Earthway 6500W High Wheel Garden Cultivator with 24-Inch Steel Wheel and Wood Handle Reviews

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Product Description

Use this classic EarthWay Kentucky-Style High Wheel Cultivator for weeding and loosening soil with a 5-tine cultivator head, a moldboard plow and a twin-end furrow plow. The oak handles adjust to 4 different positions for hours of comfortable use. U.S.A. Tine Type: Spring steel, Tire Size (in.): 24, Tines (qty.): 5, Overall Width (in.): 3 3/8, Application: Cultivator

From the Manufacturer

The Earthway high wheel cultivator is ideal for a multitude of garden jobs. From light plowing and hilling to furrowing and cultivating, this versatile tool makes it all easier. The frame is constructed of heavy-duty, one-inch plated tubular steel that is powder coated for long life. Solid oak handles add classic appeal and durability. The 24-inch steel wheel helps move the cultivator through the soil more quickly than comparable models. Both the 3-position handle height and tool depth can easily be adjusted to individual needs.

Customer Reviews

Better tools available ~ reviewed by Thomas Gibson

I read in a number of places after I got this tool that there are better wheel hoes available. Elliot Coleman for one recommends one that fits the description of the Glaser Wheel Hoe exactly. First of all because of the way the tools mount on this one it does an inefficient job of transfering the energy to the soil. The tools that come with it are very light weight and the range of tools available isn’t as great as with other manufacturers. This is more of a replica of an antique although it gets some basic jobs done. The fact that it doesn’t have any of the improvements made in tools like this from other manufacturers mean that you have to do a lot of things twice or more to get the job done. I got the wood handled version which I was glad of because it is stronger and heavier. The handles unfortunately were completely raw wood so I had to buy some primer just to feel good about taking this out for the first time. Some of the hardware used to attach tools was weak and bent the first time it was used and the instructions how to assemble the tool were useless. The box was ripped when I got it because the packaging is shoody and I felt lucky that some of the small part bags didn’t get lost during shipping. The wheel axle is just a piece of pipe that runs on a piece of round stock. Since that fitting is rather sloppy it makes it easier for the wheel hoe to not track as straight as it might and cause several course corrections when doing a pass down a row.

The fact that this is the only wheel hoe available on is unfortunate. I thought I was getting a great deal when I used a $50 Amazon gift card to get this tool and now I am thinking I only got what I personally paid for. I am able to do most of what I wanted to do with this tool but wouldn’t recommend it to someone looking for a wheel hoe.

Best Manual Coltivator ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

Earthway 6500W High Wheel Garden Cultivator with 24-Inch Steel Wheel and Wood Handle.
This cultivator is a manual tool that requires very little maintenance, and maximizes garden productivity. It can easily go down and create rows for tilling, planting and weeding. It’s NOT TOO LONG to use on shorter rows and turns easily compared to the longer handled Glaser Wheel Hoe ($383.00). I began using this design 34 years ago and it out performs a gas powered tiller in small plots.
The unit ships flat (unassembled), contains all hardware for assembly and include 1 Reversible Plow, a half-furrow plow, and a cultivator tine (5 tines).
The Earthway 6500 models can be ordered in either tubular steel (6500) or hardwood handles (6500W). The hardwood handles are very sturdy. The hardwood unit is sturdier than the tubular steel model. It feels more solid, all accessories mount in a 3 inch slot in a frame section just behind the wheel.
The items that ship with the cultivator are good quality and sturdy. The very best accessory for this unit is the “slicing hoe” – it is a huge time and back saver. The slicing hoe can cut weeds in forward or reverse operation, cutting the weeds just below the surface of the soil. I can cut down young alfalfa plants, Johnson grass, puncture weeds, and hemlock, with care I can get weeds directly next to my row vegetables. As of this writing Amazon does not carry the slicing hoe so here is the link to the best source (this is a must have tool) $18.99 – shipping was the most reasonable. The Earthway slicing hoe doesn’t come loose, or slide around, which makes it easier to control the hoe without harming any friendly plants. Try the cultivator, then put the slicing hoe on – you will love it! The hardwood unit is superior to the tubular steel.
I would give this tool 6 stars, but Earthway needs to include the slicing hoe – it is the most important accessory.
I recommend the use of Loctite during assembly Henkel 01-24200 Loctite 6-ml Threadlocker 242

Earthway High Wheel Garden Cultivator with 24-Inch Steel Wheel and Wood Handle #6500W ~ reviewed by Jeffrey A. Douglass

The shipping box was torn, but all the parts where in the box. It was easy to build once I related the parts to the picture. The cultivator functions as described. It quickly removes small weeds, turns the soft earth and I get the exercise my doctor recommends. I am satisfied with this product.

Earthway 6500W High Wheel Garden Cultivator with 24-Inch Steel Wheel and… ~ reviewed by W. R. Smith

I received my new Earthway 6500W High Wheel Garden Cultivator about 4:30 today and I immediately started to assembly. It took me about 45 minutes to assemble and tighten all of the bolts and to my surprise I did not have any parts left over or short any. I have a small garden about 35 feet by 40 feet consisting of 15 rows of vegetables. I use the cultivator to plow the grass and weeds out and a few rows where the vegetable were small won’t need any more attention, but I will have to use the hoe to finish the job.

I have placed an order for the optional slicing hoe from another source. I have a friend that uses an Earthway with the slicing hoe and he is impressed with the way it cuts the weeds using a forward and backward stroke. I feel this equipment will save me several hours caring for my garden.

Excellent product ~ reviewed by Horacee

I have used this cultivator many times since it arrived and am very pleased with it. It is exactly what I was looking for and would recommend it to others.

Push Cultivator ~ reviewed by John Campbell

I finally broke down and ordered one of these and got it in early summer after the weeks were already firmly established in the garden. It is work to use the cultivator, and just as with a hoe, you can work hard or hardly work. I am very pleased with my purchase. I only use the cultivator, since I would have to work too hard to use this for plowing the ground. I put the seed furror attachment on to lay out some rows, but found that I could do this task just as fast and with more precision with a hoe. I am going to get the hoe attachment for Christmas, hopefully. Althought some things could be better with the tool, this was the first year in a long time that there were few weeds in the garden. I would recommend the purchase of this tool.

High wheel garden cultivator ~ reviewed by Bill

I bough this for my mother and she use it in her garden every day.she thank me every day she talk to me.

Nice product ~ reviewed by Shane

When I was a kid I used a high wheel plow in the garden and I had been looking for one for a while before I settled on this one.

When I received the unit, it looks like it had been dropped pretty hard and the front wheel was slightly bent but after talking to the supplier, they sent a new one.

Before using it, I stained the handles black and it looks really good and should keep the wood lasting longer.

Overall I am pleased with the unit and would recommend it.

Kickin’ it AMISH STYLE! ~ reviewed by Vinyl Queen

For when you want to get really low tech and bond with the earth, this tool is perfect. Put on your sun bonnet and tell Pa that you’ll be back after you’re done plowing the fields. Get that penny candy ready because you’ll feel like Laura Ingalls Wilder after having used this amazing garden tool.

I have a very large back yard, and hand tools are simply inefficient at this point. I don’t mind working hard, but I want my efforts to be efficient. A garden wheel is the perfect solution for cultivating, weed removal, or just about anything that a shovel and hoe can do. The five tine attachment is great for ripping weeds out of the ground and pulling them along until you’re ready to let them fall off. The mound tool is very sharp and it’s quite gratifying to cut through soil with it.

You can almost hear the clink of leather harnesses and plow horses snorting as you move around with this thing. It’s easy to put together, but have patience. I also recommend having someone with strong hands tighten down all the nuts and bolts when you’re done. I have child-sized hands and didn’t get everything as tight as I want it. I have now lost two bolts in the process of plowing the back 40.

This would be a perfect gift for a friend who loves to garden, but doesn’t want to invest in a large tiller. Mine was a gift and I love it!

Looks okay so far ~ reviewed by Alyssa K.

Well, I haven’t actually used this yet, so I can’t really write a very accurate review. I will have to update it this spring or summer when we use it. My rating may change to five stars if it exceeds my expectations. The price, after all, was very good.

It looks a little bit flimsy, but I think it will hold up ok if used properly. I don’t think it would do much in heavy, clay soils, but since we have loam, I’m not very worried.

I don’t know how people managed to put it together in 15-20 minutes. I’m pretty handy, and it took me about an hour to figure it out. The instructions could be better, but we eventually figured it out!

Yes, the handles aren’t finished, but for me that is a good thing. I react to most commercial types of fresh stain, varnish and paint. I just soaked the handles in linseed/flax oil and it was good to go.

I wish that earthway would also provide the other blade. Almost every review I’ve read on this product recommended the cutting blade as an essential part for weeding. It’s disappointing not to be able to purchase it here. But other than that, so far I’m happy with what I see.Buy it at Amazon

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