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Estwing Campers Axe Sheath 5

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Not for large axes ~ reviewed by reposter

Be advised that this sheath is made for smaller axes. The size of the main part will fit the edge of a larger blade, but the strap isn’t long enough.

Other than that, I have found nothing wrong with the quality and integrity of this product.

This is fantastic. Estwing Axes FF4 Fireside Friend Splitting Tool with Blue Nylon-Vinyl Deep Cushion Safety Grip Handles ~ reviewed by John P. Salvaggio

I got this for use with the Estwing Axes FF4 Fireside Friend Splitting Tool with Blue Nylon-Vinyl Deep Cushion Safety Grip Handles. It fits wonderfully. Yes, even around the mallet.

Replacement Factory No.#5 Leather Sheath for the “ESTWING 45A Camper’s Axe”, Very High Quality & Made In The USA ~ reviewed by VoiceOver Guy

Excellent quality leather, rivets and snaps. Made by ESTWING for their “Estwing 45A Camper’s Axe”, which is an all-steel 26″ Axe with a narrow handle and a slender 4.3 lb head.
This fits the 45A perfectly, but it is not designed to be a one-size-fits-all generic aftermarket axe sheath for all brands.

So if you have a different brand axe, don’t automatically assume this will fit.

Like the Estwing Axe, this is made in the USA. Very high quality materials and workmanship.

If you have inherited an older sheath in what looks like poor condition, you may want to try some oil and some patience before giving up on the old sheath. Some oil can work wonders with restoring the older sheaths.

These seem to average around $10-$11 including shipping from a number of Sellers here on Amazon.

Just a great product. Recommended.

And I really like my Estwing 45A Camper’s Axe itself. I have reviewed the Axe separately, it’s a great axe. If you’re looking for a good general purpose/light to medium duty chopping axe to take down trees up to 18″ or so, the Estwing is a great choice.

Hope this is helpful as you comparison shop online. Happy trails and chop safely, everybody.

Almost perfect ~ reviewed by Frank Lapore III

God flesh covering keeps the blade from effecting anything if it is wet or dirty or greasy! Just wipe off blade and stick it inside. A must have if you have a small ax

Well Made Sheath ~ reviewed by chraland51

This sheath is better than the original that just wore out. I have the had the axe that it will go on since 1977. I would have given this item 5 stars had it been constructed with a leather strip to prevent the blade edge from making contact with the rivets.

does what its suppose to. ~ reviewed by John McDermott

Lost my original one in the snow in 2014, had to replace because I carry my Estwing camp axe on my quad.

great sheath ~ reviewed by R. B. Brinar

great sheath, quality solid leather, very well made, should last for years

Five Stars ~ reviewed by Charles Anning

This was a gift to go with the axe. The recipient is very saisfied.

good value and well-constructed ~ reviewed by Jay Szuba

Typical Estwing quality, good value and well-constructed.

Good Camp Axe Cover ~ reviewed by John H. Hall

Imported, but seems well made.Buy it at Amazon

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