Dramm 18042 ColorPoint Bypass Pruner with Stainless Steel Blade, Orange Reviews

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Product Description

The ColorPoint Bypass Pruner with stainless steel blades is designed for garden and yard trimming. With non-slip rubber grips molded over a cast aluminum frame, the ColorPoint Bypass Pruner offers both strength and comfort. The ColorPoint Bypass Pruner has a 5/8-Inch cutting capacity and a locking mechanism for safe storage. Available in Dramm’s six bright colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and berry. Be sure to check out Dramm’s full line of colorful and quality cutting and watering tools, also available on Amazon.com.

Customer Reviews

Best large pruners. ~ reviewed by Sean

I must say these are absolutely perfect in every way. The stainless steel blades are very sharp and the unit is great for large woody stems. I like the fact that you can keep them outside in the weather and not have them rust up like many other pruners. I owned a felco and returned it for this and the Dramm compact pruners. I am much more satisfied due to the worry free maintenance of both.

Nice pruners but not for larger branches ~ reviewed by DH

I bought these to replace my old Wiss style cutters, they were actually Craftsman, but they were the type that crushed the stems till they broke off. Those worked fairly well but had started to stick closed for no reason and they had gotten dull. The sticking closed was VERY annoying.

I looked at tons of the hand held pruners and their reviews, and several mentioned the getting stuck closed issue, so naturally I avoided those completely. These rated really well. I used them the other day to help chop up a maple branch. This same branch managed to bend the blade on a $40 set of Corona lopper pruners, but these cut through most of it with little effort, and the blades remained nice and sharp and did not bend.

The packaging on the pruners and the pruners themselves are stamped with 5/8″ cutting capacity. I was blowing through my pile of branches like they were nothing, until I came to a branch that was nearly 5/8″ and the metal handle snapped, up near the cutting blades. Guess I don’t know my own strength, but my BF has gained a new respect for me ;-) Anyway, I think the metal may have been weak in that spot and gave way under the pressure. I don’t think the pruners are bad, so I did take steps to return them to Amazon and ordered a replacement pair, not a refund or exchange. Just in case though, I would recommend keeping the branches 1/2″ or under to be safe. If they have a lot of returns for that reason, they may want to re-think the 5/8″ thing. Hoping this was just a fluke because aside from that they were really nice. Anybody else manage to cut a 5/8″ branch without issue?

The only other issue I saw with these prior to them breaking, was that I tried cutting a rose stem (small job compared to a maple branch) and although it cut through the stem, since the blades bypass each other, they don’t pass quite close enough, and it leaves a tiny strip of stem that it doesn’t chop through on smaller items. It’s so small though, it’s VERY easy to just pull the stem off at that point without effort. It just doesn’t cut all the way through. I have to use them a little more to see of any other issues, but I think I can live with that. Still a nice clean cut, and they are nice and sharp.

awesome ~ reviewed by jc

This is a fantastic product available on amazon for a good price. Dramm is a great brand for gardening tools and I was recommended them by my friend who is a landscaper. These pruners are worth the money.

Broke the first day I used it ~ reviewed by Wayne D. Peters

Dramm 18042 ColorPoint Bypass Pruner with Stainless Steel Blade, Orange
These broke during the first day of use, cheap plastic handles.

The only – ONLY – pruner on the market for small hands ~ reviewed by Bonita

This is the ONLY pruner for smaller hands. It is the ONLY pruner which does not open past comfort level and cause pain/damage after continuous use I have tried every fancy brand from Europe, UK, US, hand-made, forged, every material and those specifically advertised for small hands. Nada. The spread on these (yes, plastic) handles is less than any other on the market – yet functional and lightweight. The colors are great for not losing. Since I “go through” several a year (as in lose), that is a good thing. These pruners ROCK (and I found only by “accident” at a local garden center, after I had given up finding any to replace the old Fiskars which worked – the newer ones seem to spread wider, FYI).

Now – that said, they are not designed for heavy-duty cutting and yes, they can break. But I can buy 3 for the price of some of the others that I had to return . Use the ratcheted / 2-handed version if you need to put that much pressure on.

Complete waste of money ~ reviewed by MISTER FALCON

I have been very happy with other Dramm products, so I purchased this bypass pruner from a local Ace hardware store expecting the same quality. After less than an hour, I had broken a handle while trimming a lilac bush; the branch I was cutting when the handle broke was smaller than the rated capacity of the pruner, and I wasn’t using excessive effort to try to cut it. This is a cheap, made-in-Taiwan piece of junk with a price tag you’d expect on an American-made item. Don’t waste your time or money on this.

Excellent ~ reviewed by Mike

+These are very good cutters for their size, slice well
+Yellow color helps me from losing them (former #1 issue with my last pair, which I lost)
+Very good closure mechanism

-Lack of eye hook for hanging these on my peg board

Bottom line: Recommended. Very good cutters.

Great for Florists ~ reviewed by Richard A. Kempa

I use this tool in my everyday operations in my flower shop. These pruners stay sharp and preform well even after repeated use.

Nice ~ reviewed by Jim

Great handle feel. Fits in the hand nicely and they cut great. I bought this on a recommendation and am happy with it.

You can almost always count on Dramm for high quality, this is no exception. ~ reviewed by californiaguy

Worth the extra price as compared to other pruner brandsBuy it at Amazon

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