EZ Lawn and Garden Leaf Stomper, 10-Inch, Orange Reviews

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Product Description

Universal attachment fits most rakes, brooms and other long handled garden tools. Unique design allows consumers to pack up to 4X more in a standard recycling bag.

Customer Reviews

It does the job! ~ reviewed by azgrad

I don’t bag my leaves as our lawn trimming and leaves go into large plastic trash containers. Still, I have the same goal of increasing the capacity of the container. The stomper definitely does the job. I’ve always tamped down the leaves and grass with a scoop shovel. That’s always worked too but it’s obviously not an option if you’re using a bag and since the leaf stomper has more flat surface iit will compress a wider area than other tools. I like that I can secure the rake handle into the stomper using my foot to open and close the spring loader. One negative: I used a lot of force to really compress my leaves. Once done it was fairly difficult to remove the rake handle from the stomper. There is a small indent at the bottom of the stomper to hold the rake handle. The handle was jammed in there securely and I struggled to get it out. I was afraid I was going to break the plastic stomper. I didn’t break it, though, and possibly if you’re stomping into a bag you’ll use less force and not have this problem. But the bottom line is the stomper works and is a useful tool to add to your garden implements. One other comment: the stomper comes in a rigid blister pack. It’s not the easiest packaging to open and requires a knife or scissors to remove the product. I would have preferred to see less packaging, i.e., something that is easier to open and uses less materials.

More cute than useful ~ reviewed by Brent Butler

It was hard to tell from the picture, but I expected this product to have a larger “footprint” than it does. A few more inches of stuffing surface and a little less “cutesy” could have made this a truly useful product.

What about the cutesy I mentioned? The bottom of this is molded and inset so that they could show off their “foot concept”. This means that there is ample opportunity for dirt and wet leaves to get stuck inside. That means that at times you might have to clean this off using a hose. If the bottom was just flat with no ridges and no inset, you would have been able to just brush it off. They actually could have added a few more square inches of useful area with the same material if they had avoided cutesy for really useful.

Fun stomper ~ reviewed by Judith Ann Lawson

Works well but you certainly get a work out if you are over 60 yrs old. My grand kids love it and it does pack the leaves into the bag so we were able to cut number of bags we had to use in half.

Goofy product, great for “monster footprints” ~ reviewed by Quickbeam

Once we got this out of the unyielding plastic packaging, we assembled the leaf stomper easily. Please note that used as directed, the business end of a rake or broom is up near your head. My husband correctly predicted that I’d hit myself in the head with the rake at least once. This is not for the clumsy or accident prone.

Even though it is December in WI, we found enough leaves in our garage to get a bag of leaves going. The stomper part works well in allowing us to make full use of a bag. We also used this to tamp down Christmas wrapping into a garbage bag. The best use of this product seems to be to make monster footprints in the snow to delight the neighbor’s kids.

The stomper appears to be sturdy and well made. I’d rather have a dedicated pole for a handle than use a rake upside down (see head injury reference earlier). This strikes me as a Shark Tank type of inventor project but I think it will be of use next fall when we are again inundated with leaves. I think children would have fun tamping leaves with this but again I’d hesitate to have them use this as illustrated. Get a dowel and have this be a dedicated tool.

ETA: 4/5/2014: it is now spring and the melting snow has uncovered a surprising amount of leaves! The stomper was very helpful in getting our kraft bags full. I used it without a handle extension and it worked just great.

Simple and smart idea ~ reviewed by Katy Lake

A leaf stomper that looks like a big orange foot does superbly just what it was designed to do: crunches down leaves so you use fewer bags to dispose of them.

The thing really works. We managed to use a little more than half the normal amount of bags for yard cleanup. The stomper also has the advantage of not ripping or smashing bags when you try to use your own foot to accomplish the same task.

Just a good idea that someone should’ve thought of sooner (now maybe they can think of it at half the price – $20 for this is a bit steep, hence the four stars.)

Simple but brilliant ~ reviewed by Tracy Rowan

One of my jobs is having to compact the garden debris in our lawn bags. It’s difficult and not always pleasant, and when we’re pruning the roses, it’s downright dangerous. But the EZ Stomper makes quick work of all that shoving and compacting without me ever having to touch big, dangerous, homicidal thorns.

It’s a simple design, a little whimsical, which is always a plus. What’s not to like? Oh wait, the price. Yeah, the price is kind of a sticking point. I don’t think it’s worth $20. $10 and I’d say, “Great, perfect!” but $20 seems to be a bit excessive for a big plastic foot that you stick on the top of your rake.

So yeah, I’m glad I have one, but would I pay $20 for it? I don’t think so.

What a clever product – useful and fun ~ reviewed by Dom Miliano

Every fall, we share our property with about a million leaves. Our town doesn’t have one of those leaf vacuums to pick up leaves at the curb but they do drive a truck around to pick up bags of autumn’s largess. That means we have to pick them up and get them to the street. We usual use a shovel and our hands to pack the bags but when I saw this “stomper” I pounced. What a clever idea. It attaches easily to the end of our rake and does a good job compressing / packing the leaves so we actually use fewer bags. That’s both an economical issue and a practical one. Obviously, the fewer bags you use, the less you have to spend buying them plus, the fewer bags you pile up at the curb, the less work you have to do hauling them to the street. Throw in that dozens of bags in front of the house is unsightly so the fewer bags out there the better.

Overall, it does exactly what it says it will do and the humorous shape of the stomper (a foot) is just plain fun.

We like it – recommended if you have to bag leaves.

A Back Saver! ~ reviewed by Denise Bolds

A Back Saver! This one device makes my yard work easier and faster. Before I would loose 10-15% of my bags because I could not push the leaves down effectively. Now With the Leaf Stomper I get to use the bag completely. Easy to use it attaches onto the end of the rake or any pole you have. I really like this product and I strongly recommend it!

Satisfactory ~ reviewed by Rama Rao

I have used this attachment for the past three weeks in my yard and it works satisfactorily. It fits my rake, and the foot design of the attachment is convenient to stomp dry leaves to reduce the load into half its size. This tool is equipped with attach and release foot pedal that snaps into the rake.

I wished the stomper had a larger flat surface so that I could have stomped more leaves. Another negative aspect of this product is sometimes it is difficult to remove the rake from the stomper. I have rated this product three stars for its design, durability and utility.

Forget leaves–It’s GREAT for regular trash containers in the home! ~ reviewed by Paige Turner

If you’re like me, you are always trying to compress the garbage in your trash containers, right? If your trash can is full of wet garbage and coffee grounds, you use your foot. No more–you can attach the stomper to your broom and use it to compress your trash so you don’t have to take out the trash as often. And you won’t fill up your outdoor trash receptacle as fast, since your garbage will be compressed, so you’ll have fewer bags. Best of all, you won’t get wet garbage or coffee grounds on your foot or shoe when pushing down your trash. While this is great for green waste from your yard (I live in Hawaii so we have it year ’round), this is a handy tool for in the home as well. A smart, clever device that is extremely useful!Buy it at Amazon

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