Felco F-7 Gardening Hand Pruner with Rotating Handle Reviews

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Product Description

The Felco F-7 Gardening Hand Pruner with Rotating Handle has a comfortable, light, sturdy handle made of forged aluminum with a limited lifetime guarantee. The blade is made of high-quality hardened steel, which allows clean, precise cuts. The sap groove prevents the blade sticking when cutting “sappy” wood. It saves time and makes pruning easier by removing sap and debris after each cut. The Felco Classic Pruner is easily adjustable. Hand and wrist protection and optimization of the force exerted are provided by the angled head, the ideal shape of the handles, and the cushion-shock absorber / non-slip coating. The revolving handle spreads muscular effort across all fingers and reduces the overall cutting effort by 30%.

From the Manufacturer

A superbly designed ergonomic bypass Felco pruner for the professional. The Felco 7 has a rotating handle that revolves on its axis, allowing the fingers to move naturally, reducing the blisters and hand fatigue that so often accompany prolonged pruning work. This unique swivel action requires up to thirty percent less effort than conventional models and offers maximum comfort on continuous pruning. The swiveling handle may feel strange at first, but you’ll quickly come to wonder how you ever lived without it. This is the top-of-line for Felco pruners. Both cutting and anvil blades are not riveted, so they are easy to replace and the narrow, pointed blade design allows for close pruning. Includes adjustment key. Packaged in attractive plastic package suitable for storage, with instructions for care and maintenance tips. Length 8 1/4 inches, 10.2 ounces. Recommended cutting capacity is 1.0 inches.

Customer Reviews

Simply the Best. Inexpensive for a lifetime tool! ~ reviewed by Prof Wombat

Felco 4 has been my pruner for years. The one I hide from all of my helpers, even my wife! After recently buying a Felco 7, and pruning some 50 rose bushes and two dozen trees in one day, I realize the beauty of this model, with the swivel handle – not one blister, or even hand fatigue!

This pruner is well worth the money, and is certainly worth spending a little bit more on than buying a Felco 4 or Felco 2. (Unlike the Felco 2 or 4, this model comes apart and various replacement parts are available)

The swivel handle makes for a unique pruning experience. The Felco craftsmanship makes for a clean, smooth cut every time.

World’s Best Pruner gets even better with rotating handle! ~ reviewed by Fred

I have used the Felco #7 Pruner for more than 20 years now. Everytime I use them I thank my wife for recommending them to me. She got her Felco #7 Pruner from “Women’s Work”. I have taken it apart on the average of once every 5 years for adjusting and cleaning. Taking it apart and reassembling is very user friendly.

The real joy is in using the Felco # 7 purner. I did not believe a rotating handle would feel very secure to hold or to operate. Well, I was wrong. This pruner is very secure to hold and operates smoothly. Pruning with these is as easy as cutting butter. I have been able to use these pruners (bare-handed) for 8 hours of pruning. I have never gotten a blister or sore muscles, as I have gotten with other brands of pruners.

Pruning has never been one of my favorite gardening activities until I got the Felco #7, but I found out it was a joy to prune with a precision tool. I recommend these to all my friends.

Felco #7 ~ reviewed by Jim

These pruners are undoubtedly the best I have ever used. The ease of use is great. They will easily cut through 1/2″ to 3/4″ limbs. The rotating handle was a little hard to adjust to but now I would not own anything else. I have used them all, Fiskars, Craftsman and so on. I have never had anything to compare to these. Well worth the money.

great hand pruners ~ reviewed by K. Bouthillette

I haved used this particular style pruner for over 20 years. I find that the rotating handle allows for a comfortable long day of pruning, though it did take some getting used to in the beginning.This makes only, the third pair of this pruner in 20 years, great quality, long lasting.

Don’t believe the warranty information ~ reviewed by C. Hetzel

I received the Felco 7 Pruner at my request for my birthday. I have enjoyed using it because it is so easy and fits my hand perfectly. However, after only 4 months of use it totally came apart while pruning an azalea in my yard. The center screw which holds all the parts together totally came apart. When I contacted Felco about a warranty repair, they said all the parts had to be sent to Switzerland and undergo testing to see if this was a defect. It seems to me that if you have a virtually new pruner that you purchase from Felco they should let you send it back for speedy repair and/or replace at no charge. You be the judge about that “Lifetime Warranty”. I will never buy another Felco.

Felco F-7 Gardening Hand Pruner with Rotating Handle ~ reviewed by Placid Lane Farmer

The pruner cuts very well and the rotating handle offers protection from blisters.
My only complaint is the the handles, when open, are too wide for a woman’s grip. I have trouble repositioning my hand.

Felco F-7 Secateurs ~ reviewed by Koze

Nothing else leaves a neat clean cut on your precious trees like a pair of Felcos. The F-7 takes a little getting used to because of the angled head and the rotating handle but it is gradually feeling more natural. The steel is pure quality and I have been able to sharpen it better than when it came out of the box. It keeps its edge for longer too. You will need a cheap pair of secateurs on standby for people who ask to borrow yours because there is no way you will let anyone use your F-7s.

They are well built just like all Felcos, but I didn’t like using them. ~ reviewed by AndyB

Felco makes a quality product and these are no exception. Unfortunately I just didn’t like using them. The rotating handle made them harder to hang on to. Because it can rotate you need to keep your fingers curled around them enough to the control that rotation. When working at awkward angles (like when reaching in to the middle of a shrub) the handle would rotate at inopportune times or even cause me to drop them.

I’m sure this is just a matter of opinion, but it’s something to consider. I ended up selling them used on eBay and then buying the fixed handle model.

Good brand. Not so sure of the design ~ reviewed by D. Marchiando

After using these for a year, I would be inclined to return them for a regular pair. The rotating handle takes some getting used to, and in the end seems to create more problems than it solves. The rotating handle moves around a lot, and ends up sliding off its peg, at which point it rotates past the rotation-limiting stops and starts sliding away. It takes a lot of fussing to use these as you are constantly having to fool with the rotating handle–pushing it back on, twisting it back into positon, etc. Just get the regular pair and save some money. Or get a pair of Corona 80s if you want to save a little more.

A beautiful, well made tool ~ reviewed by W. Rogers

I have used the cheap imitation pruners for years and finally spent the money for a quality tool. This pruner is beautifully made. Each component of the pruner shows great care in the manufacturing process. Every surface is closely machined and finished. The sharp blades fit cleanly together and can be adjusted to maintain proper functioning. Many parts can be replaced should they wear out over time. It is made to last a lifetime.
This simply the nicest tool I have purchased in years. I look forward to the spring pruning this year.Buy it at Amazon

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