Dunlop 5006SI Ergo Pickholder Reviews

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Product Description

Keep your picks where you need them. This sleek, ergonomically designed pickholder is made out of high-impact plastic for years of gigging. Featuring a special spring system and reusable non-marring adhesive to preserve your guitar’s finish. Holds standard shaped picks only.

Customer Reviews

It’s like a marsupial pouch for guitar picks! ~ reviewed by Trader Watto

I have no idea why anyone would write a review for a guitar pick holder but… Anyway this little Item as you would imagine is really handy. I think in my 7 years playing guitar I have probably purchased 1000 guitar picks. And at any given time I can find maybe one. Then you clean your house and they turn up everywhere “I don’t remember playing guitar on top of the fridge..” This little guy holds about 6 picks snugly in its little kangaroo pouch. I stuck this to my main acoustic guitar and instead of sticking the little pick in-between the strings I just stick it in the holder. And when I clean and start finding loose picks everywhere I just stick them back in the holder. The little adhesive strip keeps it really snug on the guitar, and im sure a little goo be gone will remove residue after you don’t want the holder anymore. Anyways If you actually read this review thanks and buy it you won’t be disappointed. Your everything guide -Andrew

Great Idea For Kids!!! ~ reviewed by Nichole M. Benson

We bought this pickholder for my 6 year old son who just got a guitar for Christmas. The pickholder has a little peice of paper on the back of it that you just peel off and then stick the holder on your guitar. It’s great to not have to worry about him losing his picks. I think the holder fit about 10 picks in it. The picks fit into the holder perfectly and come out with ease. Great product, especially for kids.

My First Pick! ~ reviewed by James D. Stallings

Yeah, so this holder is probably the best thing that happened to me since I started playing. I used to always lose my picks, but this holder stopped that from happening. 5 stars man!

Great little pickholder ~ reviewed by Tam N.

good price for this little holder. It is sturdy and has stayed stuck onto the guitar for 3 weeks now. it has a spring load so the picks come out easily, whether you have 2 in there or 6. This can fit about 5-6 normal picks though with the thicker ones you may be only able to fit 3-4. My bf lost his favorite pick and has been lamenting it ever since so I got him this little thing to try to keep that from happening again. I haven’t tried to remove it yet so I can’t speak for it damaging the guitar or not but guitar wood is really strong and heavily polished so I doubt it would.

not _quite_ what I expected… ~ reviewed by Scott Cherry

I stumbled across this little thing while restoring and upgrading my guitar and thought that a guitar pick holder would be better than merely carrying picks in my pocket, like my uncle does. He once suggested that I slide my picks between the pick guard and body of my guitar, but after time it tends to warp the guard a bit, so that doesn’t really work for me. I saw a few pick holder models being sold on Amazon and thought I would go for this model for a few reasons: it looks nice, has a decent price, and holds _some_ picks. I say “some” because there is really no set number. For some reason, I thought it would hold ten and was frustrated when it wouldn’t. I just bought a ten-pack of new picks and I didn’t want the extras floating around in my guitar case the way my old, gnarly picks had. As I was trying to insert the last couple picks completely, the bottom popped off the pick holder assembly! Fortunately the assembly consists of only three parts- the top, bottom, and a curved piece of metal which acts as a spring. See where I’m going with this? Yeah, I grabbed some pliers and slightly reshaped the metal so I can now successfully insert ten medium-thickness picks. A few drops of super glue gel strategically placed and the pick holder is holding together better than it did before. I thought I had a horrible problem on my hands, but everything turned out for the better as a result! Now, on a note (no pun intended) of performance: I don’t really have a problem with pulling picks out. I do notice that the next one up tends to slide out just barely, but I don’t feel like I’m going to lose all my picks in the process, like I had read in another review. As for the adhesive backing, I have discovered that any double-sided adhesive item does not ad here well to cold surfaces. They don’t adhere well the dirty surfaces either, so be sure to clean the area where you plan to stick it and while you’re at it, pull out the old hairdryer and blast it for about a minute to get it nice and warm before applying the pick holder. That way it should stick around awhile (pun intended).

Great ~ reviewed by race6

So, this works exactly as advertised. A pick holder is just that, a pick holder. Nothing too amazing but it does what it’s supposed to and I don’t lose my picks as often anymore! I’ve had this for about 8 months and it’s still working perfectly and I love it just as much today as I did when I first got it. Definitely a must have for any guitar player, it keeps you from seeing picks lying around all over the place or losing your favorite one.

Works Great ~ reviewed by lovemybunzyboy

When you buy a pick holder, you expect it to hold picks. That’s what it does. I can fit about 8-10 Fender mediums (the blue ones) in there. The sticky part on the back works great. It sticks well and doesn’t leave a LOT of goo stuff. I didn’t put my holder on my guitar, because I thought it would get in my way when I was strumming or something. So, I stuck it to my wall. It’s nice to always have my picks in one place. But, if you travel a lot with your guitar and you don’t want to stick it to your guitar, I would just keep a pick in between the guitar strings or something.

Overall, I highly reccommend this holder to anyway who has a hard time keeping up with their picks. Or just any guitar player that uses picks. It’s great.

neat little item ~ reviewed by Al

I am just learning the mandolin and bought this as a afterthought and I am glad I did, I am a longtime guitar player and the way you hold a pick for a guitar and for a mandolin are totally different combine this with the twin string setup on the mandolin and how close the twin strings are to each other and I have suddenly developed a case of the clumsys as far as keeping hold of my pick, its bad enough dropping my pick in the middle of a jam session but it would be worse having to go fishing around for it or a replacement, I stuck this on the back of my mandolins head between the strap and the tuners so when I drop my pick I just flick a new one out and continue on.

Don’t get your hopes up ~ reviewed by JJGaucho

Within 3 minutes of taking my pick holder out of the packaging it broke when I tried to actually put picks in it. If you click on the 1 star reviews you’ll see the same explanation as me. Seemed to fit about 3 picks fine, once you try to fit more the bottom came off and I’ll probably need super glue to hold it together again. It’s inexpensive and was worth an add on to my order, but I won’t be seeking a refund or return. I’ll just use a plastic baggie from now on.

Ingenious idea! ~ reviewed by DT

It’s very handy to have eight picks available when you want them. The device is well made with a good spring inside and it just looks cool on the guitar.Buy it at Amazon

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