DeWit Diamond Hoe with 60 in. Handle Reviews

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Product Description

About DeWitIf you’re looking for old-fashioned quality and craftsmanship in a modern tool, DeWit tools are made for you. Each tool is beautiful, practical and designed to last for generations. You can even feel the difference – DeWit tools are crafted from high quality European Ash wood. The handles are shock-resistant and practically unbreakable. Even more important, the forged boron steel of these tools is sharp, durable, and incredibly strong: it’s just not going to bend under normal use. DeWit burnishes their steel, giving it a fine black patina that evokes the tools of an English garden. You’ll be proud to use and display these tools in your garden. Straight handle made of European ash. Head dimensions: 2L x 8W in.. Overall length: 60 in..

Customer Reviews

Not perfect, but an amazing tool ~ reviewed by Jesse Rorabaugh

I just got this tool, but after an hour playing with it I am confident I at least got a good tool.

First I took it into my garden. I used it to kill every weed in the garden in less than five minutes. Since I had recently weeded, this was not very many and none were bigger than three inches tall. However this was still turning a twenty minute job into a five minute job because I didn’t have to stretch while trying to reach weeds way in the back without stepping on anything. The down side was it was surprisingly difficult to only kill weeds. The blade is sharp and fairly large, one slip is all it takes to kill the plant you were trying to help.

Then I took it into a plot of land I am clearing to grow native plants. This is the area I really bought this tool for since it seemed like the best way to clear the weeds without disturbing the soil very much. The area was cleared perhaps a year before, and it was a drought so the weeds were not that large. I started in an spot with about one foot tall weeds including Bermuda grass, horseweed, and fennel. The hoe cut through them with about as much work as vacuuming a room. I was really impressed at this point so I proceeded farther in the area. I quickly found the limits of this thing with some two foot tall cheeseweed plants. The hoe could get through them, but not without working hard at it. If I had a whole field of that plant, I would buy something like a field hoe or perhaps even a power tool. As I kept going, I found that shorter cheeseweed plants could be cleared without too much work, but the larger ones really slowed me down.

Finally, I went home and inspected the blade. It actually took quite a lot of damage even though I used the tool less than an hour. It was nothing a few minutes with a knife sharpener couldn’t fix though. I was using it in dry, rocky soil on large established weeds. If I had good soil I have no doubt this tool would last a lifetime. In rocky soil, I just have a hard time picturing that but maybe if you are careful to not bang it on rocks.

I was concerned that the 60″ handle might be too short. So far that does not seem to have been an issue. I am 5′ 11″ and can use it without having to bend much.

Well worth the price ~ reviewed by Robert Faetz

We looked for a long time at local home centers and garden stores and were not able to find a diamond head hoe like the one we borrowed from a friend. We found this one through Amazon and were delighted at the quality and how amazingly sharp the diamond head is on this tool. This will be a real workhorse in our garden.

Perfect for Removing Weeds from Gardens, Flower Beds and Mulch around Trees ~ reviewed by JB

Razor sharp! So be sure to handle with care when unwrapping. In fact, it’s probably not a bad idea to wear leather gloves when removing the protective plastic wrap from the head. Though it’s not real clear from the picture, the blade runs horizontally along it’s widest point. At 2 x 8 inches it’s relatively small. Having said this though the blade works with brutal efficiency when lowered down into the mulch and worked back and forth to slice out weeds. Same merciless weed eradication when used in the garden. It also does a really nice job of loosening up compacted mulch/soil in the process. That’s not to say you don’t have to put your back into it a bit (no power switch here). But, your rewarded for your effort in that weeds are cut out below the surface and unlikely to recover.

Like one of the other reviewers here, I actually purchased to cut weeds out of the lawn. However, the orientation of the blade doesn’t lend itself to this purpose. Further, working the blade into the clay/small stones in my lawn dulled the blade fairly quickly. Using a sharpening steel brought the edge back fairly well.

So for cutting weeds quickly and efficiently this hoe can’t be beat but if your looking to cut out weeds in an established lawn your probably better served using the corner of a standard gardening hoe.

Best Ever Weed Hoe ~ reviewed by Elaine Truelove

My Husband has had one of these hoes for twenty years and it finally wore so thin it broke. we have searched every garden shop around looking for them . Were amazed to see them on your site and ordered two to have a spare. Beats all other hoes for weeding

Best hoe money can buy! ~ reviewed by KathyE

What a backsaver this is, and the weeds come right out with little effort. Be careful this hoe is sharp!

Best weeding hoe ever made ~ reviewed by N. C. Winn

Both of us have used this remarkable tool to keep a newly-started fall garden spot weeded. It is a wonderful aid and reduces the drudgery of policing beds and rows. My husband gardens reluctantly, and even he enjoys this hoe.
As some have mentioned, it is a VERY sharp tool, so not to be left out around children. Also, ” someone” nicked some of the drip irrigation tapes with the blade…it is that sharp!

This product evidently comes with two handle options. I … ~ reviewed by mike klaus

This product evidently comes with two handle options. I was hoping for the one with the right angle short handle at the end but was not really expecting to get it. The picture did not show that end of the handle. Also, the tool was advertised at about $66 on the Amazon page, but I was billed $70. This was not a question of sales tax.

Dewitt Dutch Diamond Head Hoe ~ reviewed by kyle C Schulz

Sharp and easy to use. Long enough so you do not have to bend over. The extra cross handle at the top end makes it easy to work the blade for cutting weeds. Very sharp, will easily cut out the vegetables and flowers you are suppose to be weeding.

I had towatch a couple of videos to figure out how to … ~ reviewed by Robin R. Mitchell

I had to watch a couple of videos to figure out how to use it, but now really love it. I went crazy on my front flower bed and sides. DeWit makes the best products.

Five Stars ~ reviewed by Roberto De La Cruz

Great hoe, does everything I want !Buy it at Amazon

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