Exaco CPBG 01 1-Gallon 2-in-1 indoor Compost Bucket, Green Reviews

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Product Description

Leave it to the British to design a very attractive and easy to clean kitchen bucket to collect organic waste to recycle into compost. Bucket-in-bucket design makes it easy to carry the waste to the compost bin/pile. Not too big-not too large: Perfect size to keep on top of a kitchen counter. Lid comes with a clear rubber seal to limit odor and pests. 1-gallon capacity. Dishwasher safe.

Customer Reviews

Amazing Customer Service!!! ~ reviewed by Steven Walls

When this cool little counter-top compost bucket arrived, it had a small crack in the bottom of the insert. In my haste, I didn’t make a phone call, but rather only read Amazon’s Return Policy, and was disappointed when it appeared that I was going to have to pay return shipping. In this case, Amazon’s return policy is NOT Exaco Trading’s Return Policy. Had I simply called Exaco Trading (877-760-8500 ext 701), like I finally did this morning, I would have not only received a new Compost Bucket shipped to me for free, but enjoyed a VERY pleasant conversation with Andrew Cook, VP of Exaco Trading! My previous negative post on my Compost Bucket? My bad and boy was I wrong! These things are shipped to Amazon in bulk, as many items are, and the only way we can be assured of getting a good product is by making sure we purchase from good companies like Exaco, who are willing and ready to keep us, the customer, satisfied. The next time I see the company name Exaco Trading, I will know, that no matter what, I will be treated well when purchasing from them! Thank you Exaco Trading! You are a Class Act!

Cuter than the coffee can I was using ~ reviewed by Stitches

Pros: really cute
Cons: not super duper sturdy.
It’s better than the empty plastic coffee can I was using.
I use BioBags (bio-degradable liners)[[ASIN:B001QVH0LO Biobag Biodegradable 3-Gallon Composting Bags / Package of 25] and it makes dumping the scraps into the composter a snap.
Arrived extremely fast: in less than 3 days. Packed in a sturdy box with some styrofoam. Arrived in excellent condition.

Perfect for scraps ~ reviewed by M. Charter

This is perfect for those kitchen scraps that you have on a daily basis. When it gets full, simply pull the insert out and take it to the compost bin to dump it. Rinse out the container and you are back in business.

Does the job ~ reviewed by Rebecca Aubertin

The size is perfect for what I needed however when the inside bin gets full the handle falls off when trying to pull it out. Poor design on the handle

Very poorly made. ~ reviewed by Lynne E. Woods

Although this compost bucket is attractive for the countertop it is very poorly made. The handle on the inside removable bucket will not stay attached to the bucket. It just has the two ends of the handle sit in to little round holes and if you want to use it without the handle the inside bucket is difficult to remove from the larger bucket. Also the lid on my bucket is shaped incorrectly and does not fit tightly. Disappointment!

Prefect compost pail ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

I bought this as a gift for someone and they love it! The size is nice and the color is a nice muted green. The lid fits snugly on base and you don’t have any odors coming from the unit. They really like that when you dump the items into it there a little interior bucket that is pulled out for easy disposal. They can clean the inner bucket in the dishwasher and it keeps things nice and clean. We liked it so much that we’re opting for one as well. Definitely would recommend this!

Love it, but expect a dent! ~ reviewed by Sophie E.

This bucket is so cute! It fits perfectly on my counter and matches my cabinets. The seal keeps out the odor and the fruit flies. My friend has the nickel compost bins you see everywhere which has holes in the lid and attracts fruit flies like crazy. My only complaint is that I had to order this bucket through Amazon 2 separate times. The first time there was a dent in the rim that prevented the lid from completely closing. I exchanged the item and the replacement they sent me also has a minor dent on the rim! This dent doesn’t effect the lid so I decided to keep it because I just love the look of this bucket. I wish I took a pic of the first bucket, but I’ve attached a pic of the one I currently have.

counter top compost holder ~ reviewed by BB

Got this after I ordered a pathetic ceramic compost holder that looked like a head of lettuce. This has a gasket around the top to keep the smells in. The plastic bucket inside makes it easy to empty. The green is a light green kind of like a granny smith apple but lighter. I am very pleased.

Satisfied Composter ~ reviewed by Molly Flavin

This bucket is great! I love that it conceals the smells of the food in the bin. I bought composting bags to put my food in when I take it to my compost bin at my work. The bucket does come with a removable bucket to dispose of the composted food, but I don’t compost my own food so that doesn’t work for me. I wish it were a little bigger. Great deal for this bucket, and it’s not an eye sore!

I like this compost bin mostly because it’s cute and looks … ~ reviewed by Kelli M

I like this compost bin mostly because it’s cute and looks nice in my kitchen but the rubber seal around the top is great for keeping out the smell. Also, the inside bucket is nice to take just that part out to the compost bin and just rinse that part out as opposed to the whole thing.Buy it at Amazon

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