Exaco WIBO 88 Thermoquick Composter, 88-Gallon (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Reviews

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3.4 out of 5 stars based on 17 customer reviews

Product Description

The WIBO Thermoquick composter is the latest in easy to use compost bins. Tucked away in a corner of the garden with its discreet shape and color, the Thermoquick performs its use task of composting vegetables, fruit and garden waste. The dark color maximizes the absorption of the suns heat and the well placed air slots guarantee optimal composting conditions. The composter is made of 100% recycled copolymer plastics which is resistant to cold weather cracking. The added corner clips prevent the side panels from sliding apart and the double side opening lids make filling the composter easier. Four access doors make getting compost from all four sides easy and the panels can be hung right above the opening for easy storage. The 88 gallon capacity is the perfect size for smaller areas so composter recycling can start in your own backyard.

Customer Reviews

Pass it up!!!!!!!! ~ reviewed by Barbara Grella

Hate it. Very flimsy raccoons were into it in a New York minute. Tried two nights now it is being replaced and is going back.

Composter ~ reviewed by John

The composter is not as strong as expected.The top doors keep falling off when opening,I should of spent a little more money for a better one.

Too flimsy ~ reviewed by Charles S. Henry

Although the design of this composter seems good and could be effective, it is made from very thin, flimsy plastic panels which separated or buckled when the unit was filled. In fact, even empty it can hardly stand up on its own, especially when the ground underneath is slightly uneven. When I added a bit of compost, both removable/sliding panels at the bottom popped out of position under the stress. So it’s a good design, but implemented using inadequate materials.

Easy to assemble ~ reviewed by You

Works great, easy to assemble. Have been filling up with compost and so far, so good. Goes directly on grass.

Easy ~ reviewed by Amy Schwan

This composter was very easy to put together and looks great. I’ll order another very soon to have as a back-up if this ever gets old.
I had to replace my old ($150.00) composter which was good in it’s day, but hard to originally put together, and ultimately, hard to take apart when I was ready to retire it. The Exaco composter will always be easy to switch out, if and when the time comes.

Exaco Trading WIBO 88 Thermoquick Composter, 88-Gallon ~ reviewed by jfortney

Received my order which was delivered fast than I was informed, but once I opened it I notice the bottom corner was cracked. Called amazon and they were good and shipping out a new item. The problem with the item is that the 4 bottom doors fall off with about just touching them or setting on the ground.

Flimsy and required “modifications” to get beyond the first season ~ reviewed by Anne M. Till

The thing is lightweight and flimsy like others have said. I was able to bolt the sides together to get a couple of seasons out of the thing but ultimately the bottom doors wouldn’t stay on any longer. We got good results with this composter but it just got to be too much effort to keep working with it. We also have an Allgreen unit that stays together but just doesn’t work as well as a composter. We like having 2 composters around as we generate food waste everyday so it never really catches up. We want one for new waste and a second one retired creating that nice rich chocolatey fertilizer for the yard.

I might just end up buying another one of these, Bolting it together and sealing the lower panels shut from the get go.

Flimsy ~ reviewed by Satisfied Buyer

The unit was easily assembled per instructions. I set it on bare ground, as the manufacturer recommended, next to the foundation of my house. A few days later a gust of wind completely disassembled it and spread it around my back yard. Fortunately, the parts were still intact with only one small tear. Now I am in the process of rebuilding the unit with all joints glued, adding wooden gussets to the bottom corners with holes for hold-down stakes and steel angle braces to the top corners. I am still searching for a suitable latch to keep the two covers from becoming airborne again.

Just what I wanted ~ reviewed by Julie

This took a little bit to get to hold together, yet it wasn’t annoying. I recommend that wherever it is placed to dig in the corners a little bit into the dirt so it shores it up a little. The openings are somewhat flimsy and tempermental. All in all, I am pleased with it. It doesn’t look bad in the yard and the top is easy to access.

The opening on top is large enough to be able to turn compst easily. We toss a little dirt on top once … ~ reviewed by jmcjh

Just what we wanted. Hold quite a bit more than the rotating ones, and any drainage just feeds the ground underneath. The opening on top is large enough to be able to turn compst easily. We toss a little dirt on top once in a while, and there is no unpleasant odor. Make sure you snap sides well before filling. Good value.Buy it at Amazon

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