Danielson Clam Type Rake Basket Reviews

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Product Description

Raking for clams can be strenuous if you don’t have the right tool to sift through the sand. The easy-to-handle Danielson® clam rake basket will make your clamming adventure a lot less tiresome, and thanks to two spring-loaded snaps on the handle, breakdown and storage are a breeze.

Customer Reviews

Complete Clam Rake Received ~ reviewed by Matt

I’m not sure what item the previous reviewer received, but it was definitely not this item. The item assembles nicely with two spring metal buttons at each joint. The metal basket is made of an extremely sturdy metal wire, nice heavy gauge. The length of the rake is perfect. I am above average height and the length will be perfect for being used in shallow water. This rake is similar to one that my Dad has used for years (still in use). The only difference his was one complete piece with a wood handle. This rake has three sections; two pieces are the handle, the third piece is the rake with the basket. The ability to break it down will make it fit nicely for transportation, especially for today’s smaller vehicles. Overall I am pleased with this purchase.

Not delivered as pictured ~ reviewed by UnHappy

Item was not delivered as pictured – does not include handle and basket was made of very cheap material. Handel did not have threads and required a specific handle to be screwed in – this would not be functional while clamming.

Overall this product disappointed and will be returned.

Pretty good quality ~ reviewed by Hobbes123

This was a pretty sturdy clam rake and of decent quality and for the price you can’t beat it. However it is very important to make sure that when finished, the whole rake is washed down. I made the mistake of not doing it one time right away and the next morning the salt water had caused it to start to rust. Overall, I don’t think the little rusting will be a problem, but I guess in time we’ll see.

-Inexpensive when compared to other rakes
-Worked very well in digging up clams (made it very easy to go over a larger area fast)
-Very portable because it can break down

-If you don’t wash it off right away after use, the salt water will cause it to rust quickly

For the price, this is well worth it and I would highly recommend it.

This is a great, compact rake for gathering cockles in sand or … ~ reviewed by Hook

This is a great, compact rake for gathering cockles in sand or mixed sand and rocks in the Pacific Northwest. I was initially hesitant to purchase this rake due to the breakdown design of the handle, but that has not been an issue it all. All three sections snap firmly in place and are very solid when raking. Additionally, the design makes transport a breeze – it easily fits in the hatch of my Ford Focus.

The tines and basket design is a big improvement over a standard garden rake as the basket catches the clams as you rake, allowing you to rake in water up to 2-3 feet deep if you prefer. It also works well raking exposed sandy flats. It seems like this rake lets me get my limit faster, but maybe it’s just easier to use.

It loses a star for me, only due to the difficulty of cleaning the springs that hold the sections in place. I am fanatically about washing all my gear thoroughly in fresh water after I am finished. Surface rust appeared quickly on the spring clips on the handles sections, hopefully this will not be a problem. Were they to fail eventually, the rake could easily be attached to a standard wooden handle, but would no longer be as compact.

Works for Quahogs! ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

Worked well digging quahog clams here on Cape Cod. The tines reached deep enough in the sand to get to the clams. The basket had the right mesh to hang onto the “keepers” and let the little guys drop back in the water. Still have to use a gauge to be sure they';re all legit.
Not sure how it would work for soft-shell steamer clams since they have a very different shape to them.
There are pro’s and con’s to the two-piece metal handle.
Pro’s–it comes apart and fits in trunk of car, or on bike rack nicely. It also feels more sturdy when in use than I thought it would.
Con’s–it does not drain water easily. So if you’re not careful about disassembling the handle and rinsing with fresh water and hitting it with WD-40 after each use, I can easily see this handle rusting away quickly. If that happens, I will probably replace the metal handle with an old-school wooden rake handle.

Decent, but dull teeth and very large ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

Seems like it is decently made, though I think only time will tell. This rake, fully assembled is nearly 6 feet tall, which is way to huge. Using only one of the pole handles attached to the basket makes this come to about my waist level, which seems a bit small so I wish the height of this rake wasn’t either head level or hunched over, waist level but I guess it will make do. The teeth on the rake basket are somewhat dull, which I also question how well they will dig in mud and such. I think this is a good rake to have in your collection, but I feel there are others better made and thought out.

It is very light weight but sturdy enough for my technicians to use frequently ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

I bought this not to dig clams but to dig rocks cans and bottles out of pits that we clean out. It is very light weight but sturdy enough for my technicians to use frequently. They have had to wire some hardware cloth in the basket part as a couple of the wires broke, but pulling full beer bottles, rocks and other chunks our of pit toilets does take a toll on equipment. I built a tool for my technicians to use, they promptly misplaced it but they have held on to this little gem for almost two years now. I don’t know how it does on clams but it works for us.

Good rake for the money ~ reviewed by Christopher Tolliver

Nice product and can’t beat it for the price. The only complaint that I have is that the inside of the handle and the basket are not painted, therefore you will get rust from these areas.

Sent without the basket ~ reviewed by Karen L. Hantsche

I had to return this because it was sent without the basket. I will not reorder; it’s not worth the time.

nice ~ reviewed by N.K.

I like the rack. But I think price it bit high on amazon so I bought second one at Dicks.Buy it at Amazon

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