Earthway Tubular Steel High Wheel Cultivator 6500 Reviews

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Product Description

Work-saving tool has greater operating stability than its imitators. Three tools included: Twin End Furrow Plow channels seed rows; Mold Board Plow works as plow and tiller; and the 5 Tine Cultivator handles weeding and soil loosening. U.S.A.

From the Manufacturer

The Earthway high wheel cultivator is ideal for a multitude of garden jobs. From light plowing and hilling to furrowing and cultivating, this versatile tool makes it all easier. The frame is constructed of heavy-duty, one-inch plated tubular steel that is powder coated for long life. The 24-inch steel wheel helps move the cultivator through the soil more quickly than comparable models. Both the 3-position handle height and tool depth can easily be adjusted to individual needs.

Customer Reviews

Amazing labor and back saver, but quality control problem ~ reviewed by law prof

We brought an Earthway high wheel garden cultivator to a family member in Ireland who has a large organic vegetable garden. It works amazingly well. We have only used the five-prong cultivator to weed between the crop rows in pretty heavy clay soil, and have yet to try the other attachments. It requires only the technique of using a manual push mower: one step forward at a time; a shallow pass the first time and a deeper pass the second; going down the grade rather than up it; and so on. We are so impressed with it that we’ve just ordered one for our home garden and allotment in California. It makes weeding a pleasure and saves our backs.

September 2, 2007 follow-up. We did not have such good luck with our second cultivator. It arrived packaged in the original Earthway box, but it was missing two vital parts and the parts that were sent were painted black, not the usual powdered steel finish. We called Earthway, which promptly sent the two parts and had no explanation why the hoe was now painted black. I asked them to make sure that the missing parts were black as well. The two parts arrived painted gray, so we have a 2-tone hoe. Additionally, the main tool, the 5-clawed cultivator, had too much solder on one of its two parts, so they did not fit together smoothly, with the result that our hoe is somewhat lopsided when it is standing up. It still works well, but its appearance and lopsidedness take away some of the pleasure of using it. We emailed Earthway about it, but never received a response.

High wheel Cultivator ~ reviewed by Dan Curtis

The high wheel cultivator is one the easiest ways to cultivate weeds right up against the crop. I like using it more than a hoe. I lay off rows with the single point plow, and it will cover rows as well. I sure do like mine and I use it alot.

good idea cheapened ~ reviewed by F. W. Adams

When mywooden handled cultivator was stolen I replaced it with this tubular steel model. The tubing is not nearly rigid enough for use in heavy soils.Go for a model with oak or ash handles. The optional slicing hoe does a great job.

Great product for a small garden ~ reviewed by Joan A. Stanolis

It is a really great garden utensil but only if you have loosened soil and a small to medium garden. It removes weeks and grass really well. I enjoy using it in my garden; however, I cannot stress enough that it takes lots of work if your garden is too large. Completely recommend.

Wheel cultivator ~ reviewed by Dave

The wheel cultivator arrived in good time and works well. The only complaint I have is that it was advertised with solid oak handles, but they are all steel with rubber grips. However, Amazon did refund part of the purchase price once I pointed out the difference in the advertisement and acutal product.

get ready to sweat ~ reviewed by shark bait

the product works and funtions as advertised but its not the easiest thing in the world to use.I am taking into account the drought this year,which made the soil harder than normal.

Handy for small gardens ~ reviewed by Don

It takes a little work to assemble but works as stated. It is especially nice for “laying” out rows and doing shallow cultivating when the ground is not too hard.

Must have tool for large gardens!!! ~ reviewed by Ashley Allen

This cultivator was easy/quick to put together, is a very sturdy/well built tool, and doesn’t take long to switch out the implements. We have a fairly large garden, and this has been a huge time saver when it comes to weeding the garden. I used the single blade to cut the rows, and have been using the cultivator for plowing under weeds. Looking forward to corn and potatoes getting tall enough so that I can try out the “hiller” implement.

High Wheel Cultivator. ~ reviewed by T.A. Williams

I have a small garded and this is just the ticket for weeding between the rows. i even used it to break the ground which had never been tilled or plowed to plant my garden. if you want to get back to old time gardening or just want to plant a small garden without buying a tiller then this is just the ticket you need.

Rough Land for Pumpkins Cultivated with the Earthway Tubular Steel High Wheel Cultivator ~ reviewed by f. van leeuwen-vd velden

The Earthway Tubular Steel High Wheel Cultivator is the best to help me weeding a large plot. I have sown several vegetables but pumkins the most, and it is a great help to keep the veggies from overgrowing. I love to work with the Earthway Tubular Steel High Wheel Cultivator.Buy it at Amazon

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