make me concerned, I just try and make sure I don’t go too big when cutting branches.

gives clean cut and easy to use ~ reviewed by Myng

I have few trees in my front yard that needs serious pruning. I needed something that is sharp and can cut through thick branches. The Fiskars 18in powerGear had all the quality i was looking for it’s easy to handle, i love it that its light weight. On top of that, it is super sharp to cut through the branches I needed to cut. plus shipping was fast.I give this a 5 star.

Perfect size ~ reviewed by klc

Nice quality and arrived with a sharp edge. Perfect size for carrying and use since it is between small hand bypass and large lopper. Cuts 1 inch branches with no problem because of the lever design.

a piece of the cutting blade broke off on first use. ~ reviewed by Robert Rohr

guessing they’re intentionally designed that way to drive replacement parts sales. won’t work with me. i’ll just give it away and buy a higher quality tool.

Good tool ~ reviewed by 415th

Light, strong, good cutting radius and easy to handle. Between the shorter version and this one, you’ve got most pruning under control.

PowerGear Loppers ~ reviewed by BooBoo

My husband is a Master Gardner and needed these for community volunteer work. These are perfect. Every spring there are Community Days and they choose a senior citizen whose yard needs major work. Some have bushes and trees that have not been pruned in years. These make for quick work. They can handle a good size branch. Since he has arthritis in his hands, the PowerGear is great. Always in his work bag.Buy it at Amazon

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